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Chapter 27 Stunning colors in the painting

Wu Di knelt on the ground, his face pale.

This was the first time that His Highness was angry. Although there was no torrential rain and thunderous anger and punishment, it made him fear and tremble in his heart.

Time flies quickly, and the summer vacation is coming slowly while Mei Nongchen is chewing her buttocks and chewing her face every day.

Mei Nongchen didn’t pay attention to how distorted Bei Er’s cursed and flushed face was whenever she kissed Tian Tian and chewed.

Although she didn’t go to class very much, but Mei Nongchen’s test scores left all the professors and tutors speechless, ranking first in the department.

For the past two days, Mei Nongchen was thinking about the basement, and his father stayed in it for a week and couldn’t come out.

In her previous life, Mei Xinchen imprisoned her in a place closely guarded by her father until her tragic death.

She was very curious, what on earth was there to prevent her father from approaching anyone? And every month I have to go in and live for a few days.

She was also curious in the previous life, but never dared to violate her father’s will, now… she decided to go and see!

The person outside the window straightened his throat and howled: It’s hot—it’s hot—the

blazing sun is in the sky, desperately emitting the most poisonous light and roasting the world, the earth is like a glutinous rice in a steamer, it’s so hot as everything Swelling, green vegetation drooping leaves, outdoor living creatures hiding in the shade, tongue out and panting, and people indoors are blowing air conditioners or fans.

The bodyguards standing guard outside the Mei’s villa were tanned and sweaty, but they never wrinkled their brows, as if they were well-trained and comparable to soldiers.

The servants in the villa are either quietly busy or standing and waiting for summons with hands down.

Song Furong went to the beauty salon, Mei Xinchen… probably went on a date? She has been in close contact with Ni Heng recently…

Mei Nongchen sneered in her heart, and she was embarrassed again.

Maybe they had been dark in their cabins in the previous life, but they were too stupid to know it.

After thinking about it, Mei Nongchen came to the entrance of the basement. The iron door at the entrance was solemn and solemn, like a long historical gap, separating the inside and outside of the door into two worlds.

The two black-clothed bodyguards stood upright with their hands and legs crossed, and they exuded a fierce aura that no one could get close to. Their eyes were sharp as eagles, and they stared at the uninvited guests very unceremoniously.

Mei Nongchen looked dignified and serious. Standing in front of the two, she suddenly grinned and revealed her white teeth. The crooked eyebrows crooked, and the fragrance of flowers bloomed on her face, and the two bodyguards were slightly stunned.

It’s now!

Mei Nong Chen Tian Ling quickly protruded two soul-controlling silks, and instantly inserted them directly into the Tian Ling cover, and they lost their souls together.

“Get out of the way.” With a

cold voice, the two bodyguards stepped aside like obedient machines.

Mei Nongchen passed them and tried to push the door to enter, before his hand touched the doorknob, Mei Yiru’s voice came.

“You are here anyway.” After a pause, “Come in.”

His voice was a little hoarse, full of fatigue and faint pain.

Mei Nongchen paused with her hand in midair, then pushed in and closed the door.

The moment she closed the door, the bodyguard who was in a sluggish state at the door suddenly stirred up, and then looked around blankly.

“The eldest lady seems to have been here just now.”

“Have you been here?”

“Should… have you been?”

Mei Nongchen looked at the scene in front of her in surprise, the room full of ink paintings, hanging on the wall and spreading on the floor. Hanging from the ceiling, all of them are the same woman, smiling and groaning, looking back and glamorous, or dancing or lying on a railing, sad or bright… all of them are beautiful and beautiful.

It’s just… where the woman in the painting seems to have been seen before, giving her a very strong sense of familiarity.

“Father?” Mei Nongchen stared at the woman’s outline and facial features, “These paintings…are all you painted?”

She never knew that her father was good at painting. Looking at this stroke, everyone’s feelings were revealed everywhere. wind.

Mei Yiru’s writing hand paused, his back was slightly camel, the vicissitudes of life looked like a person who should have been covered in dust from the river of history, Mei Nongchen was shocked to find that there were a few silver threads like snow behind his ears. .

The high scream of Zhi Zhi outside the window broke through the obstacles, and the basement was so cold that even the cry of Zhi Zhi was soaked with a bit of coolness.

Mei Nongchen stayed in the basement for the whole afternoon until the setting sun went down before staggering back to her bedroom.

Sitting quietly on the tatami in front of the window every day, seeing her come back, a trace of joy and dissatisfaction flashed in Qing Rui’s eyes. If he could speak, he would definitely say: “Where is the dead? Let the deity stay alone!”

Mei Nongchen was used to his black charcoal face and kissed his forehead.

Every day, the crystal-like ears were flushed, like a peach blossom, and she rubbed her face on Mei Nongchen’s chest, and there was a pool of spring water in her cold golden eyes.

If Wu Di must be shocked to poke his eyes blindly here, is this his indifferent master?

