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Chapter 30 Mysterious VIP

The next day, news of the discovery of the unnamed mother and baby’s corpse in the suburbs of the Imperial Capital was reported in major media. The six cases of strange deaths of mothers and infants that had been sealed by time were also picked up and reported again. The Imperial Capital fell into a panic for a while, and there were children with children. , All those who are about to give birth are restless.

Mei Nongchen looked at the TV screen and was silent. It turned out that she had been so blocked from external news, regardless of her past and present, she didn’t know at all.

Three days later, Bell woke up. He didn’t know what was going on. He only said that he was drunk in the blood bank group at that time, and he suddenly lost consciousness while drinking. He woke up and was already in Mei’s bed.

Mei Nongchen stroked the little fox’s head once, and she couldn’t put it down with the smooth and delicate touch. The little fox also squinted in enjoyment, lying on her lap, making a comfortable purr in his throat.

She fixedly looked at Bel, Qi Lingzhu said that he had not lied.

However, she found strange things. When facing other people, Lingzhu could see their true thoughts. But in the face of Master and Leng Yi, Xue Lao and that fairy, the Qi Lingzhu seemed to pretend to be dead.

Is it possible that Qi Lingzhu can only spy on people whose cultivation is inferior to her?

“It’s a drop or a drop.” The voice of the Qi Lingzhu Sao Bao came: “My ability is closely related to the main silver. The stronger the main silver, the more powerful I am. Moreover, facing the cultivation base that is more powerful than the main silver, my Divine consciousness can’t get close at all…”

So that’s it.

At this time, there were noisy voices from downstairs, as if a lot of people suddenly arrived, and then Qian Ma’s footsteps approached.

People come first before they arrive.

“Miss, costume artist, makeup artist, stylist are here, go downstairs!”

Mei Nongchen tilted her head and looked at Qian Qian who was panting, with a puzzled expression: “Why do you look good?”

Qian Qian Seeing Bel, who was lying on the bed of Mei Nongchen with his head supported by his elbows and coquettishly, he was taken aback for a moment, and his footsteps stopped abruptly.

Is it true that the eldest lady and the old cow eat tender grass? But… the piercing eyes are between Mei Nongchen and Bel, the eyes are getting more and more ambiguous.

Although the boy looks a little smaller, he looks pretty good, and it’s a good match for their young lady!

Mei Nongchen felt the black line on her forehead straight away, “Mom, Qian, I explained to you that he is just my friend, alone and alone, taking him in.”

Bayer nodded his head in cooperation, and his big eyes were wet and chubby. Pitiful.

Mom Qian’s eyes lit up when she heard it, and she was lingering? Great!

Although he is a little small, he will grow up for a few years. The important thing is that the eldest will have no conflicts between her mother-in-law and her daughter-in-law, and no three aunts and six wives will make things difficult for him. ,Not bad!

Mei Nongchen’s mouth twitched stiffly, and she decided not to speak anymore.

The noise downstairs became louder and louder, mixed with exaggerated gasps and praise.

Mom Qian suddenly reacted and slapped her forehead.

“Oh, look at me, I have forgotten everything, Miss, today the old lady of the Lu family celebrates her 70th birthday. The birthday party will be held in the evening. The chairman said that everyone in the family will go. Teacher, I’m waiting downstairs. I guess the wife and the second lady are here now. Let’s go quickly. “

Lao Mrs. Lu has a birthday? By the way, Lu Xiaoxiao told her a few days ago that her grandmother is going to have a birthday. Recently, there have been so many things that I have forgotten, and I haven’t prepared any gifts.

When Mei Nongchen went downstairs, she saw Mei Xinchen wearing the most popular dress nowadays. His chest was still showing off, his waist was slender, his jade legs were straight and white, and his makeup was exquisite.

There was a group of people around her praising, exaggerating or sincere, all smiles.

Song Furong looked at her daughter with satisfaction, she really is her own, she is beautiful!

