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Chapter 28 Jizhongzangji

The weeds are the curtain, and Mei Nongchen and Bel’s figures are projected on the grass curtain. At a glance, the slender young man who should be submissive now has long hair like a ghost, with five fingers bowing into sharp claws and grabbing her back waist. Come!

Mei Nongchen was shocked, and before his brain reacted, his body flashed to the left, which could have avoided a sneak attack.

As soon as she looked back, she saw Bei Er’s eyes were muddy and red with ghostly air, her fingers were hooked, her figure was twisted and shrunk, and her bones creaked, and her skin shrank like rapidly drying orange peel, ugly and crooked.

Where is Bel, he is the creepy little old man!

The skin was cut by the wind, and the gloomy air was eroding the bones.

It’s no wonder that there’s something wrong. Bell loves to suck blood. He often goes to the bustling and bustling area, instead of running to this inaccessible and deserted place. He will not come. How can he spy on the child? The terrorist incident?

Also, it’s midsummer night, why is there no insects here? It’s as quiet as a silent world.

Too late to understand the strangeness, the bloody old mouth spit out a long tongue, smelly smelly, curled up Mei Nongchen’s neck and lifted it up, and stretched out the hook to grab her Dantian!

Mei Nongchen felt dizzy and had difficulty breathing. He grasped the long and greasy tongue wrapped around his neck with both hands and wanted to tear it off. However, the tongue was so slippery that he couldn’t hold it, and he saw Xue Lao’s sharp claws shining with shadows. Grabbing her abdomen, with a terrible heart, wouldn’t it mean that if you get caught?

Qi Lingzhu also noticed the sudden drop of danger, and yelled: “Lord Silver, save me!”

All this happened in an instant, and when Leng Yi followed, Mei Nongchen was already in crisis of life and death!

Leng Yi’s golden pupil tightened, anger rose from the heart, pain from the bones, a golden palm burst like a wind, and attacked Xuelao, the figure whistling like the wind to Mei Nongchen’s front, barely pinched the blood of the old long tongue, and then He slapped a palm on Xue Lao’s chest.


Xue Lao Lian was hit hard, vomiting blood and fell backward.


Mei Nongchen looked at the handsome man who was taking her back one meter in amazement, while touching her neck and coughing.

Why is he here?

But in the next moment, she left this question behind, because she saw that, centering on where she and Leng Yi were, a weirdly black giant net suddenly rose up from all sides, and she and Leng Yi were in the middle. Hoist.

The two are like poor fish in a fisherman’s net.

What made her eyes tighten sharply was that she saw that all the weeds touched by the black net instantly turned into dust and scattered.

If it touches the human body, what will happen?

She narrowed her cold eyes slightly and shrank unceremoniously into Lengyi’s arms. She was not hypocritical, but the black net gave her an extremely strong sense of fear, and the people around her became her only safe haven at the moment.

The meat shield delivered to your door, don’t need it for nothing!

Besides, he frightened all the fairies that day and fell from the air. He should be a great character, right?

Feeling the tiny movements of the person in his arms, the corners of Lengyi’s tight lips evoked a small smile, and the bottom of his cold eyes wafted with ripples, like a light willow leaf falling into the water of a calm lake. Tattoo, the arm is not consciously tight.

The vomiting blood fell to the ground with a big, dry mouth grinning evilly, and the dry orange skin on his face was squeezed into a pile, and the scarlet and muddy ghost eyes flashed with the triumph of the conspiracy.

A white light flashed with his right index finger.



After a loud blast, smoke filled the sky, and the dilapidated door flashed with cold light, and an arrow shot straight to the location of Lengyi, like a bamboo!

Leading the snake out of the hole, launching a sneak attack, fishing with a black net, smoke bombs, all these are just blindfolds, the real killer is this god-killing arrow.

As soon as the arrow of killing the gods comes out, the arrow is not empty, and when you meet the gods, you will kill the gods and the demons!

When Leng Yi died, Mei Nongchen was not enough to win her supernatural power and spirit orbs. After that, she practiced the twelve blood evil with half the effort.

Xue Lao Hong’s eyes seemed to have seen himself standing on top of the world, watching all the powerhouses in the world!

Hahahahaha… huh?

The triumphant and sharp laughter stopped abruptly, as if the throat was suddenly strangled, Xue Lao’s violent eyeballs, shocked his jaw dropped to the ground and hit a pit.

The confused smoke dissipated, and the black net was tightly closed at the seal, but where are the figures of Leng Yi and Mei Nongchen? There is no trace of the Killing Arrow.

not good!

The old blood secretly was not good, and the sense of crisis suddenly rushed into my heart, and immediately wanted to drive away.

The idea just came to mind, but before it was put into action, the screaming sound of breaking through the sky opened the night, and an arrow came thunderously, and instantly penetrated the thin, thin body of the old man of blood, and he spouted a mouthful of blood. , The body, like a rag, was hit by the impact and slid back hundreds of meters, and finally turned into a plume of red and black smoke and dispersed.

