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Chapter 41 Mei’s family disaster started

“I’m not him, I’m different from him.” Leng Yi’s hands wrapped her, Mei Nongchen felt his cool palms, sweating.

Is he different from Ni Heng?

In a daze, Mei Nongchen remembered that she had had such thoughts in the Xuanling Space before.

Leng Yi is different from Ni Heng.


“What’s the difference?”

Mei Nongchen thought so, and actually asked.

There was a long silence, and Leng Yi said coldly, “I’ll show it to you.” He

opened the window and jumped in.

Mei Nongchen is dumbfounded, what he said to her is to break into a woman’s boudoir in the middle of the night?

Twenty minutes later.

Mei Nongchen watched that apart from going to the toilet, she was always cold and cold with her tail behind her, and her temper was almost exhausted.

“Can you leave quickly, don’t always follow me, I want to rest.”

Leng Yi’s face suddenly smelly, his arrogant chin tightened, and ice knives shot in his eyes.

Just thinking of how to refute, suddenly remembering those things, his voice was as cold as the twelfth winter.

“What? Do you want to admit it after eating dry and clean?”

Mei Nongchen was stunned when his thinking was too jumpy.

“When did I eat you?”

“A while ago, when did you not touch my butt, kiss my butt, or look at my butt? And in the Villa of Jade Valley, you have seen my whole body, my innocence , Has been destroyed by your hands!”

Leng Yi said, the white ear tips gradually turned pink, like a new peach blossom.

Mei Nongchen pointed at his fingers shaking and shaking, almost spitting out a mouthful of old blood, so angry that he couldn’t say a word.

Oh my god! She must have destroyed the galaxy in her last life before she met such a weird man.

Looks like what he said, she is the one who suffers, right?

Seeing that her face was dark and blue, and Leng Yi secretly said that it was not good, she wouldn’t become angry from embarrassment?

“I suddenly remembered that there is still something at home that I haven’t dealt with. Well, I’ll come to see you tomorrow.”

After finishing speaking, his body flashed and disappeared.

Mei Nongchen bitterly looked at the afterimage of him leaving, hum! Let him slip fast!

… In the second

half of the night, Mei Nongchen tossed and turned, unable to sleep peacefully.

As soon as she thought, the little milk baby who had been ravaged before was actually an adult male, with a mouthful of blood in her heart, unable to vomit and swallow.

At this moment, the room was extremely quiet, only Xiaoxue snored softly.

Suddenly, there was a strange noise, like the muffled sound of someone falling down, and then there was a small sound of clanging objects falling.

Mei Nongchen shuddered, the sound was strange, and a bad premonition flooded her heart.

Unlike the thief, no one in the house is drunk.

There is only one possibility left, something has happened!

She followed the sound to the door of Mei Yiru’s room.

Knocking —


No one answered, the rustling continued.

Mei Nongchen pressed the doorknob, and the door was locked upside down.

Yunji aura,’Bang’ opened the door.

The room was dim, and through the yellow lights in the hallway, one could vaguely see the mess in the room and a figure twitching on the ground.


The figures on the ground trembled like chaff, as if they were enduring great pain.

Mei Nongchen quickly turned on the light, and after seeing it clearly, she found that she was really Mei Yiru.

His face was as pale as paper, his lips were bloodless, he was dripping with sweat, and he rolled his eyes and was unconscious.

Unconsciously muttering in his mouth: “It’s so uncomfortable…Smoke…”

Mei Nongchen jumped in shock, and hurriedly helped Mei Yiru up, “Dad!”

What is going on?

“He is poisoned~”

The spirit infant bred in Mei Nongchen’s dantian is uniquely spiritual because it was transformed by the Qi Lingzhu. At this moment, it opened its eyes slightly and spoke quietly.

“Poisoning? What kind of poison?”

“Well… this kind of poison comes from a flower, which can make people addicted. Once the drug is taken off, the poisoned person will taste the pain of ant bone…”

What did it say later, Mei Nongchen did not I heard her brain humming, only two words circled.


