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Chapter 40 the same person

At night, Mei Nongchen kept staring at Tiantian, holding him tightly in his arms, waiting for Lengyi.

Time passed by every minute.

One hour, two hours…

Lengyi never appeared.

At this time in the past, Leng Yi had already appeared and took her to the Xuanling Space.

Xu was anxious. She went to the bathroom and waited to come out again. She was still asleep every day, but Lengyi was already waiting outside the window.

Mei Nongchen smiled, scorching like a peach blossom, blooming on the highest branch in the early spring morning, cold and tender.

Leng Yi suffocated slightly, his heart beating like thunder.

Mei Nongchen tucked the quilt every day as usual, and the night was slightly cool, but she couldn’t freeze her little baby.

After he was tucked, he leaned over to kiss his pure and pure sleeping face.

Leng Yi continued as usual, dragged her away impatiently, as if in a hurry.

But this time, Mei Nongchen did not follow him obediently as he wished. She struggled to free herself and wanted to kiss Tiantian.

Leng Yi was slightly angry, and grabbed the back of her head, leaned over and kissed her lips, with extreme force, like a breath of air.

If you kiss each other, you know who you want to kiss. It’s really unreliable!

Every day on the bed, the tip of my nose sweats slightly, and my liver is plopping.

Emma, something is wrong today!

Mei Nongchen was angry, really angry, even more angry than when facing Ni Heng!

Biting the cool tongue in the entrance, the bloody smell spread between his lips and teeth, and while he was slightly stunned, he pushed him away.

Her dazzling black pupils flashed with roaring karma, and the monstrous hatred that wanted to burn everything out!

She hates others for deceiving her and humiliating her, and hates others for hurting her with children!

Jiuyou, who was far away in the deserted space, suddenly pointed his nose, ah… his little disciple, a delicious soul.

It seems that someone has angered her, who would it be?

Lengyi? Ha ha! What a pity, I missed the show.

The wound on the tip of Lengyi’s tongue healed quickly, but the salty smell persisted for a long time.

Seeing Mei Nongchen with upside-down eyebrows. Leng Yi is not clear. So, I haven’t kissed him before, and I’ve never been as angry as I am now. Why is this today?

Mei Nongchen sneered, and dragged Tian Tian from the bed. With a throw away, Tian Tian flew out of the window in a parabola.

There was no sound of landing, Wu Di took a turn in the air, quickly transformed back into his original body, walked in through the window, and knelt behind Leng Yi on one knee.

Mei Nongchen was burnt in all five parts, really…it really is!

In the edited surveillance video, every segment is that as soon as she and Leng Yi leave, every day on the bed turns into a Wudi and follows closely behind.

Although the monitor is installed outside the window, the curtains are not drawn. Although the scene inside the house is not clearly photographed, it can still be distinguished.

She should have thought that with the same appearance and pupil color, besides the father-son relationship, there is another possibility.

They are the same person.

Tian Tian and Leng Yi are actually the same person!

Every night, Leng Yi and Wu Di took advantage of her careless occasions, stealing peaches for plums, and when she and Leng Yi left, Wu Di followed behind.

She deliberately stared at Tiantian today, and sure enough, Leng Yi didn’t show up, and as soon as she left, he appeared.

In fact, every day was not every day!

Mei Nongchen felt her bones being broken every inch, her chest was throbbing with blood, and a burst of thick blood spurted out of her mouth.

Splashing on the golden robe of Lengyi, like red plums in full bloom in the sun, the blossoms are beautiful and mournful.

From the moment she threw Tiantian away, Leng Yi knew that the matter had been exposed. He knew that the child was more important to her than his own life.

That’s why he used a bitter plan to trap her every day.

I wanted to help her emerge and become immortal sooner, go to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm, get married, and really have her own children. Even if she knows that Tian Tian is his transformation, she will not be too sad.

Unexpectedly, she knew it so early!

Seeing her grief-stricken appearance, Leng Yi’s heart was like a knife, and seeing her sprayed with blood, it was even more heartache.