Mei Nongchen did not notice the strangeness of Tiantian, and was full of questions: Who is the woman in the painting?

One afternoon, my father only said one sentence: “You have to remember her.”

Then one person wrote the ink and the other stared at the painting, and it took a long time.

“Looking at my father’s cherished attitude towards the woman in the painting, it reminds me of her, is she my mother? If it is really my mother, and my father cares about her so much, why did he marry Song Furong in the end?”

Mei Nongchen thought. The head is big, the eyebrows twisted into twists, and I can’t think of a reason.

“Master sister!” With

a soft cry, Bell flew into the window, blushing and hiccups, without asking, he went as a mosquito again.

His beautiful eyes and white teeth smiled brightly. He twisted his waist and was about to wrap Mei Nongchen. Leng Yi’s eyes widened, and he shot Leng Knife, Bell’s neck shrank, and he stood properly.

“Sister, do you say that the baby is baked delicious?” Bel’s face was sincere and ignorant, and he didn’t know how frightening things he said.

Mei Nongchen’s hands that ravaged Tiantian’s fat face was stunned, and a great turmoil was set off in his heart, flames erupted in his eyes, pain from the bone marrow to every cell in his body.

grilled? child?

Both eyes stared at Bel, resentment and murderousness corroded Bel’s careful liver like sulfuric acid.

Bell took two steps back in horror, turning his eyes to Leng Yi, who also stared at him nervously and eagerly, as if he would slap him like a mosquito if he didn’t tell him how ugly he was.

Bell swallowed the non-existent saliva, and his whole person was as uneasy as a frightened deer.

“Last night…night, I saw…someone roasting a child in a broken house, so…just…just casually ask.”


Mei Nongchen felt the pain in her brain like a nuclear bomb explosion, she seemed I smelled the burning pungent smell in the basement that day, and my heart surged higher than before, and there was a loud bang.

She was crumbling, and her back was instantly wetted with cold sweat. He staggered forward and grabbed Bel’s collar to describe madness.

“Take me, hurry! Take me!”

“Mom Qian!” Mei Nongchen opened the door with Bel, shouting as she ran, “Mom Qian, take care of you every day, I will go out and come back soon.”

Qian Mom: “Hey? Miss, where are you going when it’s dark!”

Before the voice fell, Mei Nongchen had disappeared into the night.

The land burned by the poisonous sun is now evaporating the heat accumulated during the day, and the air is extremely hot.

A round of bright moon shines in the sky, coating everything with a holy halo.

Two figures stood in front of the window and looked at Mei Nongchen in the distance. One of them opened his red lips to the

phone and said, “She’s out.” Putting down the phone, Song Furong and Mei Xinchen looked at each other and smiled, both looking in each other’s eyes. To the moment of cruelty.

“I hope that bitch won’t come back again!”

Leng Yi glanced at Qian’s mother who had fainted on the ground, then turned and chased Mei Niangchen away. He felt that what Bell saw must be the old man’s handwriting.

Unexpectedly, his people turned upside down to find someone, but that person made such a big moth under their eyelids, and his people were unaware of it!

We must quickly grasp the old blood, prevent him from practicing the evil law, and find the thing.

A ray of golden light popped out in a certain direction towards the void, and then hung tightly behind Mei Nongchen.


Mei Nongchen drove the car to the extreme under the leadership of Beier. It would be good when she could travel from the sky, walking from the sky faster than walking from the ground.

She was anxious and didn’t notice the two gray vans behind her…

drove to a ruined place in the outskirts, where there was overgrown weeds, and the abandoned house looked very quiet and desolate under the night. It is in sharp contrast with the tall buildings lined up not far away.

An extreme heaven, a ruined hell.

Mei Nongchen shuttled through the half-person tall grass, sawed sharp leaves cut her skin from time to time, but under the healing of the Qi Lingzhu he quickly healed, leaving only bloodstains.

Bei Er’s eyes swept towards the wound she was healing, her eyes flashed slightly, like a sharp blade of coldness, and the corner of her mouth conjured up an imperceptible evil smile.

Mei Nongchen’s attention was all focused on the surrounding environment, not paying attention to Bel’s slight abnormality.

When he reached a broken house where half of the beam was collapsed, Bell paused and reached out his hand.

“I saw it here.”

Mei Nongchen felt that something was wrong along the way, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong. Looking along the direction of Bel’s fingers, through the moonlight, he could see the decayed wooden door slanting diagonally on the door frame, made of iron. The pull ring is rusty and mottled, the couplet on the door leaves only a faint glue mark in the long-term rain washing, and the scorched pungent smell seeps from the crack of the door.

Mei Nongchen remembered the scene before he died, his blood churn in his stomach, and the smelly sweetness surged to his throat.

Fingers trembled slightly, his face pale, he raised his hand and climbed on the mottled iron ring, trying to push the door open.

Suddenly, from the corner of my eye, I caught a glimpse of the moonlight pulling the two of them into a long black shadow, suddenly bursting into tears!

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