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Chapter 34 Hard to chase his wife

“Haha!” Mei Nongchen smiled angrily, rolling her eyes.

This stuff is sick! Identification is completed.

Seeing her sneer, Leng Yi twisted her eyebrows, she didn’t believe it?

“Don’t worry, I will be responsible if I say responsibility. After all, we already have skin relatives.”

“…?” Mei Nongchen couldn’t keep up with his thinking.

Maybe the question mark on her face was too big, and Leng Yi had to explain.

“I…cough, if I kissed you, I have a skin relationship with you, so you can only marry me, and I happen to want to marry you, so…”

“So please take me back quickly , I don’t have time to talk with you here. I’m very grateful to you for helping me a few times. I will repay you if I have the opportunity. I forgive you for those who have passed by. I don’t care about you, but I will ask you in the future. Be more regular, OK?” Mei Nongchen snatched the conversation, speaking loudly and cleanly.

Although I don’t hate Lengyi, Ni Heng is a bloody lesson. If she is so easily bewitched, then her father will die in vain, her child will die in vain, and she will die in vain!

If he is willing to be friends, she treats each other sincerely.

If he doesn’t have a purpose, I’m sorry, but I am sorry to accompany him!

Mei Nongchen’s words shocked Leng Yi’s heart. He has always been aloof. He listened to praise and flattery the most, and he saw submission and obedience the most.

He treats women indifferently, but there are still countless Yingying Yanyan wanting to be close to him, and he doesn’t want it, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t know the thoughts of those people.

If it is the fairy from the fairy world, listening to him say that he is responsible, he will definitely be happy. But she…

Leng Yi looked down at Mei Nongchen with a solemn expression, she rejected him.

To be honest, Leng Yi felt a little hurt, but more often, he opened up another perspective. It turns out that there are people who don’t cater to him in this world.

However, this feeling of not being catered to seems to be pretty good, more pleasing than those women who try to get close to themselves.

Mei Nongchen didn’t know that Leng Yi now classified her as the likable type of person because of her refusal. If she knew, then she would definitely say “I love you” in a halo.

When they returned to the villa, the sky was already white, so they hurried to the Mei’s house. Leng Yi sent Mei Nongchen to the Mei’s house and the garden disappeared. Mei Nongchen returned to the bedroom, sleeping soundly every day.

Mei Nongchen kissed his eyelashes, took off his clothes, got under the covers, fished him in his arms, and fell asleep.

After she was asleep every day, she opened her eyes and felt the soft touch on her side. The crystal-clear ear tips were red and red, and her body couldn’t help twisting and twisting.

Every night after that, Mei Nongchen went to Lengyi’s profound spiritual space to practice. She made rapid progress, and she quickly rose from the early stage of the solid phase to the middle stage and then to the later stage, and now it has entered the early stage of the bigu period.

Leng Yi exclaimed that he was already a cultivator who was praised by everyone in the immortal world, and he did not expect Mei Nongchen to improve faster than him.

If she was born in the fairy world, she must be the proud daughter of the gods.

“By the way, I have always wanted to ask, you always say that I want to become stronger, how do you know that I want to become stronger? Don’t you also fail to read mind?”

Mei Nongchen woke up from a new round of practice, side Asked while stretching.

Leng Yi’s expression remained unchanged, but his eyes flickered extremely slightly, Mei Nongchen did not notice.

“Don’t you mean that you have hatred with that blood? Since you have hatred, you must take revenge. You have a lot of old blood. You will not become stronger. How can you get revenge?”

Mei Nongchen nodded, and Leng Yi told her about blood at the beginning. When she practiced the twelve blood evil magic arts, she only told Leng Yi that she had a grudge against the blood.

It’s just that… Mei Nongchen looked at Leng Yi, and counted the few meetings with him in her heart.

The first time: She crashed into his car and was almost choked to death by Wu Mi, and he never showed up.

