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Chapter 32 I have no choice but to you

“Dad, I tell you a secret, can you tell me your secret too?”

Mei Nongchen looked at Mei Yiru, not letting the slightest look on his expression, finally, ten minutes later, Mei Yiru agreed.

Hey, Nongchen needs to know after all, although Yinyin has promised not to tell anyone this secret, but…her daughter is very clever and can’t help it!

I have washed my ears every day and are ready to listen.

Both Mei Yiru and Mei Nongchen automatically ignored this small audience.

Under the gaze of his father, Mei Nongchen talked about the experience of rebirth: “Dad, do you believe it? I am a person who died once…”

From being engaged to Ni Heng, the humiliation he suffered in the years after marriage, and how he was imprisoned. , Being humiliated, dying with hatred, rebirth, Nine Nethers, searching for the Enlightenment Orb, being killed by the witch fly, etc. It only took half an hour to talk about the most painful half of his life.

At this time, she realized that the suffering of life was nothing more than that, and after it passed, she could tell her in a few words.

Of course, she skipped Mei Xinchen’s rebellious things. After all, Mei Xinchen is his father’s biological daughter. Even if this life hasn’t happened yet, his father will be very sad when he hears it, right?

There were turbulent waves in Mei Yiru’s heart. He didn’t want to believe it. He just saw the solemn, pale face and the lingering sadness on Mei Nongchen’s face.

No wonder she was different from the beginning of the engagement banquet. Unlike before, she began to take care of the company’s affairs, instead of just thinking about the kid Ni Heng all day long.

It turned out that she had to bear so much alone.

With that, he hated Ni Heng. As for Mei Xinchen, if she dared to do something bad, even his daughter, he would not be merciless!

At the same time, Mei Yiru also squeezed his sweat. If there was no such person named Jiuyou, would he have failed Yinyin’s entrustment?

I couldn’t help touching Mei Nongchen’s black hair. Fortunately, God loves his daughter!

Mei Nongchen raised his dim teary eyes: “So, I must become very strong in this life, strong enough to protect myself and the people I love.”

Tian Tian , who sits quietly in Mei Nongchen’s arms, is equally frightened. Surprised, what was shocked was that Mei Nongchen was actually a reborn person, and what was even more shocking was that she was actually the female ghost who broke into the bath that day and was killed by the witch fly with a sword. No wonder she has always felt that she is very familiar; the angry and angry are those Damn it, dare to treat her like this!

Mei Nongchen restrained her sad emotions and said with a smile: “Dad, it’s your turn, my life experience.”

Mei Yiru sighed and his eyes were heavy: “Your mother is indeed the person in the painting. The first time I saw her, I was ten years old, and I was bullied to death. She appeared, appeared from the sky and saved me, like a dry land that suddenly rained heavily and nourished my soul. Since then, she has been The hope that never faded in my heart. Later, when I had a small achievement in my career, I met her again. Ten years later, she was still the same as she was before, and she was pregnant and very weak. I took care of her and I wanted to live my life. Take care of her, do everything possible to take care of her, but…” There was a flash of light in the corner of his eyes, and he looked at Mei Nongchen tenderly, as if he had seen another person through her.

“When you were born, she disappeared, leaving me with only one sentence: May you take care of my son.”

” I haven’t shown up again since…”

“It happened that Song Furong came to me with a big belly at this time and said yes. Pregnant with my child, I think, marry her, just to give you a complete family…”

“You are four months older than Xinchen. You are not a twin. You are not my biological daughter.” The

night was low, and mosquitoes were everywhere, but none of them dared to bite three people. No one noticed, once the mosquitoes approached the three of them. It will disappear within two meters.

Mei Yiru’s voice seemed particularly low at night, and what was suppressed in the words was the longing accumulated over the past two decades.

Bodyguards guarded the entrance to the garden, not allowing anyone to disturb. Song Furong and Mei Xinchen had been there twice, but they were both turned away.

