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Chapter 25 Fairy killer moves

Mei Nongchen was dumb, if it hadn’t been for Sao Bao Qi Lingzhu to tell her the abnormal thoughts in Bel’s heart of’owning the master’s sister’, she would almost think that he really didn’t realize that Feng Er’s face was more immature than him.

Ignoring the lightning and thunder between the two, she shook her head and left.

Bell clung to her tightly. Feng Er saw it with jealousy and envy, but he didn’t dare to be like Bell, so he had to follow behind him aggrievedly. Bell was triumphant, his tail cocked to the sky.

After leaving the school gate, Mei Nongchen bid farewell to Feng Er, and took Bel to get into the car that had been waiting at the door, and left under Feng Er’s deep and deep gaze.

Mei Nongchen sighed secretly, and the voice of Qi Lingzhu Sao Bao was still reverberating in his mind, “The young man likes you, the young man sprays perfume for you, pretends to be mature for you, a man who is happy for himself~ ah! Lang is for a man who is happy for himself. !”

Mei Nongchen sighed and sighed in retrospect of Feng Er’s maintenance of her previous life.

Suddenly, a dazzling light flashed.


spur of the brakes stung Mei Nong dusted her eardrums, she slammed her head on the back of the front seat, and wailed inwardly: Is it Mao? Because Mr. Mao couldn’t get past her car, two cars have been destroyed during the time she was born again. Isn’t the third car let go?

“Miss is okay?” The driver’s voice was trembling. I heard that the young lady had broken the car, but he didn’t believe it, but now it seems to be really awkward.

Mei Nongchen rubbed his aching forehead and shook his head, “What’s the matter?”

Before the words fell, a beautiful woman fell into the sight of everyone, and she saw her ethereal temperament emerge from the mortal world, and her brows were as picturesque as Saixue.

The driver was so surprised that his eyes were about to roll out of his sockets, and his saliva flowed.

And Mei Nongchen felt the imminent crisis for some reason, the Qi Lingzhu in her dantian shivered, just like she had faced the old blood at the beginning, and even Bel, who had been narcissistic towards the car window, had a look of fear, and her whole body curled up into a ball. Hiding behind her.

That woman is a cultivator, and her cultivation is far above Mei Nongchen!

“It’s you?” The tone of question, affirmative tone. The woman stood in front of the car and looked directly at Mei Nongchen through numerous obstacles. The voice seemed to be coming from the clouds, illusory and unreal. She hooked her palm up to Mei Nongchen.

Mei Nongchen only felt a flower in front of her, she was in the clouds, weightless all over her body, and her blood was surging. After about ten seconds, he landed again, only to find that he was on a mountain top with a cliff behind him.

She got up and looked at the woman floating in the air in surprise. The white clothes on the woman’s body were woven like clouds and mist, dreamy and ethereal. The skirts were scattered like jellyfish wandering in layers, with flying buns and jade-colored tassels hanging on top of her head. , The ribbon fluttered around his waist, alive and well just like a fairy.

Depressing the shock in her heart, Mei Nongchen stared at her vigilantly, always feeling that nothing good was waiting for her.

“Who are you? What are you taking me here for?” Mei Nongchen asked.

The woman did not speak, staring at Mei Nongchen indifferently and dangerously, a crazy and persistent heart beneath her calm appearance.

She was obsessed with His Highness Yi for five thousand years. Before, her aunt stood in the way. Her aunt was the destined wife of His Highness Yi selected by Feng Ge. She had to hide her infatuation. Later, her aunt fell in love with the devil and sealed her whereabouts unknown. God knows her. What a delight!

His Royal Highness Yi is cold and cold, never looking at anyone, especially women, she comforts herself, and there is still a chance, he has always been so careless to people, but…

the woman under his feet, the delicate and elegant features, is not considered Beautiful, a thousand miles worse than himself, but that temperament is unparalleled and gives a strong sense of threat.

She overheard the conversation between the empress and Wu Di, knowing that His Royal Highness Yi actually looked at the vulgar mortal girl with blue eyes.

“How can this be? Even if His Royal Highness Yi wants to be emotional, it must be me!”

Get rid of her!” A voice in my heart roared frantically: ” Get rid of her!” Mei Nongchen looked up at the murderous woman, chilling. Surge in my heart, desperate death spread.

Oh my god! When did she offend the fairy?

“Who are you? Why do you want to kill me? I didn’t seem to offend you, did I?”