The second time: She strayed into his bathroom and was killed by Wu Mi, but obviously, he and Wu Mi thought she was dead and did not recognize her at all.

The third time: He saved her from the hand of a fairy.

Fourth time: He saved her from the hands of the old blood.

Fifth time: He vented his anger for Mrs. Lu at her birthday banquet.

Obviously, the number of times they met before they got acquainted with each other can be broken with one hand, except that the first two times were not very good, and afterwards, he gave her a strange feeling when they met, as if…they are very familiar.

Is it cooked?

Carefully scanning his appearance, no matter his facial features or body shape, they are all so perfect that they can only be found in the sky, and they always take the form of a condescending venerable.

She is sure, she is not familiar with him!

Among them, there must be some reason she didn’t know, she didn’t think that Leng Yi really liked her. She felt that because they had a common enemy, Leng Yi wanted to help her improve her cultivation.

If Leng Yi knew what she was thinking, he would have to turn her beautiful eyes into a blindfold, and your three-legged cat would not be able to repair it for a century.

Seeing her staring at her, Leng Yi felt a sweetness in her heart, which was completely different from the disgust that those fairies in the fairy world gave him.

Raised an eyebrow and smiled, his big face suddenly approached Mei Nongchen, and said: “Why, I was fascinated by the husband?” With

his sudden movement, his eyelashes almost swept Mei Nongchen’s nose, startled her and jumped back immediately. Hiding, startled a group of butterflies. The fragrance of the flowers seemed to be frightened, and it became rich in an instant.

The breeze blows, the long eyelashes like Lengyi’s fan sway slightly, the thin mist in the eyes, the narrowness of the feelings, the cherry-colored corners of the lips are like joy or not, the perfect and exquisite chin is as carved as carved, and the black hair is long. Pouring from the cheek side to the chest, the neckline of the golden robe is slightly open, and the white jade collarbone is looming. How do you look at this situation, it seems to be engaging in seduction.

Mei Nongchen really didn’t want to admit that, at this moment, she was indeed bewildered by him for a while, and she was cautious and thumped.

This guy is even more charming than her enchanting master.

Leng Yi looked at the stunning flashes in her eyes, and the corners of her mouth smiled even more. Wu Di said that she was right. For women, we should not only pet, but also seduce!

Mei Nongchen pinched herself severely in secret, then put on a frosty face, pushed Leng Yi away hard, and said: “It’s getting late, go back.”

After finishing speaking, she got up first and didn’t look at him again.

Leng Yi sighed in his heart, it seems that his road to chasing his wife has been bumpy and long!


years have passed, and a month has passed.

The sky in summer is extremely changeable. Just after the scorching sun is in the sky, the clouds will be overwhelmed by the heavy rain in the next moment.

Mei Nongchen and Lu Xiaoxiao finished shopping, and the car came back halfway. Suddenly, heavy black clouds rolled from north to south in a violent wind, and lightning bolts slashed across the sky. At the opening, the raindrops fell like ice cubes, and the line of sight was immediately blurred as if walking in a thick fog. The raindrops smashed the car into a crackle. The pedestrians on the road were obviously unprepared, all squirming around.

Thinking of Pi Diandian following Lv Xiaoxiao to be a guest at Lv’s house, she had a headache, and she just hoped that he would relax while he was sucking blood.

Although Bell is always sucking blood, he has never killed him. This is also the most important reason why Mei Nongchen hasn’t restrained him much.

Otherwise, she wouldn’t let him go out and mess around, she would have cleaned him up a long time ago.

“Mei Yiru, I’m telling you, I want to get a divorce, don’t think about it!”

Mei Nongchen just arrived at the gate of the villa and was about to shake the water on her skirt and feet. Although there was a servant holding an umbrella, the wind was still blowing in the rain. Wet half of her body.

Suddenly, a roar from inside the door made all her movements pause.


Since the last time she confessed to her father, her father hadn’t taken any action for more than a month, and she would have thought that his father had forgotten this matter.