Mei Nongchen understood how helpless her mother was when she left her alone at the time, otherwise, as long as there is a glimmer of hope, no mother will abandon her son, and hold the day in her arms tightly, her voice is like The mountain streams are crisp and moving.

“Then she…what’s her name?”

“…I don’t know her full name, only her name is Yinyin.”


Even the name can’t be revealed. Could it be that the mother is in trouble?

“Then, you know that Song Furong is outside, why don’t you divorce her?”

Mei Yiru’s eyes drifted away, “I, just want to give you a complete home…”

Mei Nongchen felt a pain in her heart, but it was actually because of this. she was!

Putting Tiantian into the stroller, she leaned on Mei Yiru’s lap and whispered: “Dad, you are my closest person and will always be my good father.”

“This is a family relationship that has nothing to do with blood. I love you. Dad.”

“Marriage without love is very hard. Just do whatever you want. Don’t

worry about me. I have a father. That’s enough.” Mei Yiru’s tears finally fell, hitting Mei Nong’s dusty hair. With a trembling voice, he said repeatedly: “Okay! Okay! Okay!”

… In the

middle of the night, Mei Nongchen was practicing, and suddenly a strong wind came through the window.


Mei Nongchen drank low, her figure was like a charm, and instantly floated to the window, looking out warily.

In the darkness, a slender figure hovered in the air, with ink hair dancing lightly, her clothes fluttering, her handsome face as beautiful as a crown and a cold star, her narrow eyes gleaming with golden light.


Mei Nongchen opened the window and was about to go out. Suddenly remembered Tiantian, she went back to the bed and pulled the thin quilt on him. She leaned over to kiss his forehead. Before she touched him, a brute force suddenly pulled her out of the window. Flying to the sky.

The Sleeping Tiantian in the room opened his eyes suddenly, and he stretched out his hand to wipe the cold sweat on his forehead, feeling lingering in his heart.

“I was scared to death, I almost died.” With

a scream, the little milk bag turned into a seven-foot man, and it was the Wu Mi!

It turns out that he and Leng Yi took advantage of Mei Nongchen’s practice to steal peaches for plums…

Leng Yi stunned her face and quickly swept away from Mei Nongchen’s waist, thinking that she almost kissed Wu Di just now, and his men forcefully said. Unconsciously aggravate.

Mei Nongchen felt that her waist was about to be cut off, frowning, twisting her waist and trying to break away.

“Leng Yi, do you want to strangle me?”

Originally, she wanted to question, but in line with her natural voice, her words came out with a hint of anger.

Leng Yi’s eyes flickered, and he glared at her with his head down, but he still reduced the strength in his hands.

Mei Nongchen saw his eyes clearly when he stared. His eyes were as bright as the sun, melting her in an instant.

Perhaps it was her stunned expression that pleased Leng Yi. Leng Yi’s sexy but cold cherry-colored red lips suddenly burst into a smile, which instantly made people like a sea of flowers, gorgeous and fragrant.

Mei Nongchen didn’t know how long she had been stunned, but when she returned to her senses, she had already arrived in a valley.

Against the background of the night, the valley is like a peerless black jade, the night is as cool as water, there are stars but no moon, the air is faintly moist, the shadows of trees are whirling, the breeze is blowing, the grass is like magic claws dancing, and a stream of jade belt winding and flowing. The sound of water in the empty valley is empty and pleasant.

A modern-style villa stands beside the creek. It is the one that was collapsed in the first place, but now it looks intact.

Mei Nongchen took a deep breath, and the fresh air immediately penetrated into her brain from the end of her nose, refreshing her whole spirit and immediately refreshing her a lot.

“This is my private valley. If you like it, you can come often.” Leng Yi’s mouth was filled with a smile, making the most sincere invitation.

“Are you hospitable?” Mei Nongchen sneered, wondering who was the first to be invited?

“…” Leng Yi curled his eyebrows. No one else has been here before. Is he hospitable?

After thinking about it, he decided to tell the truth.

“I’m not hospitable, but you.”

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