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Chapter 26 Playing hooligan?

The face of the man in the golden robe is like white jade, his sword eyebrows fly diagonally into the temple, his lips are like cherry blossoms, and his ink hair is hunting in the wind in a robe and robe.

In front of him, anyone is as small as dust and fragile as sand.

Mei Nongchen’s mouth was dumbfounded, and the feeling of retreat that emerged from the bottom of her heart was instantly beaten, and the roots of her ears gradually became hot, he…he…he…

naked man!

Isn’t this the naked man who was taken care of by her? Then look carefully to the side, sure enough—

Wu Di!

Mei Nongchen swept away his embarrassment, furious, but quickly returned to calm.

Mr. Guangxi saved her, no matter what the reason, she should be grateful; Wu Di killed her, this enmity will be avenged, but not now, the current self is not enough for others to crush with a finger.

Regarding the love and hatred, she was very clear, and would not irritate Lord Guangming because Wudi had killed her, nor would she let Wudi because of Lord Guangming’s life-saving grace.

However, looking at the appearance of the two, it is obvious that they did not recognize themselves. I am afraid that I would never think that the killed myself can survive, right?

“Thank you!” The

voice was even colder than Leng Yi’s, and he was indifferent to his anger, which sounded too perfunctory to outsiders.

Wu Di was displeased. The master was adjusting her breath at the time. As soon as she noticed that she was in danger, he flew to rescue him at all costs. The speed was so fast that he couldn’t catch up with a shadow behind him. I didn’t expect this woman to be so ignorant of what’s wrong!

In his opinion, a woman who can be protected by her master should be grateful even if she doesn’t agree with her body. Moreover, the first time the master took care of a woman, he actually got such a light thank you, or some careless thank you, it is unreasonable!

Also, what does it mean that she was going to be angry just now?

Just about to scold him, Leng Yi glanced at him lightly, and Wu Di immediately nodded and shut his mouth.

Leng Yi stared at Mei Nongchen, unconsciously nervous under his indifferent expression. If it was just a second later, Mei Nongchen would disappear into the world.

When she thought that she might have died, Leng Yi’s face was pale, and her body was as tight as granite, and her heart was frantic.

Damn women can really cause trouble!

He didn’t know that this incident was a peach blossom debt he accidentally induced, and Mei Nongchen was a sad reminder who was lying down with a gun.

“You don’t have to be polite.” The

unique magnetic voice was a bit sullen, and his narrow eyes carried a slight reproach.

Wu Di looked at his master in surprise, he had never seen expressions other than indifference on the master’s face.

Mei Nong Chen took a bad look at Wu Di, the pain of a sword piercing her abdomen will never be forgotten!

Then he looked at Leng Yi, “Dare to ask your surname? But is she familiar with that fairy?” Why is she so afraid of you? Of course, she didn’t ask the last sentence.

Leng Yi’s eyes flickered, and cherry blossom-like red lips lightly opened, “Leng Yi.”

“As for the person just now…” He thought about it for a moment, and answered truthfully, “I don’t know.”

He really didn’t know who the fairy was. , I only know that she has the aura of the Vermillion Bird tribe, and she must come from the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm.

The Wu Di silently mourned the fairy in his heart: You did everything possible to get close to His Royal Highness, but His Highness didn’t even remember your root hair!

“Master, that is Yun Baizhi, the granddaughter of the patriarch of the Suzaku clan. I used to see it in the harem. You… really don’t remember?”

“Yun Baizhi?” Mei Nongchen looked ugly, “I have never seen it. Why did she kill me when she passed her?”

She wanted to break her head but couldn’t understand, how could the fairies be poisoned by the fairies.

Wu Di suddenly had a heartbeat, remembering what he had reported to the empress yesterday, could it be because of the master?

Leng Yi suddenly looked at him thoughtfully, with all the sharp insights, making his back chill.

“Hey, where is this?” A

tender voice attracted the attention of the three.

I saw Bel, who was covered in blood, jumped up and looked around vigilantly. He remembered that the mighty fairy fainted him when he pointed him, and then he lost all consciousness. Where is this now?

Seeing Mei Nongchen with a delighted look, he twisted his waist and was about to stick it on, and then caught a glimpse of Leng Yi standing holding his hand, shivering like a frustrated ball deflated.

When he lowered his head, he suddenly yelled when he saw the blood on his body.

“Ah! God! Which bastard attacked me while I was fainting? It hurts my beautiful skin like a jade and affects me. Can my sister-in-law bear the responsibility?” He

began to lift his clothes and take off his pants to check, and shamelessly twist his big white ass to check. Whether your hips are injured.

Mei Nongchen coughed and turned his head, Leng Yi’s eyes were suddenly gloomy, and a fire in his heart was burning so much that he himself felt inexplicable, but he couldn’t help it.

With a wave of the sleeves, a cloud of mist covered the spring light leaking out of Bell.

Wu Di was even more surprised. The master was…

Mei Nongchen turned her head, her elegant eyes filled with doubts.

“Beer, you just blocked three deadly silver needles for me, don’t you remember?”