“He’s dead?”

Mei Nongchen and Leng Yi slowly descended from the air, with Leng Yi’s iron arms around her slender waist, a delicate and elegant one, a handsome and domineering, fluttering clothes, there is actually a little bit of a fairy and a couple. Sense of sight.

“No.” Leng Yi’s cold eyes were half-squinted, his eyelashes were already so thick that he could not see his pupils. With such a squinting, only the eyelashes were left. “This is just a soul of the old man. The arrow just killed him. The soul has shaved off his strength.”

“Oh.” Mei Nongchen nodded. It turned out that the sly old man was called Xue Lao.

“That’s right.” She turned her head and raised her eyes to look at Leng Yi, and calmly broke away from his iron arm and retreated from his embrace, “Why are you here?”

Moreover, it seems that Xue Lao has counted as Leng Yi. Will come, this round is set up to kill him, otherwise it will not take a lot of effort to deal with her, a half-hearted cultivator.

Mei Nongchen is very self-aware, in front of Xue Lao, like a praying mantis to the oriole, they only have to eat.

So why did he come? Why save her again and again?

Besides, if she remembers correctly, she is not familiar with him, right?

And… Mei Nongchen looked at Leng Yi from head to toe three times. Not only could he scare the unpredictable fairy to fall from the sky, he just took her away from the terrible black net easily, casually. With a wave of the arrow with terrifying power, he turned and shot at Xue Lao.

She didn’t know what arrow it was, but when it screamed, her soul was trembling, so scared that she wanted to escape from the body!

So she was very sure that it must not be an ordinary arrow, otherwise Xue Lao would not use it as the final killer move!

However, Leng Yi waved his hand to change the target of attack.

This person is not easy!

Seeing the doubt and vigilance in her eyes, Leng Yi’s handsome face was heavy and heavy, dark and dark.

Leng Hun lifted his chin and walked past her, stretched out his hand, and the black net fell into his wide sleeves. As soon as the black net disappeared, the overly quiet grass suddenly rang with cheerful insects. One after another.

Leng Yi walked to the broken house, flicked his middle finger, a golden aura’bang’ smashed the crumbling broken door, revealing the scene inside the door.

In the moonlight, the squat room was empty, with only a stove in the middle, where the ruined cobweb swayed lightly in the wind, and the pungent burnt smell emanated from the stove, slowly digging into Mei Nongchen’s nostrils, Stimulating her brain.

There were two people lying beside the fire, one was a female body with a disheveled head and red eyes, and the other was Bel, who was holding a curved bow.

There was a small pool of dry reddish-brown blood on the ground.

Leng Yi’s eyes were dazzling, the seventh…

Mei Nongchen’s eyes broke open from the door and squeezed on the stove. Her face was instantly pale, her shoulders trembled uncontrollably, and her breathing became heavy.

That stove, so familiar…

Perceiving her changes, Leng Yi turned his eyes to look down at her suspiciously, and saw her pale face staring at the fire left by Xue Lao, as if seeing something terrifying, the doubts in his heart became even greater.

Does she… know something?

Mei Nongchen’s legs were as heavy as lead, and a terrible thought filled her entire mind: in that stove, there were baby corpses!

What is going on all this?

In the previous life, her child was burned in the same furnace, and she resented her death, just like…looking down at a woman lying on the ground…just like this woman.

Is this a coincidence? Or is there something else?

Do not! It’s not a coincidence!

Mei Nongchen immediately denied the coincidence speculation, there must be an unknown and terrible conspiracy in it!

With dull pain in her heart, she moved towards the stove one step at a time. The time was as long as a century, and it was only a flick of a finger.

As she got closer and closer, Mei Nongchen stared at it carefully. When she saw the situation in the furnace, her head rumbling and bursting into a trance, the world revolved, and the five senses and six senses were all sealed off, she could not hear, she could not see, she could not see!

It’s really a burnt baby carcass!

For a long time, until Mei Nongchen thought that he had come to Tianhuangdi Lao.

Her spiritual consciousness woke up from the chaos, her eyes cleared, and she found herself leaning against Leng Yi’s arms, his iron arms tightly holding her waist.

Leng Yi’s long eyelashes concealed the unexpected light in the golden pupil.

He is pretty sure now, Mei Nongchen must know something!

Mei Nongchen stood up straight, pointed at the stove, and stared at Leng Yi for a moment.

“What…what is this? Is it related to Xue Lao?”

She instinctively knew that Lengyi must know that Xue Lao used Bell not to lure her at all, but Lengyi.

She may be an offshoot that even the old blood never expected.

But… I glanced back and forth between Bell and Lengyi twice. What is the relationship between Bell and Lengyi?

Leng Yi’s expression was calm, and he didn’t want her to know too much in his heart, and didn’t want her to get involved in this matter.


Suddenly, his eyes lighted, and he quickly condensed his energy to greet Mei Nongchen Mianmen with huge divine power in the blade!

Mei Nongchen was startled and opened her eyes.

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