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Chapter 38 Father every day

A bolt of lightning blew in Mei Nongchen’s mind.

Leng Yi is also a golden pupil!

Mei Nongchen’s heart jumped suddenly, thinking of Tiantian’s unique and weird way of appearing. Xue Lao looked at him prematurely, and his cold and stinky face at first…

Comparing Tiantian with Leng Yi, the more she looked. The meat trembles harder.

Because, she suddenly discovered that Tiantian is simply a reduced version of Lengyi!

Why didn’t you find out?

Tiantian, is Lengyi’s son!

It is no wonder that Leng Yi is so good to her, it saves her life and helps her practice, and the feeling is because she saved his son.

No wonder, Leng Yi said that he wanted to marry her, and gave her such an amazing artifact. His feelings wanted her to be his son’s stepmother!

The father said that Tiantian had disappeared for ten days, and that Lengyi must have quietly taken the child away while he was away.

Since Leng Yi is so deliberate about finding a stepmother for his son, he must be very concerned about this child. If he does not marry him, he will definitely take him away every day!

“No, I must have a good talk with him, not let him take Tiantian away.”

Seeing Mei Nongchen driving away, Mei Yiru’s eyes were awe-inspiring, and her lips were tight.

“Let them hurry up.”

“Yes.” A bodyguard led away.

Soon, outside the window of Mei Nongchen’s bedroom, a 360-degree camera without blind spots was installed…

Everyday suddenly disappeared and suddenly came back. Mei Yiru felt that most of them walked through the window, so he installed a surveillance camera while they were not there.

He wanted to see how sacred the child was!

Mei Nongchen drove to Biyu Valley based on his memory, and Lengyi took her away from the sky every time. This time she walked from the ground and it took a lot of effort to find her way.

Hearing Leng Yi said, one must ascend to become an immortal before he can fly into the air.

Sit on the baby chair in the back seat every day. The baby chair is specially installed by Mei Nongchen for every day, which is safe and convenient.

At this moment, Tian Tianyi’s forehead doubts, where is this going?

But seeing the more and more familiar mountain roads, a trace of panic flashed in his eyes. Why did she take him to Jasper Valley?

Because there are no strangers to set foot in Jasper Valley all the year round, there is no direct road leading into the valley. Mei Nongchen parked the car on the side of the road, holding the two verdant peaks above her head every day, and the dense and untidy woods, the ground was thickly paved. A layer of rotten leaves, the wind blows, and the rustling sound is endless.

Mei Nongchen didn’t know where she was going.

Alas~ It would be great if I could protect myself from the wind like Leng Yi.

Xiaoxue stood on her shoulders and looked at with her.

“It would be great if I could protect the wind like Leng Yi.” Looking at the little milk bag in her arms, she sighed. She can still walk through the woods by herself, but now that there are more days, she doesn’t want to.

In case she hurts every day, she will die of heartache.

Bing her face every day, but she was expecting her to retreat quickly. If she wanted to take herself to find Leng Yi, how could he play two roles alone?

Of course, the development of things is often not satisfactory.


Xiaoxue tweeted and jumped off Mei Nongchen’s shoulders, her hair trembled, and she wanted to repeat the trick.

Mei Nongchen quickly stopped it with eyesight, and every time Xiaoxue used a special skill, she would fall into a drowsiness. She didn’t know if it would harm her body. She was very distressed, so she should not let it use the special skill.

Moreover, this is not a life-threatening event that burns eyebrows, but she is too impatient, and she can talk to Lengyi about daily affairs, so she can talk about it next time.

Soothing the restless energy in Xiaoxue’s body, Mei Nongchen returned to the car holding Tiantian.

She was about to start the car and leave when a surprised and happy voice came.

“Master sister!”

A luxury car drove at the bullet speed, and then suddenly stopped, surely, bringing a gust of wind.

When the car door opened, Bell rushed over as if he saw his mother, but before he smashed into it, suddenly he staggered and fell on all fours.

Dark face every day, calmly retracted his little hand.

No one noticed his actions, Bell scolded and got up, “Oh, I wiped it, I fell to death!” Not

seen for a few days, Bell became fatter, and he sprinted up a bit, his complexion was ruddy and his skin was ruddy. It’s getting more and more white and red, and it’s tender and tender to pinch out a basin of water.

Mei Nongchen sighed, it seemed that this kid had a good life.

At this time, five more boys and girls came down from the car, all of whom looked the same age as Bell, all of which were white and fat.

All of them are brand-named and have arrogant expressions. At first glance, they are the sons and daughters of the rich and powerful.

The tallest young man hooked Bel’s shoulders proudly, and said with a sneer: “Bei Meiren, who is this beauty?” He

said frivolously to wink at Mei Nongchen, “Let’s play together. …Ah!”

Before he finished speaking, he flew out, his eyes were immediately black as if he was wearing sunglasses.

“Who? Who attacked me! I don’t know who your grandfather I am!” He yelled while lying on the ground, and the rest of the people looked at me and you, no one did it!

“Fang Er, you must be too diligent, even the gods can’t stand it anymore, have you been punished? Haha!” one of the girls with red lips and white teeth teased unceremoniously.

The cold air snaked out from Mei Nongchen’s car, and instead of going anywhere, it attacked the young man named Fat Er alone.

Fat Er got up with panda eyes, his eyes were fierce, and he looked around, thinking that everyone was suspicious, and that everyone was not suspicious.