As soon as he turned his head and saw Mei Nongchen coming down the stairs, his smiling face immediately became cold, and his disdain was naked on his face.

The smile on Mei Xinchen’s face also froze. She didn’t know what Mei Nongchen was capable of. Two consecutive assassinations ended in failure, and Mei Xinchen was terrified in her heart.

Seeing that the atmosphere was a little weird, the group of people who were still smiling and flattering just stopped talking in a weird manner. They watched too much about the things in the rich house. It seems that the rumors that the Mei family sisters have turned against Ni Shao are true.

Mei Nongchen sneered. The USB flash drive that Feng Er gave her was full of photos of Song Furong and Mu Hanxi’s rendezvous, as well as those disgusting recordings. If it weren’t for her father’s face and the reputation of the group, she really wanted everyone to see it. A look at Song Furong’s lustful face!

Choosing dresses, styling, makeup, and looking at simple things took a long time.

When everything was cleaned up, Mei Nongchen brightened the eyes of all the people. Although the facial features were not as refined as Mei Xinchen, the seductive figure and unparalleled temperament, like a fairy born from a lily, combined charming and elegant.

Everyone forgot to breathe at that moment, including… every day.

As night began to droop, Mei Nongchen went out to Lu’s house one step earlier, because Lu Xiaoxiao had bombarded her with a deadly serial call for an hour.

After she left, Leng Yi called Wu Di, “Go tell Lu Tianwei, I’m going to celebrate

Mrs. Lu’s birthday.” Lu Tianwei, Lu Xiaoxiao’s father.

… When he

arrived at the Lu Family Mansion, Lu Xiaoxiao had stood at the gate long ago looking forward to seeing Mei Nongchen getting out of the car, like a hurricane blowing past, and directly gave her a bear hug.

“Sister Nongchen, I’m so beautiful today, I’m going to fall in love with you!”

Mei Nongchen lit her forehead, “You dare to say anything!”

Bell came down from another car door, dressed in a tailored suit. In a white suit with a swallowtail, a black bow tie at the neckline is like a coquettish butterfly. The hair is shaped with hairspray and combed meticulously, with red lips and white teeth, thick eyebrows and big eyes.

He learned that Mei Nongchen was going to attend the birthday banquet and forced to follow him by taking off his pants. There was no way, Mei Nongchen did anything outrageous to prevent him from doing anything bad. I had to leave him alone.

When Lu Xiaoxiao saw Bel, his eyes sparkled like stars, Harazi drew thousands of miles, smiling brightly, and leaped over Mei Nongchen.

“Hello little brother, my name is Lu Xiaoxiao, my name is Xiaoer, what is your name? How old is it? Where do you live? Can your parents be alive? How about sisters? Are you married?”

Beer couldn’t help but see her rushing over. , Reached out and put his hand on Lu Xiaoxiao’s waist, his face began to flush with a blush that seemed to be shy and coquettish.

Mei Nongchen hurried forward, reaching out and pinching the soft flesh of Bel’s waist, warning him not to suck blood.

Lu Xiaoxiao didn’t realize that he was being sucked blood. Seeing that Bell’s white and tender face was reddish, and his big black and white eyes were watery, he was immediately undesirable.

With a smirk, he said, “Walk around, go to my sister’s room and talk slowly.” While talking, he dragged Bell into the house and forgot to clean Mei.

With a black line, Mei Nongchen motioned to the driver to take the present, and followed Lv Xiaoxiao.

The gift was prepared by Mei Yiru a long time ago.

Bei Er is especially pleasing. Lu Xiaoxiao was amused by her. It was not until the birthday banquet began that she suddenly remembered something and whispered to Mei Nongchen: “Sister Nongchen, I heard my dad say that there is one tonight. The mysterious VIP is coming. Seeing how nervous he is, that person must be a great person. He also asked me to dress up more beautifully. Who do you think it is? The capital is just that big, and those big guys are not me.

