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Chapter 31 Vent for her

The man was dressed in a simple black suit, but he forcibly wore the noble elegance of a thousand-year-old earl. His sword eyebrows are graceful, his nose is sharp, his narrow and long eyes are shining with golden luster, his slender figure is stalwart, and his short hair is black and shiny. As soon as it appears, it firmly attracts the attention of everyone, as if it is a round of burning sun coming in the endless darkness, people can’t help being attracted; and like the gods who walked out of the mythical world, they can only look up but not approach.

Lv Tianwei immediately trot up to meet

him , “Mr. Leng, you are here, welcome!” He retreated to the back of Lengyi and proudly introduced to everyone: “This is the founder of Chuangshi Group, Mr. Leng Yi. “

Hiss!” There

was another uniform gasp, Leng Yi and others may not know or have seen him, but no one knows that the prestige of the Creation Group was present. It was born twenty years ago, only twenty. In a few years, he extended his tentacles to all parts of the world, firmly controlling the economic lifeline of the imperial capital and even the country Z and the world.

Although the Mei family and the Ni family account for half of the imperial capital business community, the insiders know that no matter how large a company is, it is the creation of the Group.

The Genesis Group allows you to make money and you have a lot of money, and if you lose money, you have a bleak business.

Therefore, everyone wants to please everyone and dare not offend them.

As for the founder of Chuangshi Group, no one knows who it is, and no one has seen him. It is very mysterious.

Unexpectedly… the eyes of everyone looking at Lu Tianwei were hot and envy, and at the same time they felt that today was really worth it.

For a while, the crowd was all about to move, everyone wanted to come forward and talk to Leng Yi, but seeing his indifferent expression and the breath of strangers, his legs were afraid to move as if they were frozen.

The young or not young ladies present were all reddened and their hearts throbbed and were deeply attracted by the strong and charming masculine breath that Leng Yi exudes.

The whole hall was so silent that only the sound of heartbeat and breathing remained, all of them held their breath, enjoying the picturesque beauty.

Seeing the sudden arrival of Leng Yi, Mei Nongchen was a little surprised. He did not expect that the mysterious VIP in Lu Tianwei’s mouth was actually him, not to mention that he was actually the founder of Chuangshi Group. He was founded 20 years ago, so he is now how old he is now. ? It seemed that he was only twenty-five and sixteen years old, but… thinking of his unpredictable strength, and thought that maybe his true age could be comparable to that of Antique.

Lifting his eyes and sweeping towards Leng Yi, he saw that he did not feel embarrassed or uncomfortable under everyone’s gaze, as if walking in an uninhabited state, calmly and gracefully. Wu Di followed him with a gift in his hands, also in an expressionless, cold posture, which made Leng Yi even more distinguished and extraordinary.

Leng Yi walked to Mrs. Lu and delivered the gift with his own hands. With a low voice saying blessings, Lu Tianwei on the side was overjoyed, and his face was full of red.

Mei Nongchen swept around again, everyone’s face was envious, she sighed secretly, she really pretended to be so aggressive!

Seeing Mei Xinchen’s rapidly changing expression, Mei Nongchen sneered, be careful not to hit Leng Yi again, right?

“Ah, come here!” I

don’t know who suddenly murmured, and then Mei Nongchen saw the surprise and expectation of all the people around him, staring at the front scorchingly.

Turning his eyes suspiciously, he saw Leng Yi walking with slender and straight legs, and his dignity was fully revealed as he lifted and fell, his body was covered with a pale golden halo, and a little golden light fell in the black pupils of everyone.

Mei Xinchen and Ni Jiujiu were also excited, and they couldn’t wait to jump on them immediately.

Leng Yi’s eyes were locked on Mei Nongchen’s face, walked up to her, looked down at her condescendingly, his unique magnetic voice was low and temptation.

“Nengchen, did she bully you just now?” The

perfectly slender fingers pointed at Ni Jiujiu, and Ni Jiujiu’s salivating expression was immediately replaced by horror. Leng Yi’s finger seemed to have inserted an ice skate in her heart. Make her shudder!

Mei Nongchen was so excited that he didn’t hear what he was saying, only his’removing dust’ gave him a bit of cold.

What’s going on with this product today? Something abnormal.

Seeing her disgusting look, Leng Yi snorted coldly, and said, “I think the Ni Group must be too much money, and all the business in the latter half of the year will be transferred to the Mei Group.”


