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Chapter 39 The East Window Incident

After Mei Nongchen finished speaking, she found that Leng Yi’s expression was a little dazed, and her broken forehead trembling lightly at the brow peak, as if she didn’t understand what she was talking about, like a very ignorant young man.

Such a stunningly handsome face can dazzle everyone’s eyes, surrounded by a disordered breathing.

Mei Nongchen lost consciousness for only a moment.

Didn’t he think about taking Tian Tian away?

So what does he mean here?

A bad feeling came to my mind.

Sure enough—

Leng Yi said solemnly: “I’m here to mention…”

Before the word’pro’ was spoken, Mei Nongchen covered his mouth and dragged it out.

She chuckled twice.

As they waved goodbye to everyone, he said, “Let’s go out to discuss something, see you tonight, haha.”

They went out, and everyone looked like “There is a situation.”

…In the

golden brown luxury car, Mei Nongchen and Lengyi were sitting in the back seat, while Wu Di drove.

“You looked for me before?”

Mei Nongchen was taken aback, how did he know? Then he was relieved again, presumably it must have been told to him every day.

The mana of the father and son is so profound, wouldn’t it be easy to bend over and pick up Grandpa Zhang Mao without telling her?

Mei Nongchen is straightforward, “I already know that Tian Tian is your son, but I will not return him to you, he is mine!”

Leng Yi was visibly taken aback, and then looked at Mei as if he understood something. Niangchen showed neat and white teeth, and smiled meaningfully and crippledly.

“Relax, as long as you want, he will be yours, and will always be yours.” The tone was bewitching.

It stands to reason that Mei Nongchen should be happy to hear what Leng Yi said.

But, for some reason, she heard a trace of conspiracy from his words.

So he quickly expressed his wishes: “I will not agree to marry you.”

Leng Yi’s arrogant mouth was like a smile, “If you don’t marry me, why are you with him forever? Only by marrying me can you truly own him.” You…” He suddenly approached Mei Nongchen, and the exhaled heat scratched her ears, causing her to shudder and instinctively hide back.

“There is no other choice.”

Leng Yi looked at her defeated with satisfaction, and glanced at Wu Di with admiration.

The latter gave him an expression of’you are happy’.

A while ago, Leng Yi humbly asked Wu Di for advice, and asked: How to make a girl better?

Wu Di gave it all to teach… well, in fact, he himself is also a hairy boy who has never been in love. He spent an evening going through the popular romance novels and taught himself a few sets of secrets for making girls. Teach him to respect and worship the beloved Lord Lord.

Obviously, Lord Lord is so smart that he can learn it once he learns it. No, this difficult girl can’t stand it anymore.

Wu Di secretly praised his master.

Mei Nongchen moved aside, it’s also great to be one micrometer away from Lengyi.

But obviously, some people are so ignorant, even if you have shown disgust so vividly that a blind man can see it, he can turn corruption into a miracle and treat disgust as true love.

Mei Nongchen gave one point and Leng Yi scored two points.

Soon, it is inevitable and inevitable.

Mei Nongchen couldn’t bear it.

“What the hell do you want?!”

“Promise to marry me.” “Don’t think about it


“Then I have to take home every day, alas, he really likes you since he was a child, and he has never even drank milk. …”

The Wudi driving ahead trembled.

But Mei Nongchen felt sore in her heart, which reminded her of the child who had been struggling in her previous life, and it was the same, and she had never even drank milk.

Thinking of that delicate and lovely face, Mei Nongchen’s heart softened and softened.

Leng Yi looked at her sadly, adding fuel and jealousy.

“You don’t know, Tiantian, this child has a hard life, not only has no mother, but also has a lot of immortality. Some time ago, he was promoted, but he was brought to the sky and almost lost his life. Fortunately, he was saved by you. Moreover, he was born with mute disease. , He can’t speak in the future, so his character is also very withdrawn, he doesn’t want to be close to others, and now it is rare to start accepting you, but I didn’t expect… Well, forget it, he should be so destined to be lonely and disabled to the end, even with supernatural powers, I can’t open my face…”

Wu Di shook again.

