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Chapter 33 I will be responsible

“?!” An

undercurrent flicked across Mei Nongchen’s eyes. The ambiguous aura in Leng Yi’s words suddenly reminded her of Ni Heng. The goodwill that he had given to him after his repeated help instantly melted into smoke.

In the previous life, Ni Heng also said so sweet and upsetting words, and finally sent her to death.

“What did you bring me here for?”

Unconsciously, his tone became cold, and the surrounding temperature dropped by two degrees.

Leng Yi frowned as he noticed her changes. Did he say something wrong?

Wu Di, who is hiding in the dark, is really anxious for his master’s EQ, so what is the matter with such a rush to molest others?

Something goes into the house, something goes into the house, something goes into the house, something goes into the house…think about important things three times.

“Don’t you want to become stronger? I’ll take you to a place.”

Leng Yi’s right hand grabbed Mei Nongchen’s catkin, and took her to the villa.

He has long legs and big steps, and Mei Nongchen staggers behind him, walking very hard.

Wu Di held his forehead and lowered his head. It seemed that he wanted to tell his master what gentleness is.

Entering the villa, Leng Yi turned on the light and pulled her into the bathroom, still white jade as bricks, and the huge bath was full of blue water.

The bad picture suddenly jumped into Mei Nongchen’s mind, and the Lengyi that fell in her eyes turned into a white nude. The unhappiness in her heart was blown away, and she was so embarrassed that she wanted to die.

Leng Yi looked at her ashamed, and knew that she remembered her body that she saw that day, and she didn’t light it up, just looking at Mei Nongchen’s gaze getting hotter and hotter, unidentified emotions surged into her heart, and her right index finger rubbed unconsciously. Mei Nongchen’s palm.

His fingers were suddenly hot, and Mei Nongchen withdrew her hands abruptly, feeling a strange feeling in the place he rubbed for a long time.

Leng Yi stiffened his back, turned his head unnaturally, put his right hand into his sleeve, and squeezed it twice before relaxing.

There was a strange factor floating in the air. For a long time, Leng Yi coughed lightly and said, “Come with me.”

Without waiting for Mei to get dusty, he jumped directly into the bath.

Mei Nongchen was surprised, what does this guy want to do?

It’s just that Lengyi’s speed is too fast, she wants to struggle too late, and is close to the bath orchid soup.

Predicting that the flooding of the nose in the middle of the pond did not happen, she felt as if she had fallen into the soft white clouds, weightless but floating, and a hard, soft and slightly hot embrace tightly wrapped her, leading her in Fast forward in that wonderful environment.

After they disappeared, Wu Di appeared where they stood before, with a look of disbelief.

He thought that he brought Mei Nongchen to the villa for sex for his master. He even prepared a condom and hid it under his pillow.

Unexpectedly, the master took her there!

Xuanling space!

No one knows there except the master and him, and he has never been there.

Is the master crazy? Actually take someone there!

Mei Nongchen covered her eyes with her hands after landing, and the strong light pierced her eyes with pain.

After getting used to it for a while, she opened her eyes, and the scenery before her dazzled her for a moment.

The endless green grassland is full of colorful flowers, densely packed, forming a spectacular and beautiful flower tide, as well as butterflies, colorful butterflies with different shapes, and butterflies with large palms, dancing and dancing, and it is beautiful.

The sky was clear and blue, and occasionally wisps of gauze clouds passed by. As soon as the wind blew, the grass rustled like a fairy music, with the fragrance of flowers, engulfing extremely rich aura.

Wonderland is nothing more than that!

Under her feet, there is a stone stele with the inscription: Xuanling Space.

Mei Nongchen was shocked by the beauty and couldn’t think about it for a long time.

Leng Yi seemed to be very satisfied with her reaction. The corners of his mouth were raised high, not proud, not showing off, but the joy of the people whose things are valued, and the joy from the heart.

“It’s so beautiful…” Mei Nongchen closed her eyes and took a deep breath very comfortably, muttering to herself.

“Don’t you want to become stronger? Here is the most abundant spiritual energy, and the flow of time is different from the outside world. Here for one year, one day for the outside world, practicing here will get twice the result with half the effort.” This is also important for Leng Yi to become the youngest mid-level powerhouse. one of the reasons.

Mei Nongchen was shocked, not because she has ample aura, she has a spiritual enlightenment orb, which can supply aura infinitely.

