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Chapter 29 Serial kills


air blade brushed Mei Nongchen’s ear nail on the wall behind her, making a harsh buzzing sound.

Mei Nongchen turned his head, the air blade dissipated, and a colorful little snake fell from the wall and hit the root of the wall, and the smelly snake blood splashed on the wall.

The corners of Leng Yi’s mouth were extremely cold, and his eyes were murderous.

This is a colorful snake in the fairy world. You don’t need to think about whose hand it came from. It seems that he is too benevolent!

“Thank you.”

Mei Nongchen thanked her sincerely, presumably this little snake just wanted to bite her, and it happened to be seen by Leng Yi.

Look at the colorful color of the little snake, it must be a poisonous snake, even the color on its body seems to be poisoned.

She only thought that snakes in dense weeds were very common, but she didn’t expect someone to kill her!

Leng Yi said nothing, and turned the black net that he had collected before to cover the little snake. As soon as the black net came out, the dead little snake sprang up like a corpse, but was still caught by the black net, and then Mei got dusty. I saw that colorful snake twisted and turned into powder and scattered.

She was secretly shocked, but she didn’t expect that little snake would die by fraud. If it weren’t for Lengyi, she might have died under its fangs! Then he stared at the black net with scorching eyes, this black net is really powerful, it must be good for self-defense!

See the shining brilliance in her elegant eyes, the slender eyelashes are slightly fanning, Yuehui spills in diagonally from the door, jumping and dancing on her eyelashes, her lustrous lips are like ripe cherries reflecting the sultry Halo, tempting to taste.

Leng Yi’s jade-like delicate white throat rolled gently, and there was a fiery heat in his eyes that he hadn’t noticed.

“If you like it, I’ll give it to you.” The

unique magnetic cold voice was depressed and deep, Mei Nongchen didn’t notice it, and ran over with joy to pick up the black net.

Leng Yiyan quickly grabbed her with his hand, raised his hand to center her forehead, a thought merged into Mei Nongchen’s sea of consciousness, Mei Nongchen shuddered.

It turns out that the black net is named Mie Ling Wang. If you don’t understand the method of controlling the net, you will die if you touch it!

Mei Nongchen cast a grateful look at Leng Yi. Although he didn’t know him very well, he saved her from danger many times, and she had regarded him as a trustworthy friend.

While putting away Mie Ling net according to the formula Leng Yi taught her, she introduced herself to Leng Yi. Although she had seen it several times, she didn’t seem to have introduced herself.

“Thank you for helping me many times. My name is Mei Nongchen.”

Leng Yi nodded slightly, and a little joy appeared in her heart. Is this recognition of herself?

Although he gets along very well with her in the image of Tiantian, he hopes to get along with her as the deity.

Mei Nongchen, who squinted and squinted and put away Mie Ling Wang as a treasure, thought that she had kissed her body almost all the time, her crystal-like ear tips were slightly red, but Ying Hong’s mouth evoked a smirk, if she knew He is Tiantian, her face must be very wonderful…

He suddenly looked forward to that day…

Mei Nongchen collected the Mie Ling net, walked to Bel, looked at the bow he held in his hand, and wanted to come. The previous arrow came from his hand.

What happened to him? It seems that only by waking him up will he know.

And Leng Yi’s gaze was fixed on the curved bow, his eyes sharp as a knife, the god-killing bows and arrows and the soul-killing net…none of the magic weapons that the old man can possess!


crisp applause, five red finger prints suddenly appeared on Bell’s white and tender face.

No response, Mei Nongchen lifted her slap and prepared to open her bow left and right, and Leng Yi stopped her with a loud voice.

“It’s useless. He was controlled. After shooting that arrow, he fell into a drowsiness.

He wo n’t wake up until three days later.” “Will he be okay?” Mei Nongchen asked worriedly, although Bell was coquettish and annoying, but She blocked three silver needles for her that day, and she regarded him as her own.

Seeing her worry on her face, Leng Yi suddenly felt a little displeased, almost humming the word’it’s okay’ from her nostrils to make Mei Nongchen inexplicable.

It was okay just now. Why don’t you look so happy now? Is it true that the strong character is temperamental? This person’s temperament is a bit confusing.