Standing not far away Ni Heng was very surprised and looked at Mei Nongchen with inquisitive eyes. When did she hook up with this person?

Immediately there was sullen anger on his face, as if he had been put on a green cap, and felt very embarrassed.

“Mr. Leng…”

Before what he wanted to say, Ni Weidong gave him a hand and motioned him not to speak.

Mei Nongchen looked at Ni Heng’s disheveled face and Ni Jiujiu’s pale face coldly.

Leng Yi was trying to vent her anger, so he heard what Ni Jiujiu said before? With his profound cultivation, it is not unusual to hear sounds thousands of miles away.

It’s just… Mei Nongchen looked up at him, why did he help her vent her anger? Bei Er helped her to understand, but she was cold…

until the birthday banquet was over, Mei Nongchen was still in contemplation, and she did not notice that countless inquiring eyes fell on her.

Mei Yiru frowned her thick eyebrows and looked at Leng Yi with thoughtful eyes.

“Sister Nongchen, come to me often in the future.” At the parking lot of Lu’s house, Lu Xiaoxiao smiled at Mei Nongchen’s coquettishly, but his eyes fixed on Bel, “You must come to me often!”

Mei Nongchen unconsciously places Nodding, his eyes fell on Leng Yi’s body involuntarily, and Leng Yi suddenly turned his eyes to face her.

Mei Nongchen’s heart suddenly jumped violently, and she looked away in a panic. After she moved away, she was a little annoyed. Why was she guilty? !

Unwillingly glared back, the arc of Leng Yi’s mouth froze slightly, and then it turned up higher, the neat teeth looming, Mei Nongchen couldn’t help being stunned.

It really is a good-looking man!

Tears flickered on Wu Di’s cold face. He had never seen His Highness’s smile

For three days, Mei Nongchen was absent-minded, and even the little fox and Ji Ji became good. She didn’t know her friend either.

A dog and a fox are chasing happily, the sound of’wow’ and’tweeting’ are endless.

In the evening, Mei Nongchen sat under the camphor tree holding Tiantian to steal the cold. In the dog days, the wind was full of heat waves, and crystal beads of sweat emerged from the tip of her porcelain-white nose.

“Nongchen.” Mei Yiru sat on a chair next to him and asked: “You have lost your soul recently, what’s the matter?”

Mei Nongchen was called back to his senses by him, and saw him wearing homely casual clothes, showing his polite manners and demeanor. elegant.

I really don’t understand that his father is so good, his looks and temperament are all superb, and he doesn’t have the vices of those drunk lovers in the circle. How could Song Furong be fooling around outside?

I really don’t know the blessing in the blessing!

She felt it necessary to remind her father.

Thinking of this, Mei

Nongchen asked softly: “Dad, what kind of feelings do you have towards your mother?” Mei Yiru was taken aback, but she didn’t expect her daughter to ask such a question.

After pondering for a moment, he said: “I’m an old husband and wife, what other feelings can I have


Respect like a guest.”

Mei Nongchen: ” You don’t love her, why did you marry her back then? ” Mei Yiru: “…” Mei Nongchen : “You love the woman in the basement painting, right?”

Mei Nongchen aggressively, “The woman in the painting is my mother, right?”

In fact, she always wanted to ask, but she didn’t want her father to be sad. A debt of love and love.

Mei Yiru was shocked, and the wrinkles on his forehead became a little deeper.

“My child, don’t think about it. You are my mother and I, so there are still fakes?”

Mei Nongchen looked at him calmly, “Mother said I am a bitch of a bitch life, what do you think… Women would call themselves a bitch? Call their daughter a bitch?

Mei Yiru: “…” Mei Nongchen frowned , and Qi Lingzhu couldn’t detect his father’s thoughts at this time, as if there was something. Cover up all his memories of this incident in his heart.

“Dad, if, I mean, if you find that your mother has done something sorry for you, what will you do?”

Mei Yiru’s eyes flashed slightly, and she shouted: “Don’t think about it !”

Mei Nongchen looked at Mei Yi in surprise Confucianism, she couldn’t believe that her father knew about Song Furong and Mu Hanxi!

Although Qi Lingzhu couldn’t detect the memory of her life experience, others could easily detect it.

Then why does he wear such a big green hat? Even if you don’t love, no man can stand his wife stealing people, right?

There must be some secret in this!

Mei Nongchen decided to exchange secrets for secrets!

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