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Chapter 4 Breakfast Disturbance

Jiang Feng couldn’t help speeding up his strokes, ignoring that the woman in front of him was his mother-in-law, but because of this taboo relationship, he felt unprecedented freshness.

Besides, Shen Man was originally in a state of extreme demand. After being slapped by his son-in-law, his lower body was immediately wet, and his tenderness was full. Although he refused, his body was very honest.

Especially when the son-in-law’s fingers slid against her skin to the lower abdomen, Jiao Tong couldn’t help but tremble, her legs were tightly curled together, and a tingling heat flow gradually flowed.

“Xiaofeng, please don’t fuck me. Wang Nan is still here.” The

mother-in-law was limp, panting with a flattery, especially the sentence Wang Nan was still there, which made Jiang Feng feel uneasy.

Wouldn’t it be if his wife wasn’t there?

Jiang Feng’s heart beat wildly, and at the same time, because his wife was at home, he calmed down briefly. He hurriedly let go of his mother-in-law’s body, and said embarrassedly: “I’m sorry, I was impulsive.” The

son-in-law let him go in time. Shen Man breathed a sigh of relief, but there was an unspeakable loss in his heart, and he subconsciously let out a sigh of resentment, how good this person would be if he weren’t his son-in-law.

Where does Jiang Feng know what his mother-in-law is thinking, he just Seeing the mother-in-law’s breast hanging on her knees, it seemed that she didn’t even have the strength to lift it. It would be troublesome to be seen by his wife Wang Nan.

So Jiang Feng simply supported Shen Man’s honey buttocks with his hands and reached out to help. As Shen Man was really moist and muddy underneath,

she had to take a tissue to help wipe it. This made Shen Man’s delicate body tremble again, and she couldn’t bear this kind of sex. She hurriedly held her son-in-law’s hand and sat up, looking flustered. Said: “Mom yourself.”

Jiang Feng nodded like a chicken pecked at the rice, and hurriedly walked out of the mother-in-law’s room.

Back in the living room, his wife Wang Nan had already put breakfast on the dining table, and by the way he asked: “Husband, have you called your

mother ?” Jiang Feng was filled with the plump body of his mother-in-law, absent-mindedly responding. Sat down.

Not long after, Shen Man put on his clothes and walked out of the room. At this time, the emotional aftertaste had not faded, especially when he saw the son-in-law who almost did that to him again, his face was ashamed.

Because of that, Jiang Feng didn’t say a word during the meal. Wang Nan thought that his parents came to live and made Jiang Feng unhappy, and his face suddenly stiffened.

“Husband, are you unwilling to let my parents come and live?”

Jiang Feng was taken aback. Before he could answer, his mother-in-law Shen Man took the stubbornness.

“Xiao Nan, what are you thinking about? Last night, Xiaofeng said that we should stay here.”

Wang Nan smiled, and put his arms around Jiang Feng crookedly, and said crookedly: “I knew that my husband is not that kind of person, that’s right. I still have to go to work these days. Jiang Feng just came home from a business trip, so he will take a short break and let him take care of you. “

Isn’t she left with her son-in-law in the family?

Thinking of the things between himself and the son-in-law , Shen Man panicked, strangely, there was still some expectation.

After dinner, Wang Nan hugged Jiang Feng and left home.

There seemed to be a tacit understanding between Jiang Feng and Shen Man. No one mentioned what happened before, and they sat on the sofa and watched TV. Coincidentally, this TV series is about the incompetence of the husband and the loneliness of the wife’s boudoir.

Because it was a Korean TV, the scale was a bit large, and soon there was a picture of a woman lying on the bed soothing herself, and at the same time panting.

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