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Chapter 36 Give a sword to make love

Because of the two parts after the control of the soul, Mei Nongchen was anxious to cultivate and fell into a state of ecstasy in the profound spirit space. When she woke up again, Leng Yi told her that the time in the profound spirit space had passed ten years, that is, the real time. Ten days have passed.

Mei Nongchen was surprised, but she didn’t expect time to pass so fast!

Looking sideways at Leng Yi, he saw that his eyes were dangling, looking at her intently and tenderly, completely conflicting with his cold temperament, but Mei Nongchen was stunned.

She had only seen the luster in Leng Yi’s eyes in her father’s eyes. Whenever her father missed her mother who had never seen her before, he would reveal this kind of tenderness from the depths of the soul.

Her heart throbbed, as if something was digging a hole in her heart.

The fragrance of flowers in the air has a smell called sentiment.

Slightly opened his eyes, “I haven’t been back for ten days, and the house must have been hopping around now, let’s go quickly.”

Mei Nongchen said as she got up, just as her ass lifted off the ground, she coldly held her down.

He squatted halfway in front of Mei Nongchen in an absolutely oppressive posture, revealing a pair of black boots under his clothes. The golden dragon embroidered on the boots was vivid, with his mouth wide open, as if he was about to rush out and swallow the person in one bite.

“This is for you.”

Leng Yi didn’t know where he drew out a white long sword with a phoenix pattern on the end of the sword. There was a golden tassel under the jade pendant. As soon as the sword was out, Mei Nongchen felt the sword. She couldn’t help raising her hand to touch the majestic power contained in her body, as well as the sword’s call to herself.


Mei Nongchen retracted her hand with a whisper, and a drop of blood came out from her lush fingers. Just as she was about to use the vitality of Qi Lingzhu to heal her wounds, Leng Yi grabbed her injured hand.

“Don’t move!”

Seeing Mei Nongchen pulling back his hand vigorously, he drank coldly and displeasedly.

He squeezed Mei Nongchen’s blood on the snow sword and said, “This sword is called Feng Yijian, which is an ancient divine sword passed down from generation to generation by the Leng clan. Only those who are recognized by it as its master can be lucky enough to be drawn by it. The broken finger and the dripping blood will recognize the master, otherwise, ordinary people will only feel that this is an unslashed blunt sword.”

Seeing the bright red blood being swallowed by the sword, Mei Nongchen felt a cold voice for some reason. There was a tremor, like excitement or joy.

However, since it was an ancient divine sword handed down from the ancestors, how could he give it to others at will?

If it wasn’t for Leng Yi’s nonsense, then there was a conspiracy!

Besides, if there is no merit, Mei Nongchen feels that she is not only useless, but also owes a lot of favor to Lengyi.

Therefore, even if this sword resonates strongly with her soul, she does want this sword, but she cannot accept it.

I can’t accept anything!

Mei Nongchen pulled back her hand forcefully, forced herself to look away from the sword, calmed her trembling soul, and said, “Thank you for your kindness, I can’t take it!”

Leng Yi looked at the empty palm. , Wondering: “Why? You don’t have a weapon at your fingertips. Every time you are in danger, you can only be beaten. Feng Yijian’s sword power is very powerful. It ranks high among the ancient artifacts. With it, you can compete with the cultivation base. Your Tier 3 powerhouse struggled to fight, how many people are greedy artifacts, why did you refuse?”

More importantly, being recognized by Feng Yijian as the master is equivalent to his fiancée.

The Leng family belongs to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm royal family. Since ancient times, it has been a single transmission. The fiancee of each generation of men is selected by Feng Ge, and Feng Yijian must voluntarily recognize the master.

The fiancé Feng Ge chose for him before was Yun Fanyin, but it is strange that Feng Yijian refused to recognize her as the master. This is a strange thing that has never happened in millions of years.

Now that Feng Yijian recognizes Mei Nongchen as the mainstay, Leng Yi can use this to fight with the old stubborn arguments in the fairy world.

Although he doesn’t care about other people’s opinions or the so-called fairy rules, but…

He wanted to give her a beautiful wedding with ten miles of red makeup, and he wanted her to be truly accepted by everyone in the fairy world.

He… didn’t want her to be wronged a bit.

What other women have, he not only wants her to have it, but he also wants to outperform others by a thousand times!

Leng Yi frowned suddenly. When did he have such an idea?

Since she took off his pants and kissed his ass?

From the time when she was corroded by the Bloodthirsty Table to save him, there was only a skeleton left?

