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Chapter 3 The Grief of Mother-in-law

It was Shen Man’s husband, Wang Laohan, who returned home. Shen Man was delighted. When he returned to the room, he revealed to her husband that he needed to be comforted.

However, what she didn’t expect was that her husband, Wang Lao Han, not only did not understand the style, but stared at her with blame. He gave her a glance, and lay down and fell asleep as if he hadn’t heard the joy of his daughter.

This is suffering for Shen Man lying on the side, the more I think about it, the less it feels in my heart.

Especially the joyful sound of her daughter who never stopped, made Shen Man feel all the loneliness and emptiness before, like a widow.

Besides, Jiang Feng in the next room, after more than forty minutes of ecstasy, finally calmed down, admiring his wife’s smooth and beautiful body.

However, he didn’t expect that his mother-in-law’s coquettish appearance appeared in his mind, which made his originally weak guy stand upright again, and the more he thought about it, the more excited he was, and his wife was tossed to death again.

In a blink of an eye, the next morning, the father-in-law Wang and the old man didn’t eat any food, so he went to the construction site early in the morning.

His wife, Wang Nan, prepared the meal virtuously and called Jiang Feng, and by the way asked him to call his mother-in-law Shen Man.

It was such a small incident that caused Jiang Feng’s relationship with his mother-in-law to escalate again.

When Jiang Feng heard his wife’s order, he pushed open the door of his mother-in-law’s room without even thinking about it, but what he saw made his heart beat faster.

Because at this time the mother-in-law was only wearing a lavender lace dress, revealing white and smooth skin, and the only dress was dropped to her knees.

What surprised Jiang Feng the most was that while her mother-in-law closed her eyes slightly, she was still rubbing her fingers at the base of her thighs, and there were still a few crystal droplets hanging on the spot.

It turned out that Shen Man couldn’t bear the loneliness, and it was to blame for the sound of ecstasy between the son-in-law and his daughter last night, so that he was moved. She was embarrassed in front of her husband, so as soon as Old Man Wang left, she couldn’t wait to soothe her body.

But Shen Man never expected that this scene would be hit by his son-in-law again. He was nervous and forgot to react. On the contrary, because of the coldness of the old man for several years, a touch of grievance emerged from the emptiness, and his eyes were red subconsciously.

“Mom, are you okay.”

Jiang Feng was puzzled by her mother-in-law Shen Man’s abnormal emotions, so she whispered, and at the same time instinctively walked to the bedside and put her palm on her mother-in-law’s shoulder.

However, he hadn’t had time yet . Feeling the tenderness of the skin, I heard the sound of the mother-in-law leaning on his chest and crying.

Okay-after a while the mother-in-law’s crying stopped, Jiang Feng had to ask suspiciously: “Mom, what’s the matter with you? “It’s

not because of your dad.” Shen Man’s voice became more feminine after crying, and his aggrieved appearance was particularly charming, and he subconsciously said what was in his heart to the son-in-law.

Although the mother-in-law didn’t say it clearly, Jiang Feng could probably guess it, co-authored It was the mother-in-law who wanted a man, but the father-in-law couldn’t be satisfied, which made Jiang Feng’s heart tremble.

Especially at this time, the mother-in-law almost lay in her arms, which made Jiang Feng a little more irritable, and the palm of her hand subconsciously followed. The mother-in-law’s skin slid to the fullness of her chest.

I don’t know if Shen Man hadn’t noticed, Jiang Feng dare to rub it gently on the peak of her fullness.

“Well, Xiaofeng, don’t be like this, let go quickly.

mom. “Although Shen Man refused in his mouth, he was extremely excited, especially when he felt the sex brought by the son-in-law’s palm rubbing, he couldn’t help but breathe.

When Jiang Feng noticed the shaking of his mother-in-law’s body due to emotion, he was stunned.

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