Father taking drugs? !

Do not! impossible! She knew what kind of person her father was.

Not voluntary drug use, that is passive drug use?

But my father hasn’t been abnormal in recent days, and the possibility of being forced to take drugs is unlikely.

Hearing that his father only knew that he was muttering “so uncomfortable” at this moment, it showed that he did not know that he was addicted to drugs.


Mei Yiru fumbled on the ground, looking for something.


Only then did Mei Nongchen notice that there were some empty cigarette cases scattered on the ground, which was a brand his father liked to smoke on weekdays.

There was a flash of light in my mind, smoke!

Someone secretly hid drugs in cigarettes, and his father smoked those cigarettes and became addicted to drugs unconsciously.

Who? Who is it?

But now is not the time to think about this, Mei Yiru convulsed more severely, and just now the sound of breaking the door alarmed the bodyguard, and a group of footsteps were quickly approaching.

Let no one know that his father is addicted to drugs!

Mei Nongchen snapped his fingers lightly, a light curtain enchantment covered the entire room, and then used illusion techniques to send people away.

“Little Zhuzhu, can you help my father detoxify?”

Mei Nongchen pined her hopes on the coquettish Qi Lingzhu.

“Oh, Lord Silver, you can get things done in minutes, let me tell you, back then…”

“Shut up! Save people!”

Mei Nongchen wanted to talk about the coquettish beads of the past, and she distressed Mei. Yiru helped him to lie down on the bed.

Qi Lingzhu closed his mouth angrily, and a drop of green liquid popped out of Mei Nongchen’s body and quickly and accurately fell into Mei Yiru’s mouth.

Mei Yiru was immediately enveloped by the shining green light, and he gradually stopped convulsing and struggling, and ten minutes later, a black turbid smoke came out of his mouth.

“Is that all right?” Mei Nongchen was surprised, so simple?

“Of course not yet, Lord Yin, quickly feed him hard work.”

Hard work?

Mei Nongchen sacrificed the Phoenix’s legacy sword and pierced his heart with a sword. Yunji’s spiritual energy led the overflowing blood to Mei Yiru’s half-closed mouth.

Sure enough, Mei Nongchen saw that his pale face and lips began to gradually become rosy.

The heart she was holding was also let go.

Because Mei Yiru was not at ease, Mei Nongchen did not leave.

Mei Yiru woke up just before dawn.

The first sentence after he woke up was not to ask what happened and why Mei Nongchen was here.


“You know it all.”

Although he was unconscious at the time, the shadow of Mei Nongchen could be vaguely seen.

With her exquisite heart, it is impossible to guess.


Nongchen was slightly surprised, “You know? Where did your smoke come from?” Mei Yiru curled his eyebrows, clenched his fists, his joints were white, and his eyes were sharp and deep.

Suddenly, he laughed again, but this laugh was desolate and vicissitudes of life.

“My good daughter! Haha!”

“During this period, my good daughter is very filial and always prepares cigarettes for me personally. I’m so relieved! Until the first two days, I found that the addiction to cigarettes was getting heavier, and only The cigarette she prepared for me can alleviate the discomfort of smoking addiction. Therefore, the cigarette she gave me yesterday was thrown by me. I did not expect that I smoked several packs of cigarettes of the same brand last night. It really didn’t work at all. The addiction to cigarettes has far exceeded the pain of addiction.”

“Haha, really my good daughter!”

Mei Yiru laughed happily, but two lines of tears flowed from the corners of her eyes.


Mei Nongchen screamed, but didn’t know how to comfort him.

She knew that the most painful thing for her father was the heart.

“Dad, you are all right.”

Mei Yiru laughed for a while and said: “I know how many jins of Mei Xinchen are, but she doesn’t have that ability. There must be a black hand behind this. Let’s see who it is and what you want to do!”

At this moment, the phone rang quickly.

Mei Yiru’s face changed drastically when she heard the voice from the other end of the phone.


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