Since she fell into madness because of losing him?

Since I wake up every morning, I can see her beautiful sleeping face and feel her warm and soft embrace.


Although those are all because of a child named Tiantian, she has already entered his heart and cannot be erased.

This is enough!

Mei Nongchen stared at Leng Yi intently, and for the first time since he had known him for so long, he had heard so many things in one breath.

However, listening to what he said, the heart that was not very firm at first was shaken even more severely. Leng Yi said it was right. She had no weapons except for the spirit net in her hand, facing a strong person with a higher cultivation base than her. , Her soul control technique was useless at all. Although the killer net was terrifying, it might not be able to play a good role in actual combat.

And that Feng Yijian resonated strongly with her soul, and she must have used it to take advantage of it.

More importantly, the sword bearer can fight hard against the powerhouse who has a higher level of cultivation!

This is the biggest temptation!

After hesitating and squeezing, Mei Nongchen took the Feng Yijian over slowly.

As soon as she held the hilt of the sword in her hand, a huge idea sneaked into her mind, rushing and wandering freely in her sea consciousness, and then turned into a snow-white scabbard carved with dragons and phoenixes, staying in the center of her sea consciousness. .

Mei Nongchen was dizzy, and his face was pale.

Leng Yi supported her.

“What’s going on? Something got into my head.” Mei Nongchen’s voice trembled slightly, isn’t it a monster or bug?

Leng Yi helped her sit down and said, “You try to put away the Fengyi sword with your mind.”

Mei Nongchen looked at the not-so-small sword with embarrassment, touched her body without a pocket, where to put it away ?

Seeing her puzzled look, Leng Yi felt funny and tight, and smiled and said with a smile: “Try it.”

Mei Nongchen was dubious, and gave the command to “remove the sword” in his brain.

The sword moved with her heart. Just after Mei Nongchen thought about it, the Feng Yi sword she was holding tightly in her hand turned into a silver light and disappeared into her mind.

Mei Nongchen was shocked when the silver light came, “This…what’s going on?”

Leng Yi couldn’t help but laugh when she saw her pale face. This woman usually looks indifferent and fearless, that day. Yun Baizhi was so painful to her assassin, and she was not afraid of her. Now this panicked look is really cute.

Stretching out the jade carving long fingers, brushing the scattered strands of crows on Mei Nongchen’s cheeks behind her ears, she whispered: “Feng Yijian recognizes you as the master, and will hide the scabbard in your sea consciousness. In this way, you You can put it into the sea consciousness or call out the challenge from the sea consciousness.”

“It’s very convenient, isn’t it? You don’t need to repurchase clothes with big pockets.”

Thinking of the action she just touched her pocket, Lengyi couldn’t bear it. Just a few words of teasing.

Mei Nongchen was slightly embarrassed, but since he had just received a big gift, it was not easy to get into trouble.

As the saying goes, short hands and soft mouths, Mei Nongchen now has short hands and soft mouth.

When she thought about it, she thought that Feng Yijian was a treasure handed down from generation to generation in the Lengyi family, so it was put in her bag, did the pie fall too much?

Mei Nongchen was anxious, always feeling that Leng Yi couldn’t give her such a precious artifact for no reason. Could it be that he had a plan?

After thinking about it, she couldn’t help but laugh at herself. Leng Yi’s cultivation base was higher than her, more money than her, more power than her, and even her appearance… was better than her.

What can she be conspired by Lengyi?

Thinking of this, the hanging heart was also a little relieved.

However, Leng Yi’s next sentence directly killed her on the spot.

“Well, now you have received my token of love, then you will be my fiancee in the future.” Leng Yi smiled and stretched out his hand to pull her, as if in a good mood.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes stared into copper bells, “What? A token of love?” Her volume was high, and the butterflies that fell on her flew away in surprise.

“You didn’t say it was a token of love!” Mei Nongchen glared at him, this man shameless!

“But I didn’t say no, anyway, Feng Yijian is yours anyway, you can’t throw it away…” Leng Yi smiled dearly, but Mei Nongchen felt that the smile of all beings upside down was deeply hidden. Deep…malicious!

“Oh, that’s right!” He smiled happily as if suddenly remembering something, “I forgot to tell you, Feng Yijian, passed down from generation to generation, only passed on to his daughter-in-law, so this sword is not Mine, but my daughter-in-law, Feng Yijian took the initiative to recognize you as the master, indicating that you are destined to be Leng’s daughter-in-law, my unmarried lady~”

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