Belier was pausing with his pants on, blocking the needles? Subconsciously raising his head to look at Leng Yi, Leng Yi’s eyes covered by thick eyelashes did not look at him at all, but strangely made him sit on pins and needles.

This is the constraint of life and death slavery. The master is facing a life and death crisis. No matter where the slave is or in what state, the body will spontaneously block all fatal attacks on the master.

Bell wanted to cry without tears, his virgin body has not been broken yet, is it okay with his life? Huh huh!

But it’s weird. With so much blood flow, why can’t you even find a wound?

With tears in his big eyes, he twitched on Mei Nongchen’s arm, as pitiful as a wounded little white rabbit, “Master sister, it hurts so much.”

Life and death slavery?

Mei Nongchen knows Bel’s mind through the Qi Lingzhu, what is the bond of life and death?

However, she didn’t intend to struggle with this matter, because she found that this place was full of hills, and the mountains were endless.

This is not the imperial capital, the imperial capital does not have such a huge peak group.

He retracted his gaze and looked at Leng Yi, before speaking, the other party seemed to know what she was thinking.

“I can take you back.” As

soon as the voice fell, without waiting for her to react, he stepped forward to embrace Mei Nongchen’s slender waist, and the clouds rose in the mist.

Mei Nongchen stared at her round eyes in surprise. This feeling of flying out of thin air was more miraculous than flying with wings. The mountains and rivers receded extremely quickly under her feet, and the white clouds lingered around her, giving her the illusion of feathering and ascending to an immortal.

Leng Yi’s figure is extremely high, Mei Nongchen can only see the silver thread dragon flying from the side of his shirt, raising his head, can’t see the luster in his eyes from such a close distance, and the curly eyelashes cover it. Everything, only a few faint ray of golden light.

The lines of his face are like those meticulously portrayed by art masters, with no exquisiteness and smoothness.

It is elegant and domineering, it is comparable to Jiuyou but completely different, Jiuyou is charming and charming, but cold and domineering.

Somehow, Mei Nongchen suddenly thought of his naked body again, and his face flushed with a’hum’.

When she was shaking her head to get rid of the evil scene of her brain, Leng Yi stopped.

They landed in the back garden of Mei’s house. Fortunately, it was time for the change of guard. There was no bodyguard here, otherwise they would definitely be frightened by the way they played.

Mei Nongchen wanted to get off his body, but found that Leng Yi’s iron arms were like pliers, tightly wrapped around her waist.

The two are physically intimate, Mei Nongchen’s strange fragrance is constantly flowing into the cold nose, making him feel turbulent, and he feels the soft touch from his body, which reminds him that he was accidentally taking a bath that day. ‘I saw the jade body, there was a fire burning in the lower abdomen, and the arm was tight and tight subconsciously, as if only in this way could the fire be extinguished.

Mei Nongchen noticed his strangeness, and was furious. This person wouldn’t play a hooligan by grace, would he?

He struggled to escape, but found that there was too much power disparity between himself and him. After a long time, the arm around his waist remained unmoved, and Mei Nongchen became angry.

Do you really think you can do whatever you want if you save her?

“Lengyi!” At the moment, the sound of the sky was as cold as frost, with a thin anger, Mei Nongchen stared at him, “Let…” The

word’hand’ had not yet been spoken, and Lengyi disappeared.

Mei Nongchen was stunned, and she was running fast!

“Master sister.” Belie rubbed her sore butt, “You have been molested!”


talk nonsense!” “I saw it, he touched your waist!”

“He rubs your chest!”

“Shut up !” !”

… In the

Nine Heavens Realm, a place where cranes and butterflies fly, green pine and clear water, and celestial mists curl around, a beautiful woman in a white silk fairy skirt appears out of nowhere, her shoulders are still trembling slightly, but her nails are pinched in her hands. The blood stains exposed the inner unwillingness and resentment.

She had never seen Her Highness Yi look angry, although she was usually so cold, but today she saw Killian in his eyes.

Is it because of that mortal woman?

If this is the case, even if you do everything you can, you must get rid of her!

Reaching out, a colorful little snake appeared on her wrist, and the jade hand nodded the snake’s head, a thought submerged in it, and then threw it to the mortal world.

The poison of the colorful snakes in the fairy world can be resisted and cannot be solved…


roof of the Mei’s villa has two figures standing opposite each other.

“Wu Di, what do you have to say about today? Why does Zhuque Clan Yun Baizhi want to kill the mortals who can’t beat her?”

Wu Di, sweating down his cheeks under the cold gaze, whispered.


“Forget it.” Leng Yi flicked his sleeves impatiently, “Remember who is your master. If there is another time, go to that person.”

Wu Diwen The words were like five thunders, and he knelt down, his knees slammed on the concrete platform, making a muffled sound.

He prostrated in tears at Lengyi’s feet.

“Master, there will never be another time! If so, I would like to blew myself!”

Leng Yi sighed at him lightly.

“Mom Qian, where is my little baby every day?” A

cheerful and gentle female voice came, and disappeared coldly.

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