It’s just… he looked up at the bright sun, still so dazzling, why did he suddenly feel cold? Shocked severely and tightened his fancy T-shirt. Could it be that he had too many poisoned girls and shocked the fairy?

The thought of inviting beautiful women to play together also stopped.

Fat Er beats a drum in his heart and trembles: “I see, let’s go, this place is still gloomy if the bird does not shit.” He

said that he ignored the others and got into the car directly, and the others followed in the car. .

Bei Er ran over with his ass pouting and was dragged back by Mei Nianchen.

Saying goodbye to the lovely friends (small blood bank) in tears, Bell watched the luxury car crashing away with a grimace on his face.

“Master sister!” Stomping her feet and twisting her waist, Mei Nongchen’s goose bumps were aroused.

Mei Nongchen rolled her eyes in disgust, and pointed to the depths of the forest and said, “Can you take me inside?”

Bell looked down the direction of her fingers, and said, “It’s a piece of cake, master sister go there.” Do…” The words

passed before they were finished.

Mei Nongchen touched the swollen bag on the back of Bel’s head, and the suspicion that had been hovering in her heart was finally realized.

Looking at Tiantian with blazing eyes, from Bell suddenly falling, to that Fat Er was beaten with black eyes, to Fat Er suddenly leaving, and then Bell was knocked out…Every time, Mei Nongchen felt it, causing these things. The force that happened popped out of her car.

In the car, there is only every day.

Sure enough, he was the son of Leng Dashen, whose cultivation base was unfathomable. His mind was so deep at a young age, and it seemed that his cultivation base was not bad.

intrinsic? Genetic?

Mei Nongchen understood that she was protecting her every day, and Bei Er wanted to hug her, so he let Bei Er fall; Fat Er molested her, he beat Fat Er and scared Fat Er away.

Now, don’t you want her to quarrel with his father?

Mei Nongchen’s heart turns into honey water, sticky and waxy, how can he be so cute every day? Black and smart.

She hugged every day and gnawed fiercely, wishing to gnaw the soft and fragrant flesh of his small face, no kiss was enough!

It feels great to be protected by this little milk bag. If you don’t let his father look for it, let’s not look for it. There will be opportunities in the future.

Mei Nongchen didn’t care, the expression of enjoyment and embarrassment every day must be entangled and entangled.

Fortunately, the development of things finally began to satisfy people’s wishes.

Beer woke up and went out again, and Mei Nongchen didn’t bother to care about him.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, an uninvited guest arrived at Mei’s house.

Today is exactly the weekend, and the Mei family are all here.

At this time, she was sleeping upstairs every day, while Mei Nongchen was reading in the study.

She heard faint exclamation sounds coming from the hall, and came out curiously.

“Hey? What are you doing here?”

Mei Nongchen saw the visitor, and immediately became vigilant, watching displeasedly as she sat on the sofa at random and sat out in a noble and elegant coldness. Could it be that she was here to beg every day? ?

I didn’t find out that he was Tiantian’s father before, but now he is an invisibility that can explode at any time…Oh no! The bomb on the bright side, God knows when he will attack her to snatch Tiantian’s custody right?

No, she has to report Tiantian’s account as soon as possible!

“I won’t give it to you, kid! Give up!”

Mei Nongchen preemptively stated her position, robbed her every day, and dreamed!

However, the atmosphere suddenly became a bit weird, and what was even more weird was the expressions of the people, with a look of surprise and disbelief.

Even Leng Yi was slightly surprised.

That kiss, did you kiss the child? His eyes fell involuntarily to Mei Nongchen’s abdomen, ah, very thin and flat!

Wu Di put an egg in his mouth, and they…looked between the master and Mei Nongchen, and finally fixed on Mei Nongchen’s belly. Did they do that in the profound spirit space?

Oops, wasted the sets he bought!

Even more surprised are Mei Yiru and Mei Xinchen. Who is Lengyi? They know better than anyone. When did Mei Nongchen meet Lengyi? Mrs. Lu’s birthday party?

Of course, the former looked worried, while the latter looked resentful.

Mei Xinchen was in turmoil when he saw Lengyi’s sudden visit. Before meeting him, Ni Heng was a prince, a diamond, and a star in the sky, but after seeing Lengyi, he discovered that Ni Heng couldn’t even match a finger!

I think that Mei Xinchen’s appearance and family are all top-notch, no matter how Lengyi is like a flower of Gaoling to be worthy.

However, the beautiful fantasy is not over yet, Mei Nongchen suddenly made such a prickly word, which instantly smashed her colorful dream bubbles.


Mei Xinchen gazes like a sharp blade on Mei Nongchen’s flat abdomen, wishing to make a blood hole and stir again.

The servant bodyguard, who has always been’not asking about the world’, also peeked at Mei Nongchen’s belly.

Mei Nongchen felt that everyone’s eyes were wrong, and looked down suspiciously.

The clothes are neat and tidy, the trousers are not zippered, and the belly button is not exposed.

“What are you looking at?” She was curious.

Everyone looked more weird.

Mei Nongchen slightly covered her belly with her hands to block her scorching eyes.

This little action seemed to others to protect the calf, so it was not calm.

It’s just that the child belongs to this horribly handsome man?

There is envy, and so can jealousy.

There are fears and joys.

Mei Nongchen ignored everyone’s changing faces, and said viciously to Leng Yi: “I know what you think, even if you are kind to me, I won’t give it to you every day!”

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