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Chapter 37 I’m so handsome

“You…” Mei Nongchen became angry as he watched Leng Yi’s conspiracy treacherous smile.

She just said that there is no pie in vain, it is either to kill you, or to kill you.

He tried to summon Feng Yijian from Sea Consciousness and return it to Leng Yi. He didn’t expect that Feng Yijian seemed to know her mind and couldn’t live or die.

Ho! What a sword with a spiritual elbow turned outward!

Mei Nongchen laughed angrily, and suddenly remembered the fact that Leng Yi had a fiancee, a sneer suddenly appeared on his face.

She looked at Leng Yi and cut the water with her eyes, “If I remember correctly, you seem to have a fiancée? Why, want to hug the right and left to enjoy the blessing of the people?”

Xu’s sneered expression pierced the cold. Yi’s eyes or ironic words hurt his arrogant self-esteem, the smile on Leng Yi’s face instantly disappeared, turning to a frozen thousand feet, and a little dark.

“Yun Fanyin was selected by Feng Ge, it has nothing to do with me, you were selected by me, you must marry me!”

Leng Yi took it for granted, Mei Nongchen choked by his domineering tone.

This person is really self-righteous, and doesn’t care about other people’s ideas.

Mei Nongchen was displeased, “I refuse!”

Leng Yi frowned, as if puzzled: “I’m so handsome, you make money by marrying me, why refuse?”


Mei Nongchen vomited blood, staring incredulously. Looking at him, I saw him being serious, and seeing him like that, I knew that he really thought so.

It’s just that, because she didn’t know him deeply, he was definitely not the one who would have such thoughts.

“Do you really think…you are handsome?”

Leng Yi was slightly shocked, didn’t he? Wu Di said, the master is very handsome, whoever marries the master will make money, no one will refuse.

Seeing that he obviously didn’t know where he was wrong, Mei Nongchen didn’t plan to struggle with him on this issue.

“Getting engaged is not as simple as you think. It is impossible for us. First, I don’t love you, and you don’t necessarily love me. Second, I don’t even know who you are, and you don’t know who I am. 3. Do your parents agree? Do my parents agree? These are all necessary and important conditions. Obviously, neither of us meets one of them, SO…Please take back your sword, thank you!”

Mei Nongchen said While putting his head to Leng Yi’s hand, he waited for him to retract the sword to draw a line with him, making Leng Yi’s tooth itch with hatred.

This woman really doesn’t know good or bad!

Is there any reason to take back the things he sent out?

Leng Yi snorted and walked away.

Mei Nongchen took a look and quickly followed. Without him, she couldn’t get out.

Along the way, Mei Nongchen was chattering, and Leng Yi directly blocked her sense of hearing, making her ears quiet.

However, Mei Nongchen’s words reminded him that he should pay a visit to her family in a good and formal way. As for her… if you kiss, you have to marry if you don’t marry!

Besides, his innocence has long been ruined in her hands. She cannot be irresponsible, and he will not give her the opportunity to be irresponsible.

Mei Nongchen guessed right. In the ten days since she disappeared, Mei’s family was really furious. Mei Yiru looked for her like crazy. Not only did she disappear, but she also disappeared every day.

Reminiscent of Tiantian’s inherently weird identity, Mei Yiru’s heart became cold every inch after searching for fruitless day by day.

He suspected that Mei Nongchen was killed every day!

Just when his heart was ashamed, Qian Ma’s sharp and loud voice suddenly sounded at the door of the villa.

Mei Yiru was trembling with excitement. He had never heard it before, a voice that was better than Qian Ma’s sharp voice at the moment.

“Ah! Missy is back!”

The eager footsteps of’tatata’ accompanied Qian Ma’s broken gong voice, “Chairman, Missy is back!”


All the servants and bodyguards sighed together , holding their voices for ten days. The heart can finally return to sleep in the chest cavity.

Mei Yiru ran out in a panic, because she was too eager to notice a slipper.

When he saw Mei Nongchen standing in front of him, after ten days of tears, he finally broke the bank.

Not only because Mei Nongchen is the daughter he has held in his hand for 20 years, but also because she is the only person in the world who has anything to do with Yinyin. Seeing her is like seeing Yinyin.

If she is gone, then his only bond with Yinyin will be broken.

Mei Nongchen knew that he was in a coma for three days, and his father was ten years old overnight.

For ten days of missing this time, my father must be anxious.

While secretly blaming himself for not being considerate and worrying his father, he hurried home.

As soon as she walked in and saw Qian Ma’s teary face and the solemn and desolate atmosphere, she felt even more regretful.