But the flow of time is different from the outside world, and I was even more surprised that Leng Yi brought her who had known her to come here not long ago.

This sounds so special, it should be a very important and secret place for him, right?

She couldn’t turn around for a while.

Mei Nongchen: “Why did you bring me here?”

Leng Yi: “Don’t you want to be stronger?”

Mei Nongchen: “Think, just why did you bring me here? This sounds very special, you should keep it secret. Yes.”

Leng Yi frowned: “You don’t need to keep secrets, mine is yours, hurry up and practice!”

His domineering words made Mei Nongchen stunned, and then moved in his heart, suddenly felt that he is different from Ni Heng, no, It’s not different, but there is a big difference.

But what is the difference?

The benefits are right in front of me. If I don’t accept it, I’m sorry for others’ feelings. Besides, if you want to deal with blood aging, strength is very important.

So, Mei Nongchen put aside his distracting thoughts and sat cross-legged to start practicing.

Leng Yi smiled, sat down beside her, and began to practice.

He didn’t realize that recently, he laughed more and more frequently.

Time has passed like a white horse, and most of the time has passed in a flash.


Mei Nongchen was awakened by a sound of suspicion, and when he opened his eyes, he saw an enlarged version of the golden pupil, with curly eyelashes almost sweeping to her eyes.

From a closer look, Leng Yi’s pupils are yellowish brown in the middle, with complex golden dark lines on the edges, as if they were wearing golden lenses, the beauty is dreamy and blurred.

Mei Nongchen wanted to push his hand away and froze in the air, a flash of lightning flashed across his mind.

So fast she could barely catch it.

Golden color contact lenses?

Tiantian’s pupil…Lengyi

was surprised to find that Mei Nongchen broke through the Ning Yuan stage and entered the initial stage of the solid stage. Seeing that her water eyes were shining and confused, and the lip gloss that was close at hand was like jelly, he wanted to taste it. Have a taste of it.

In the next moment, he did it!

The soft touch on his lips instantly broke his sanity, the strange fragrance filled his lips and teeth, and the soft and sweetness of crystal jelly was felt on the tip of his tongue, making him want to taste it again and again, his breathing was getting heavier, and he wanted to swallow her. .

Mei Nongchen instantly awoke from the conjecture of his pupils. The clear masculine breath on the tip of her nose and the jerky nibbling from her lips made her ashamed and angry. He pushed him unceremoniously with both hands, but he didn’t expect him Usually big hands have already clasped the back of her head and waist.

Iron arms are like mountains, unable to push.

Leng Yi has never been so intimate with people before. Everything is based on instinct and no skill at all. After only a short while, Mei Nongchen’s pain is so painful that tears will fall out.

He saw Mei Nongchen’s eyes gleaming in the gap between his eyelashes, and he felt a pain in his heart and suddenly loosened it, but he still had no idea.

Seeing Mei Nongchen’s tearful eyes and bloody lips, Leng Yi’s old face blushed, her tight lips glowed with sparkling water, and her eyes fluttered, but she didn’t dare to look at Mei again. The dusty face, especially the lips.

Mei Nongchen was still sitting on the grass, her hair hanging behind her was rubbed into a mess, her cheeks were flushed, she was gasping for breath!

The butterflies surrounded the two of them, agile and agile, as if they were not ashamed of making fun of them wantonly.

The fragrance of flowers in the air and the strange fragrance from Mei Nongchen touched Leng Yi’s olfactory nerves, making the unrelenting desires in his heart clearer and clearer. At this moment, he felt the instinctive desire from deep in his heart.

It was a desire he had never had before. At this moment, he roared and wanted to rush out of the cage that he hadn’t broken through for thousands of years, and swallow the beautiful people in front of him!

Mei Nongchen stared at him with a high degree of vigilance, the word’chuan’ on his brows getting deeper and deeper. After a long time, Leng Yi’s face finally eased and finally returned to calm.

“I’ll be responsible.” Leng Yi said solemnly, his voice slightly hoarse.

Although because of the Leng family’s very special line, marrying a wife can only marry a woman selected by Feng Ge, but…

as long as she wants, he can break the fairy rules!

Leng Yi’s eyes are shining, as long as she is willing to…huh! Even if you don’t want to, you can kiss them all!

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