After changing his shoes at the hallway, Mei Nongchen saw Song Furong’s almost crazy face as soon as he entered the hall.

Mei Xinchen sat sadly on Mei Yiru’s right side and pulled his sleeves to tears. Her facial features were soft and delicate. When she cried, she was a beauty of tears, especially the cinnabar mole, which added a few more to her. Points gorgeous.

Attorney Wu stood at the left and rear of Mei Yiru, holding a kraft paper bag in his hand, bulging, and it looked like it contained a lot of information.

The servants’ bodyguards stood upright, watching their noses and noses, pretending to hear nothing.

At this moment, the hall was so quiet that even the sound of human blood flow could be heard, which formed a strong contrast with the sound of wind, rain and thunder outside the door.

Song Furong stared at the divorce agreement on the coffee table with bloodshot eyes, tearful eyes, sitting on the sofa and trembling with rage, a few broken hairs messed up above the brows.

Looking at this posture, how can Mei Nongchen fail to guess the cause of the matter?

Cold eyes flashed over the file bag in Lawyer Wu’s hand, and a sneered sneered at the corner of his mouth. He walked to Mei Yiru’s left and sat down. No wonder his father remained silent for more than a month. He was collecting information.

Without looking, she knew what was in the file bag.

Song Furong stared at Mei Nongchen coldly, and suddenly picked up the divorce agreement and tore it to pieces, and slammed it in front of Mei Yiru. The paper was scattered, and she said viciously: “Why do you divorce me?

My mother disagrees!” Mei Yiru lit a cigarette, sipped it gracefully, and exhaled a burst of smoke, and the smell of tobacco spread immediately.

“Nongchen and Xinchen go back to the house, I have something to talk to your mother.”

Mei Nongchen got up and left after hearing this. Mei Xinchen didn’t want to leave like this and couldn’t let them get divorced. If they are divorced, who will help. Her?

Besides, if the father married another wife and gave birth to a son, there would be no place for her!

Therefore, they must not be divorced.

Mei Xinchen raised her eyes with tears and looked at Mei Yiru, choked up and said, “Dad, why do you want to divorce your mother? Is there any misunderstanding?”

Then Mei Nongchen didn’t know what happened downstairs, but only knew. Mei Xinchen ran up crying soon, and Mei Yiru and Song Furong’s marriage also left.

Originally, Mei Yiru could let Song Furong go out of the house, but he still gave her an apartment-style suite and a sum of cash.

Mei Nongchen often thinks that his father in this life has long been aware of Song Furong’s adultery with Mu Hanxi, but in order to give himself a complete family, and because he has no feelings for Song Furong, he can’t bear it.

So, what about the previous life? Isn’t the father so forbearing? Just to create a seemingly warm and harmonious home for her adopted daughter who is not her own?

If so, how many family debts did she owe her father!

Every time he thinks about this, Mei Nong Chen’s heart is like a knife.

Song Furong’s departure had no effect on Mei’s house, and the days passed day by day.

Since the birthday banquet of Mrs. Lu, the Ni group, as expected, all business has been transferred to the Mei group. I don’t know how Leng Yi did it. Mei Nongchen devotes himself to the ground and worships. In a word: “Leng’s internal secrets, if you want to know it, you can become Leng’s family.”

“Cut~” Mei Nongchen sneered.

Because of the light of the Lengyi Xuan Ling space, Mei Nongchen has broken through the bigu period and entered the early stage of the breaking yuan period. After that, she can no longer eat or drink like the gods. The Qi Lingzhu in the dantian has also changed from a round bead shape Smoke-like, filled the entire pubic area.

Another month passed, and the weather began to cool.

It was night, as usual, Mei Nongchen jumped out of the window after falling asleep every day, and Leng Yi surrounded her by the window.

He was about to step into the air, a shrill scream cut through the night sky, the two of them were taken aback, looked at each other, Leng Yi quickly swept Mei Nongchen towards the source of the sound

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