Is this… really his master? Could it be that he was turned off when he didn’t care?

Mei Nongchen was brought into great sorrow by him. No wonder he fell from the sky with thunder and lightning every day. It turned out to be a tragedy, but he was obviously so small.

No wonder Tian Tian extremely resisted her contact with Qian Ma at the beginning. He turned out to be withdrawn, but he was so young that he had to endure these hardships that even adults might not be able to withstand.

Born to be unable to speak?

It’s no wonder that after pulling for so long, I haven’t heard him say a word.

Such a delicate and lovely child, how can God bear to treat him like this?

She can sacrifice her life for the child, but what is the sacrifice of marriage?

As long as he can take care of him when he grows up.

After a while, Mei Nongchen endured the urge to cry, slowly nodded, and said: “Okay.”

Wu Di couldn’t help but raised his thumb, master, you cow!

Leng Yi smiled so that his eyebrows were crooked, the cold light in his eyes swept away, and the tight facial lines were also softened by seven points, and his eyes were filled with joy and anticipation that he hadn’t noticed.

Farewell to Leng Yi, Mei Nongchen entered the hall with a sad expression.

Of course, Leng Yi sent her back, in the name of her fiance.

As soon as I entered the hall, I saw Mei Yiru sitting on the sofa, waiting for her specially.


Mei Nongchen called out softly and sat down beside him.

“You and Leng Yi, what’s going on, you really…have his baby?”

“Hmm… Hey? What did you say? Whose child are you pregnant?”

Mei Nongchen, who had been careless, raised her head suddenly. Looked at Mei Yiru in a daze.

“Ahem!” Mei Yiru coughed dryly, and said: “You didn’t say it yourself, you wouldn’t give the child to him?”

Mei Nongchen was stunned . No wonder the people in the house looked so weird and their feelings were misunderstood.

“No, Dad, you are misunderstood. Tian Tian is Leng Yi’s son. I am afraid that he will snatch Tian Tian from me, so I said that. I am more innocent than snow!”


Mei Yiru breathed a sigh of relief. That Leng Yi gave people a strong sense of oppression, even he felt suppressed in front of him. Besides, no one knew his background, and no one knew what the group was doing, but he firmly controlled the lifeline of the economy. Mysterious and unpredictable.

He is by no means a beloved of his own baby.

Seeing how his father breathed a sigh of relief after he learned that he had nothing to do with Leng Yi, Mei Nongchen really couldn’t say the private agreement with Leng Yi at this moment.

Let’s talk about it later.

Since making an agreement with Leng Yi, Leng Yi has become even more impatient to help Mei Nongchen improve his cultivation. One month later, Mei Nongchen lived up to Leng Yi’s expectations, soaring all the way to the late stage of the condensing infant period.

Now her dantian, like a pregnant woman’s uterus in the first trimester, gave birth to a small spiritual baby.

Only when the stalks of the Lingying Melon are ripened, they can enter the infant stage.

Mei Nongchen obviously felt that she had taken another great step from flying into a fairy, and her whole body was faintly immortal.

But there is something very strange, Leng Yi is Tiantian’s father, why has she never seen him go to see Tiantian?

Every time she is with Tiantian, Lengyi will not appear, and every time with Lengyi, she must be sleeping every day.

The father and son are unpredictable.

Finally, one day, Mei Yiru called her to the study and showed her a surveillance video.

The video is a patchwork of multiple screen clips, each of which has almost the same content.

After seeing Mei Nongchen, her scalp was numb, her heart was dull, her meridians froze in every inch, and her chills penetrated deep into her heart.

“I have long suspected that Tiantian is not that simple. The first time I saw it, I couldn’t believe it. I have

endured it until now. I have to believe it.” Mei Yiru inhaled and exhaled a burst of smoke. The smell of tobacco spread immediately, but Mei Nongchen couldn’t smell it.

At this moment, her brain is blank, and even her senses are out of function.

She suspects that the surveillance is fake.

However, it is precisely this fake surveillance video that can explain her recent doubts.

why? Leng Yi never visit Tiantian?

why? They father and son never meet under her nose?

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