However, even in a dangerous situation, Mei Nongchen remained indifferent. , If the other party is fiercely trying to kill her, even if she kneels down and begs for mercy, it won’t help, it’s better to die decently.

The fairy was slightly surprised. She deliberately exuded coercion. If she were an ordinary person, she would definitely kneel on her knees and dare not get up at the moment, but this woman was calm!

The killing intent in her heart was even stronger, and she felt that this woman might really have something to make His Highness Yi look at her differently.


Three silver needles with chopsticks appeared in her hand.

“Even if I lose the three levels of cultivation, I will kill her, and it will take another thousand years to cultivate back.”

Thinking like this in my heart, the three silver needles’swish’ shot at the center of Mei Nongchen’s eyebrows. Heart nest, pubic region.

Although Mei Nongchen had expected that she would do it, she didn’t want to say that she would do it so quickly that she wouldn’t even make a call!

A shield made of spiritual energy stood in front of him suddenly, but the power gap was too great. The aura shield’Kacha’ broke in response, and the silver needle pierced Mei Nongchen with extreme speed, bringing a gust of wind along the way, without a pause.

puff! puff! puff!

With three sounds of hard objects piercing into the flesh, Mei Nongchen fell on the nearby stone, staring blankly at Bel, who pushed her away from the blood hurricane and twitched, and angry flames spurted out of her eyes.

“Bel!” The

fairy was slightly surprised.

She was not surprised by the appearance of Bell, but she did not expect Mei Nongchen to be a cultivator.

At the age of twenty or so, he had already cultivated his cultivation in the late Yuan Dynasty, and he was born as a member of the Immortal Realm Protoss, with excellent congenital conditions and abundant resources, and it took a hundred years to break through the Yuan Yuan period. This mortal girl is so extraordinary!

The alarm bell in my heart is great, this woman will kill!

When the thought moved, the fairy wind suddenly rose behind her, blowing her clothes soaring, hair like octopus tentacles, aura condensed into countless silver needles, the needles facing Mei Nongchen, densely packed and terrifying.

Without giving Mei Nongchen any time to react, the silver needle roared like a torrential rain, and it was too late for Mei Nongchen to close his eyes.

A tingling sensation came from the skin, and Mei Nongchen felt that her soul was out of the body at this moment.



A golden light rushes forward, the silver needle is fast, it is faster!

The moment before the silver needle penetrated Mei Nongchen’s body, the golden light easily dissipated the dense silver needle like a knife cut surface, and the silver needle turned into a fairy wind and blew away.

In the next instant, a golden figure stood between Mei Nongchen and the woman like a giant peak, like a savior.

Mei Nong’s dust and sweat are raining, her heart is lingering, hatred fills her chest.

Because of their lack of strength, Mei Xinchen and Ni Heng can humiliate her wantonly, a man named Wudi can kill her with one sword, and now this fairy who has never seen her can decide her life and death regardless of the reason!

Seeing Bel who doesn’t know whether it is alive or dead, hate it! When it reaches its peak in the future, we must let all those who deceive her go to Hell!

Looking up at the stalwart figure in front of him, the golden robe and long black hair are slowly falling, and gratitude is spontaneously born.

Mei Nongchen has no strength to manage the weird costumes and hairstyles of the two in front of him. In the face of life and death, everything is a cloud.

I thought that the two of them were going to tear it for a while, but the cold and proud fairy suddenly fell from the sky in embarrassment, squatting on her knees, and frowning Mei Nongchen’s eyebrows.

Who is he? Can actually make the unpredictable fairy be so afraid of it.

“Get off.” The

man in the golden robe’s cold and dull voice, without any emotional waves, and no extra words, made the fairy whose forehead touched the ground more violently. He didn’t dare to raise his head and dare not speak, not even the unpleasant emotion in his eyes. Dare to have, the bright light flashes and disappears in place.

Master .” A black shadow flashed out and stood in front of the man in the golden robe, with his head lowered. Mei Nongchen couldn’t see his appearance, but the black suit on his body made her feel more at ease, otherwise she would think she had crossed. .

Mei Nongchen got up to check Bell’s injury first. The silver needle passed through her body, leaving three bloody holes. Fortunately, she didn’t hurt the vitals. She kept her breath. While giving him vitality, she turned her head to Jin. The man in robes thanked him.


At this moment, Lord Jinpao and Lord Black Suit were looking at her, and when she turned her head, she took a breath.

It was them!

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