Next, Leng Yi spent ten minutes explaining to Mei Nongchen concisely about the old blood cultivating the sorcery of the twelve blood evil spirits. Of course, he didn’t say anything about his identity and the purpose of going down to earth. Mei Nongchen also did not ask.

It’s just that the cultivation method of the twelve blood evil spirits shocked her. It was horrible to practice based on the resentful spirits of mothers and infants who had died of fate!

This made her more sure that the death of the child in the previous life had a mystery. No wonder Mei Xinchen kept emphasizing that the time was up. No wonder Ni Heng wanted to infect the child with blood. No wonder they had to end the child’s sad life in such an inhuman way.

These details were once ignored by her, but now thinking about it carefully, everything is strange.

And Mei Xinchen blurted out, “The blame is that you were chosen by that person…”, although Ni Heng could not finish talking, but now Mei Nangchen understands that the person must be the old man!

Perhaps, her experience in the previous life has nothing to do with that bloody old man! If this is the case, then she must pull the blood out and not let him harm more innocent children! We must also avenge the children in the previous life!

Mei Nongchen’s face was gloomy, and she glanced painfully at the dead female corpse on the ground and the corpse in the stove, feeling sad.

“I will avenge you! I will avenge all the children who died tragically!”

Seeing that the night was dark, Mei Nongchen leaned forward to carry Bel to the car and take him home. She didn’t expect a jade-like hand to carry her step by step. Kibel walked out, then threw him into the trunk’pop’, and closed the car cover’pop’.

She followed Leng Yi, staring at him strangely, as if… he didn’t like Bell?

There were few stars on the sky, and the breeze in the middle of the night, with a cool touch, rustled the messy grasses in this place, and the cheerful insect sounds covered some slight abnormalities.

Leng Yi suddenly turned his head and glanced around, the corners of his lips curled up, and his figure moved slightly. For a moment, he followed Mei Nongchen into the car as usual.

The mechanical roar sounded abruptly, and after a breath, Mei Nongchen drove away into the night.

And in the depths of the grass, ten men with fierce faces lie all over the place, and scattered beside them are guns with gleaming cold light

………… under the

ring of Hengshan, the Mei family.

Song Furong and Mei Xinchen lay on their own bed tossing and turning, restless and sleepless. This time they have lost their money. So many people are more than enough to deal with one Mei Nongchen.

It’s just that… there is always a thread of anxiety in the bottom of my heart…

Mei Nongchen returned home and asked the servant to send Bell to the guest room, while she went back to the room, and met Mei Xin, who was as pale as hell on the stairs. Chen Shi was stunned for a moment, and then she smiled and smiled so that Mei Xinchen fled.

After her back disappeared, Mei Nongchen suddenly smiled, it turned out that Mei Xinchen actually bought the killer to assassinate her tonight!

But… she didn’t see anyone like a killer.

He walked non-stop, returned to the room, fell asleep every day, kissed his forehead, and began to vomit to practice. Tonight Leng Yi taught her a set of self-defense skills. Mei Nongchen found it very practical and couldn’t wait to practice it quickly. Otherwise, every time you encounter a powerful opponent, you can only passively be slaughtered, which is really frustrated!

Leng Yi waited for her to be immersed in the cultivation, her figure disappeared in a flash, and then appeared on the roof of the building.

Wu Di was waiting there, when he saw his master appear and knelt on one knee.

“Master, his subordinates tracked down a villa in Shengtian Capital. The subordinates speculate that Xue Lao must be from that villa, but they are still not sure who it is.”

Leng Yi’s eyes narrowed dangerously, “He was killed by me. A divorced soul, who wants to stay dormant for a while before daring to come out and do evil, you are paying close attention to that villa, about that piece of land…”

“Master, it is the Mei family who bought that piece of land…”

Leng Yichhui Looking down at the courtyard below his feet, his voice was dull and low.

“Watch closely.”


Shengtian Capital, Ni’s family.

It’s still that great black and gray bedroom.

A figure staggered up from the ground, evil spirits in his cloudy old eyes.

“Hehe, it seems that I underestimated the strength of His Royal Highness, and I can’t help but kill God Arrow! Then he…how could he not find out that Bel was a fake from me? Cough cough… Or is he just scheming?”

Thinking of this, the figure trembled. It seems that he not only underestimated the strength of His Highness, but also underestimated the endurance of His Highness.

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