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Chapter 35 Return of the Demon Body

The screams continued, making the heart tremble in the quiet late night. At this time, the dark clouds covered the moon, and the breeze carried a gloomy air.

Leng Yi and Mei Nongchen followed the sound to a construction site, and when they saw the location of the place, their eyes shrank together.

This is the vacant land that the Meis Group bought from the Chuangshi Group. At this moment, the building has begun to take shape, and the building materials are neatly stacked in an orderly manner, looming in the dark.

The scream came from the depths of the construction site. The two were about to enter, and a panicked figure ran out in a panic.

The man ran and looked back and screamed: “Ghost, there is a ghost! Help!”.

When I turned my head, I suddenly saw two figures standing in front of me, my feet stopped, and after a heart-piercing cry, “Ah”, he rolled his eyes and fell straight back.

“He was scared to death by us?” Mei Nongchen asked with a frown.

“He was fainted by us.” Leng Yi frowned and replied.

As the two talked, they walked inward over the corpse who fell on the ground, and walked about fifty meters forward. A strong and evil aura rushed toward their faces, and the yin wind violently rolled up all objects that could be blown up, coldly. As soon as the sleeves were raised, a light curtain enchantment covered the two of them, blocking all the dirt that wanted to smear their faces.

The more you go in, the more yin qi becomes more and more rampant the yin wind.

After another 100 meters, Leng Yi and Mei Nongchen stopped at the same time.

In front of them, a large swath of red mist, like hibiscus and red incense tents, enveloped a piece of land, like a huge red bowl upside down on the ground, or…like a vicious and weird red tomb.

Threads of black smoke pour out from the top of the red mist, like the long hair of evil spirits.

The wind on all sides is like a devil cry, and a normal person is bound to be frightened in such an environment. The fact that the person can run so far just now indicates that he is courageous enough.

“What the hell is this?” Mei Nongchen leaned in the direction of Leng Yi, but kept staring at the front and dared not move half an inch away, for fear that something terrible would suddenly come out to bite her.

Leng Yi’s complexion was dignified, the aura here was very evil, and he could feel the strong coercion faintly in the red mist, afraid of being good.

His body was tense, his eyes were like torches, watching the red mist vigilantly, Wu Di suddenly appeared, standing a little ahead of Leng Yi, holding his sword on guard.

Mei Nongchen looked at them as if they were facing great enemies, and her heart also hung up.

Kaka —

Kaka — Kaka —

extremely small cracking sounds sounded one after another, the red mist suddenly cracked numerous irregular fine lines, and the yin wind became more violent, like a shredder, to stir all the objects in this place. Slag slag.

The three of them watched attentively, and saw an extremely strong black mist suddenly burst from the top of the red mist, and then a figure like a swan emerging from a shell, and a beautiful woman out of a bath, rising from the red mist.

At this moment, the clouds are scattered and the moon is bright, and the bright silver shines on the man’s face. His red hair is like flying, his face is like a beautiful jade, and his red and plump lips have a small smile. Nongchen instantly thought of Chang’e flying to the moon.

But at the beginning, Chang’e hadn’t been so beautiful to overwhelm the world, right?

He rose out of the red mist a little bit, and then –

Leng Yi suddenly covered Mei Nongchen’s eyes, and hurriedly failed to grasp his strength, pulling Mei Nongchen almost to fall.

Leng Yi and Wu Di also moved their eyes slightly, and couldn’t bear to look straight.

Because that person…he was naked and unclothed.

“My deity,

I’m back!” A quarter of an hour later, a strong and arrogant voice resounded across the sky, like a roar of thunder, shook the heavens and the earth, but the coldness was okay. Mei Nongchen and Wu Di flew directly upside down. Going out, Leng Yiyan quickly caught Mei Nongchen with his hands, and the poor Wudi fell into a stalemate.

Wu Di spit out a mouthful of blood, horrified in his heart: This wicked man is diligent in strength, and his coercion is comparable to the emperor!

“Master, Master?”

Mei Nongchen looked at him in amazement as he hovered under the bright moon, the red clothes flying like a manzhushahua in full bloom, a man who was as beautiful as a stunner and charming as a demon, with red hair at his waist, and bloodthirsty red eyes. Master is right.

But… at this moment, Mei Nongchen felt that the master’s breath was extremely strange. She looked up at him as if the humble and weak ants looked up at the giant dragon in the sky, causing a huge sense of powerlessness and humbleness to emerge in her heart.

Leng Yi’s lip line was tight, and his deep gaze sharply pierced Jiuyou’s body like a sharp blade. The iron arm that hugged Mei Nongchen’s waist was not taken away, but was tightened tighter, as if to show his ownership.

Mei Nongchen was surprised at Jiuyou’s sudden appearance, and did not notice Leng Yi’s weird behavior at all.