He wanted to hold her up, and hugged her into his arms to comfort her.

Mei Nongchen gently pushed her away, extremely light, and as long as Lengyi exerted a little effort, she could be lowered.

However, her refusal, so decisive, made Leng Yisheng drop his hands.


This situation is like this.

“Let’s go.”

After a week of walking corpses, Mei Nongchen was extremely lethargic.

In his sleep, there will be a thin, sallow child with the most innocent and beautiful smile, calling her sweetly: “Mom…” The

child will tell her that he is in another place and has a good time. .

He said: “There is no suffering, no sickness, only beauty.”

He said: “There is no shortage of everything here. Eat the best food, drink the best drink, sleep on the softest bed, and wear the most beautiful clothes.”

He said, “Everyone here is very friendly and treats me very well.”

He said, “Mom doesn’t need to miss me, I’m fine.”

Mei Nongchen listened and cried.

Silly boy, if you are so good, why are you so skinny and malnourished? Why do you still wear such ragged clothes? Where did the knee injury come from?

After waking up, as many times as before, the pillow was wet with tears.

Another week.

Mei Yiru and Qian Ma, who had been worried for a long time, looked at the energetic Mei Nongchen in surprise. Although she was very happy that Mei Nongchen was no longer sleepy, she changed too quickly, and their hearts became even more worried, for fear that this would be a glorious reflection. .

After hesitating again and again, Mei Yiru said: “Get the dust, every day…”

“Dad, you don’t need to say, I understand, after these days, I want to understand a lot of things, rest assured, I am fine.”

Mei Nongchen interrupted He said and smiled sweetly.

During this time, the dreams she had had inspired her a bold idea: She wanted to fish out her child from the gap in the years of her previous life.

She wants to change her fate! Correct the tragic fate of the child in the past life!

Since Master can help her return to five years ago, then this bold idea is not absolutely impossible.

Now, the most important thing is to emerge as soon as possible and go to the master.

At this moment, Mei Nongchen didn’t know what kind of brilliance was in her eyes, looking at the people who stayed in the room.


Jasper Valley, beside the Yudai River, a long golden shadow is like a Zhilan Yushu, standing with hands behind it, pavilion and pure planting.

That day, he never said a word from beginning to end. He knew that no matter what he said would not change the fact that he deceived her.

So he does not excuse.

A black shadow flashed, not a witchfly.

“Lord, Miss Mei suddenly looked very good today.”

After finishing speaking, she disappeared in a flash without waiting for a response.

Another black shadow flashed, not a witchfly.

“Master, I have sneaked into Ni’s house to search, but I haven’t found the thing.”

After speaking, without waiting for a reaction, it disappeared in a flash.

Another dark shadow, not yet a witchfly.

“My lord, it has been determined that Ni Hongyun is a bloody old man. He has already found a new prey, and he may do it next month.”

After speaking, he disappeared in a flash.

Another black shadow, still not a witchfly.

“Lord, Meiyi Ru all normal, no suspicious circumstances.”

Having just want to flash people, cold Yi said:. “Withdraw the monitoring of his, to send more people to protect Mei Missy”


Flash people.

The valley returned to coldness, the blue sky in autumn was high and far away, and the wind faintly brought a chill.

Leng Yi’s lips pressed into a line, his eyes were deep and cold.

“Witchworm.” A

black shadow flashed, this time it was the witchworm.

“Subordinates are here.”

“This time, you must be fully prepared, and you must never let him slip away.”



night is low, the dark clouds cover the moon, and the storm is about to come.

Mei Nongchen sneaked outside the Ni’s villa. Today, she suddenly remembered that she accidentally found a dark room in Ni’s previous life. However, she could not figure out what was in the dark room because she was imprisoned the next day. .

After being imprisoned, she naturally didn’t mind that dark room.

Thinking about it now, she didn’t think it was a coincidence.

If it is not a coincidence, then the old blood must be hidden in the Ni family! Moreover, that dark room is most likely his hiding place.

In her previous life, perhaps it was because she discovered this secret that shouldn’t have been discovered, she suffered misfortune.