When she saw the father who ran out in a hurry, and his foot that had lost a shoe, she couldn’t wait to slap herself a few ears.

He said that he should protect his father, but he made him worry about himself again and again, which is really damn.

In the future, no matter what happens, you must tell your father in advance, and never let him worry about me in vain! Mei Nongchen swears secretly in her heart.


Throwing into Mei Yiru’s arms, Mei Nongchen wiped the tears on his face, acting like a baby: “Dad, I’m fine, don’t worry.” The

servants and bodyguards turned their heads and did not dare to look, although the chairman Fengya Pian Pian, seemingly gentle and kind, but in fact he has iron and blood and decisive means. The people under his hands are all submissive and respectful and humble.

Suddenly seeing such outrageous boss crying like a maiden, the impact on them is also great.

Will you be silenced? can you? can you?

I will, I will! There is a little man in everyone’s heart, biting his veil and nodding desperately, so tragic!

The deep wrinkles on Mei Yiru’s forehead eased a bit, rubbing Mei Nongchen’s head vigorously, and said angrily: “Where have you been these days?”

Mei Nongchen glanced at the people around him, Mei Yiru understood. Said: “Everyone is at the door.”

After finishing speaking, he walked to the hall first, followed by Mei Nongchen.

Mei Xinchen, who had been standing not far away, bit her lip, and her eyes followed the two who left. Originally, she was still hesitating whether to agree to her mother.

Now it seems that the only way out for her is to promise her mother.

Mei Nongchen told Mei Yiru the matter as it was, and Mei Yiru was surprised at hearing it. No wonder someone came to report that something strange happened on the construction site. It was related to Mei Nongchen’s master and benefactor.

Benefactor, Lengyi is also!

It’s just…

“Dust, didn’t you take it with you every day?” Mei Yiru asked tentatively.


Nongchen was stunned , “Why should I go to practice and take him… Wait, what do you mean?” Mei Yiru looked away. He knew the daughter’s love for that child. I was afraid that she could not accept the child. The missing thing.

“Dad, what’s the matter?” Mei Nongchen’s voice trembled slightly, she already had guesses in her heart.

Why did she ask if she took Tiantian? Tian Tian must have disappeared like her, that’s why she thought she had taken Tian Tian.

Turning around and running upstairs, Qian’s mother didn’t hold Tiantian, it must be because he was sleeping, right! That’s it!

When she opened the door, she could see the pure sleeping face like an angel every day.

Mei Nongchen used aura to increase her speed to the extreme, and appeared at the door of the room almost in the blink of an eye.

Shaking hands to open the door, after spending so long with Tiantian, he has already merged into her bone marrow, and once lost, she will suffer the pain of bone pulling!


pear blossom wooden door hit the wall with a slight bang.

Xu Ye was disturbed. The little man lying on the pink soft bed opened his eyes. The golden pupils were full of grievances that had been disturbed to sleep well, and his pink lips curled slightly, as cute and cute as possible.

Mei Nongchen’s hanging heart fell back to its original place. He hadn’t seen him for ten days, so he missed it very much.

He walked over and picked up the little milk bag and gnawed it without playing, his saliva was muddled.

Not only is the little milk bag not disgusting, but the corners of his mouth are slightly upturned, which seems to be very happy.

But Mei Nongchen, who was immersed in the love of licking the calf, didn’t realize that she didn’t dislike it because she started to accept her.

The’Xiaoxue’ on the side tweeted non-stop, happily flicking his big fluffy white tail.

Xiaoxue, that snow-white great hero little fox.

Mei Yiru hadn’t heard a series of negative reactions such as screaming, crying, etc., so she went upstairs and took a look curiously.

Ho! Okay!

When did this little milk bun come back?

He twisted his eyebrows, always feeling that the matter was too strange, and quietly pulled Mei Nongchen to the corner.

“Since you disappeared, Tiantian also disappeared. Now suddenly appearing, I think it’s too weird, Nongchen, you have to be careful.”

Mei Nongchen looked back at Tiantian, who became a little dumb. Could it be that Tiantian also has any secrets. Nothing?

“Dad, I know, don’t worry.”

Although she didn’t say whether she believed her or not, Mei Yiru knew that she listened.

“Then you have a good rest, and I

will call you when it’s time for dinner.” After closing the door, Mei Yiru went downstairs with a stern face.

Mei Nongchen thought about his father’s words, carefully studying the sky, still the delicate and beautiful baby face, curly eyelashes, golden pupils…


Golden pupils!

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