She saw Jiuyou stepping into the air, descending the steps, and every step she took, her clothes were lightly hem, as if she was born in the wind, elegant and evil.

He stood in front of Leng Yi and Mei Nongchen,

looking at Leng Yi with a seemingly non-smiling smile, teasing: “You also have today?” Looking at Leng Yi’s posture of the evil wolf protecting the food, what else does Jiuyou do not understand. Ah! His apprentice is really extraordinary, and he can subdue even the coldness of Leng Yi, not bad, not bad!

Jiuyou squinted with satisfaction and admired.

Leng Yi snorted coldly: “What is it to do with you?”

“Haha!” Jiu You’s right index finger pressed her lips, and laughed twice, “Of course it has something to do with me. She is my only apprentice. As a master, I naturally hope that my apprentice Happiness, so, you have to treat my disciples well, otherwise, I will step down on the Mila Palace~”

Jiuyou speaks very softly, with a sharp end, but it is so cold in people’s hearts that it makes people feel a little bit cold. I dare not doubt the credibility of his words.

“Master, you…recovered?” Mei Nongchen felt like a piece of meat from a pork stall as she heard it. She was appointed to go to someone’s vegetable basket, which made her feel uncomfortable, so she quickly interrupted. .

“Yeah, you don’t need to stay in your body in the future. Are you happy?” Jiuyou looked down at Mei Nongchen, perhaps because he was close to her soul, so he was very close to her.

“Happy, Master has finally recovered his true body, and will not have to live on others in the future, congratulations to Master.” Mei Nongchen said sincerely.

These words obviously made Jiuyou very useful, and the smile on his face was a little real.

“Since you already have my apprentice, the Sanskrit is mine! Before, I would not worry about her being your fiancée, and I will not worry about her in the future. If you see Yunhe, tell him if he dares to treat me again. When I start, I will punish his whole clan!”

Jiuyou spoke frantically to Leng Yi, Wu Di’s rage erupted, and he wanted to lift his sword.

Leng Yi raised his hand to stop him, and looked at Jiu You coldly, his eyes were calm and he was not provoked by him at all.

“As for Yun Fanyin, she has nothing to do with me. You asked me to bring a message to her father. I don’t have time.”

Four eyes met, Leng Yi and Jiuyou competed in the dark, and there was a violent gust of lightning and thunder. The two were evenly matched but no one Willing to recover early.

Mei Nongchen was deliberately guarded by them, and was not affected at all. He suffered only from the witchfly, and once again turned into a stricken pond fish, spitting blood at the mouth and flew out.

After a stick of incense, Leng Yi and Jiuyou regained their strength at the same time. At this time, the construction site was in a mess, like a tornado swam past here, brick piles, sand piles, cement… everything there was messed up into a pot. Eight-treasure porridge.

Even the high wall built by two people was razed to the ground.

The two perpetrators did not feel embarrassed at all, and were calm and content.

However, Mei Nongchen was not calm. Under what circumstances, Master and Leng Yi are rivals in love? Looks like Lengyi was dug into the corner?

Looking at the two people and comparing them, they are both top-quality in appearance and high-quality in cultivation. What a disaster for a woman who is contested by two men of such high quality!

Somehow, she suddenly remembered that the peerless beauty she had seen in the deserted space, at least should be like her?

At the same time, Mei Nongchen’s chest was blocked, and it turns out that he has a fiancé! Why do you keep saying you want to marry her? When he dared to talk nonsense in the future, she tore his mouth!

In my heart, he drew a big cross for Leng Yi.

“Right, disciple.” As if thinking of something, Jiuyou waved to Mei Nongchen to beckon her to come forward, “I have something to leave, maybe this time I won’t come, I now control the middle-level spirit control Passing the advanced spirit control technique to you is also considered to have rounded up our master and disciple’s affection.” With

that, Mei Nongchen saw his two fingers close together and lightly touch her brows, her brows tingled, something melted. Into her sea of knowledge.

Maybe it was because Jiuyou said that she would not come back again, Mei Nongchen was inexplicably sad, her sour nose and the urge to weep.

“Where is the master going? Why not come back? Can I find you?”

Jiuyou saw her look sad and sad, and felt uncomfortable in her heart. He has always had a different kind of pity for this apprentice, maybe, It was because she had nourished his remnant soul, and their souls were interlinked.

He comforted softly: “There will be a chance to see you


Then he said to Lengyi: “Be good to my disciple.” After saying’咻’, it turned into a red light and fled away, as fast as thunder.

Before they left, Mei Nongchen deliberately went to see the person who was fainted. Seeing that he was just asleep, it didn’t hurt that the three of them Yukong left.

After they left, a small, rickety figure appeared beside the fainted person. He stretched out his hand like a dead branch and blew a purple black light toward the person on the ground. After a breath, the person on the ground opened his eyes suddenly.

There is no black and white in the eyes, only scarlet…

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