Have you seen it?” Mei Nongchen gave a ” Do you remember I’m here ?”

“Will you know when you see it?”

Lu Xiaoxiao laughed dryly, “That’s right.” As

he said, he pulled Mei Nongchen and Bel downstairs.

The birthday banquet venue is arranged in the lobby on the first floor. The layout of the big red color is quite festive. The big traditional Chinese character “Shou” on the background wall is beautiful and atmospheric.

Mrs. Lu was full of energy, her hair was neatly combed, and she was wearing a red Tang suit, and she squinted her eyes with joy.

At this time, the guests were almost there. The housekeeper of Lu Jia held the walkie-talkie in the corner and kept admonishing: “There are very, very important VIPs coming tonight. You must work hard for each of you. There can be no mistakes. Understand? If

someone is a little wrong, just go home! Do you understand?” Mei Nongchen walked past him, and saw Lv Tianwei cross her hands in front of her, rubbing twice from time to time, making her look very nervous. Mei Nongchen thought to himself: Seeing Lu Tianwei and the housekeeper’s nervousness, is there really something extraordinary about to come? Given the strength of the Lu Family’s power in the imperial capital, who could make the Lu Family value tension so much?

Seeing Bellflower butterflies flying around, Mei Nongchen got a headache. This blood sucking thing is really a trouble.

Suddenly it occurred to the master who had not heard from him for a long time, and I don’t know how he was…

Mei Nongchen gave a gift to Mrs. Lu, and said sweet words of blessings, which caused Mrs. Lu to laugh.

Lu Xiaoxiao was busy greeting the guests. Mei Nongchen looked at the room of fine wine, champagne and jewels. The guests gathered in twos and threes and talked softly. The gentlemen and ladies were elegant, Mei Nongchen found a place to sit quietly.

It’s just that some people can’t see her free.

“Mei Nongchen, why didn’t you bring that wild species with you?” A

sharp sneer came. Ni Jiujiu and Mei Xinchen walked over with the unkind girl and surrounded her.

Ni Jiujiu wore an ultra-short dress with suspenders and applied more than a dozen layers of powder on her face. Mei Nongchen felt the puff rustle on her face when she spoke.

With arms around his chest, Ni Jiujiu swayed a leg, with scorn on his face.

“I’m telling you, don’t look at her upright and tight, it’s all pretends, look at her breasts, tsk tsk…so big, I don’t know how many men have touched her, don’t you believe it, her family I still have a child now. I don’t know who’s the bastard!”

Ni Jiujiu said while spitting and pointing at Mei Nongchen’s chest, making the people next to him laugh and even more. Several ambiguous glances glanced at Mei Nongchen’s chest.

Anger flashed in Mei Nongchen’s eyes, and it seemed that there were still too few lessons for Ni Jiujiu!

Just about to make a move, a white shadow’shoo’ in front of her, Bell pushed Ni Jiujiu away, pushing her to fall to the ground, her thin legs propped up, revealing her black lace panties.

Bell suddenly pinched his nose and opened his eyes with disgust, and said contemptuously: “I am so ugly, I dare to wear such short clothes, and now I deliberately spread his legs to reveal the underwear. I am really shameless!”

The people who followed Ni Jiujiu were in a mess. Lifting her up, Mei Xinchen said loudly, “Sister, why did you push her when she was young for a long time?” The

voice was loud enough for everyone to hear, and countless eyes shot over. Lu Tianwei immediately walked over and waited. That person is coming soon, don’t let these children make trouble at the corner of the eye!

Just as he was about to open his mouth, there was a sound of footsteps at the gate. The footsteps were not loud, but they were strangely heard by everyone, without any hurry, as if coming from the horizon, ethereal and distant.

The waiter opened the door, and a Ying Ting figure appeared in the sight of everyone.


Everyone took a breath, Mei Nongchen’s eyes flashed, it was him.

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