Or, the disaster that should have happened a year later was brought forward because she discovered the dark room.

So, she wanted to figure out what was in that dark room.

The night when you can’t see your fingers is the best barrier to hide your figure.

Like a black cat, Mei Nongchen sneaked in, knowing nothing behind her, with a pair of eyes quietly watching her.

The whole villa seemed to fall asleep, there was no sound, only a few dim lights were faintly lit.

Mei Nongchen was about to leap forward, but was pulled by the sudden brutal force, and then fell into a cool and strong embrace, scared her almost exclaimed.

She didn’t even notice that this person was approaching!

The man took her away quickly, too fast, and the eyelashes were messed up by the cool breeze, and Mei Nongchen couldn’t open her eyes at all.

After two breaths, the foot settled on the ground.

Mei Nongchen opened his eyes and saw Leng Yi’s slightly haggard face.


Mei Nongchen wanted to sarcasm a few words, but the words choked in his throat and couldn’t spit it out.

She thinks a lot these days, every time she falls asleep in grief, she dreams of her child in the previous life, his good-looking, sensible, and smiling face.

But she never dreamed of Tiantian, which made her understand that in her heart, there has always been only children from the previous life, and Tiantian is a good medicine for her pain and self-blame. She put all her thoughts on Tiantian. This came a short and numb salvation.

She loves Tiantian extremely, but she regards him as a substitute for the child in the previous life.

No matter why Leng Yi became a baby in the first place, why he didn’t leave after he recovered, but instead stayed to deceive himself, these are not important.

What’s important is that someone like him, who has been her son for so long, also brought her a pretty good memory. She can’t really hate him. After all, the love she once had for Tiantian is true. of.

Looking up at the stubble emerging from Lengyi’s chin, it was really decadent and haggard.

Presumably, he’s not having a good time these days, right?

This is her advantage, thinking about everything in two ways, don’t get into the horns, of course, the children in the previous life are her only horns.

Looking at Mei Nongchen’s softened face, Leng Yi finally let go of the heavy stone that was pressing on his heart. He thought that she would treat him indifferently and completely treat him as a stranger.

If so, he would rather her yell and fist.

Mei Nongchen: “Why are you stopping me?”

Leng Yi: “I already have a plan. You will only startle the snake when you go. Besides, I don’t think you can come out safely from the bloody old eyelids.”

Mei Nongchen: “… …Listen to you, the old man is really hiding in Ni’s house?”

Leng Yi: “I know, you can guess it.”

Mei Nongchen: “What are you going to do?”

Leng Yi: “Tell you yes, but you Promise me not to intervene, this time the matter is very dangerous.” The

old blood alone is not enough to make him jealous, but the things in the hands of old blood make him have to be careful.

Had it not been for the fact that Old Xue had the thing in his hands, Leng Yi would have found him on the spot for Fa-rectification, and would not have delayed finding his hiding place for twenty years.

Mei Nongchen waved his hand and said indifferently, “Don’t tell me, I’ll go to Ni’s house to investigate and investigate.” He

walked away, Leng Yi pulled her, gritted his teeth and told Mei Nongchen of his plan.

However, he concealed the truth that Ni Hongyun was the old man, and pushed back the hands-on time by one month.

Leng Yi judged from the conversation between her and Mei Yiru that the death of her child in the previous life was definitely related to blood aging. With her deep love for the child in the previous life, if she knew that Ni Hongyun was blood aging, she would definitely go for revenge early. .

Therefore, he lied to her.

But he didn’t know that it was his well-intentioned deception that in the near future became the biggest loophole that harmed her.

… As

soon as Mei Nongchen enters the bedroom, she closes the window and chases out people.

“Wait.” Leng Yi stretched out his hand to block the window that was about to close, and said, “We had agreed before, do you still count?”

Mei Nongchen smiled and said, “What do you mean?”

Leng Yiyi said: “Of course it does. Count!”

Mei Nongchen laughed more happily, and said: “You heard the conversation between me and my father that day. Do you think that people who have made a mistake once will make the same mistake?”

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