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Chapter 42 Misfortunes rise and fall

‘The bizarre corpse case at the Meis Group’s construction site’ was a riot in the imperial capital, and it was almost a household name.

The deceased was the contractor Yang Yuanfa. The day before, he had a good talk about the future with his fellow workers. The next day, he was found to be broken in the middle of the construction site.

Extremely miserable.

The first person who was found was scared mad and was sent to the hospital for treatment.

Afterwards, everyone who has seen them vomited pale, their legs trembled, and their backs were cold. They all picked up their children and went home. They didn’t dare to do it here, and if they didn’t leave, maybe the next one would be themselves.

If the impact of this case on the Mei Group is not small, then there was another corpse case the next day, and the Mei Group was on the cusp of the storm.

Mei Yiru and Mei Nongchen were shocked, the first time it was a coincidence and bad luck. The second time was deliberate and deliberate.

This time, it was Zhou Ya, the wife of Yang Yuanfa who had made a noise in the Mei family group yesterday.

Yesterday, Mei Yiru had taken care of it properly. After Zhou Ya received the compensation, she left half-heartedly and half-satisfied. He did not expect to encounter the same nightmare as her husband the next day, and die in the same way and place.

The imperial capital and even the whole country exploded, and the horror caused by the corpse case shrouded everyone’s heart like a haze.

In the conference hall of the Mei Group, all the senior executives gathered, Mei Yiru’s expression was gloomy, Mei Nongchen and Mei Xinchen sat next to him.

Some time ago, Mei Yiru saw that Mei Xinchen was well-behaved and sensible, and asked her to join the company as an intern. In the future, she would be a good general for Mei Nongchen and assist Mei Nongchen in managing the Mei family industry.

Mei Yiru owes Mei Xinchen more or less, and loves her less than half of Mei Nongchen.

It’s not that he deliberately favors one another and treats Mei Nongchen, because of the relationship between sound and sound, he loves the house and Wu; but for Mei Xinchen, he always does not feel the joy of being a father. He always looks at her as if he is looking at other people’s children. Can’t love it.

Feelings are complicated and unpredictable, and they are unclear and unclear, and they keep getting more and more chaotic.

The meeting lasted for three hours. Everyone babbled and talked, but none of them could come up with effective measures. Two people died in a row. The Mei Group was panicked. If a simple homicide case would not be taken so seriously, since The police will deal with it.

However, the broken corpse caused people’s psychological fear and panic, and this was the biggest fatal point.

When the crowd sighed and the meeting was over, Mei Yiru’s assistant ran over to him in a panic and whispered a few words to him. His face immediately became hard to look, and his indifferent eyes swept towards Mei Xinchen.

A group of reporters broke in with a broken bamboo, and the security guards were in a hurry and couldn’t stop it.

The executives who had just left the meeting and had not gone far were startled by the huge momentum, and subconsciously retreated ten meters.

A dark light flashed in Mei Nongchen’s eyes, these people came prepared.

Mei Xinchen’s eyes brightened and dimmed, gleaming with colors that no one knew.

The reporters ignored everyone and went straight to Mei Yiru.

The flash, such as a light bulb with poor contact, keeps flashing.

There are many microphones, and everyone’s faces are full of madness and anxiety.

“Chairman Mei, we have received a video of your drug addiction, may you really take drugs?”

“How did you get into drugs?”

“Why are you taking drugs? Is it related to your wife’s going out of the wall?”



surrounding area exploded, and everyone who heard it was shocked.

“The chairman takes drugs?”

“The chairman divorced because his wife cheated?”

Either way, it was comparable to the power of an atomic bomb, shaking the people in the company into scum.

Even, they temporarily forgot the horror of the corpse case.

Mei Yiru was silent, with sharp lips, no matter how embarrassing the question or how loud the discussion, he remained silent from beginning to end.

He didn’t say a word until he was taken away by the police.

His silence was acquiescence, the police showed up and took him away, and the drug incidents were ironclad.

Mei Nongchen looked at him coldly, and seemed too ruthless to outsiders.

Mei Xinchen cried so badly.

“Sister, what should I do? How could Dad take drugs? Someone must have framed him!”

Mei Nongchen looked at her in disgust, she wanted to see how far Mei Xinchen could pretend.

“Isn’t this exactly what you expected? Now that your wish has been reached, why are you crying?”

Her voice was three minutes colder than her eyes, and Mei Xinchen’s spine was cold.

“Sister, I don’t understand what you are talking about?” Mei Xinchen choked up.

Mei Nongchen ignored her and walked away.

After she left, everyone sighed for a while, the eldest lady was really cold-blooded.

The eyes that looked at Mei Xinchen were full of sympathy and pity, and the second lady was still filial.

Mei Xinchen was proud of it. This time, Mei Yiru and Mei Nongchen were all over.

The next day.

The news that the chairman of the Mei Group took drugs and his predecessor Mrs. Mei cheated on the front pages of major newspapers.

In a luxurious and extravagant villa, Song Furong’s complexion was pale, her body trembled with anger, and she pointed to the man who was sitting on the sofa in front of him.

“Mu Hanxi, you bastard! You asked me to persuade Xin Chen to bring the drug-containing cigarettes to Mei Yiru, so that he was ruined, and then take the opportunity to let Xin Chen snatch Mei’s inheritance rights, but you didn’t say that you wanted to catch my reputation. , You bastard! How can you talk to me beforehand?”

“How do you want me to be a human being in the future?”

The man she scolded was Mu Hanxi, an old actor in the entertainment industry. Although he was a little older, he did not lose the appearance and demeanor of the new debut little fresh meat, and even got a gift from the years. Compared with the little fresh meats, they are more calm and elegant than others can’t imitate.

He looked at the newspaper slowly and chuckles from time to time.

After listening to Song Furong’s question, she raised her eyes lazily.

“Isn’t it true?”

“You…” Song Furong was so angry that her heart, liver, lungs, lungs and kidneys were hurting, her fingers trembling and speechless.

Mu Hanxi seemed to have finally found out with his conscience. Long arms stopped Song Furong’s fragrant shoulders, and said: “Don’t be angry, am I not for our future? The two corpse cases focused people’s attention on the Mei Group. It’s to expose Mei Yiru’s drug use and ruin him. You are not only looking for a guise for his drug use, but also the last straw to overwhelm the camel. When our daughter seizes the Mei’s group inheritance, more than half of the country Z The industry is in your hands. At that time, the money is in your hands, and people will only remember the beautiful you. Who will remember those things, don’t you, baby?”

After finishing, he kissed and pressed affectionately. Go down Song Furong and take her to the Wushan Yunyu Country of Ecstasy. After finishing the matter, Song Furong lay softly on Mu Hanxi’s chest, complaining: “I hate it, I always toss people like this…”

The shame that Hong Xing went out of the wall was exposed. , Has long been tossing and tossing in that ecstasy and dying.

In a dark room not far away, a bearded man listened carefully to the sound in the monitor earphones, and sighed with blushing ears: the battle is so fierce, I’m so happy to hear it!


plum house.

Mei Nongchen quietly listened to the report of a bearded man in front of him, and Feng Er looked at her with faint eyes.

Thirty minutes later, the bearded man left.

The room was silent for a while.

“Their daughter?”

Mei Nongchen whispered while playing with the disc, and a sneer suddenly appeared at the corner of her mouth, as if she was cold and cold: “Who is their daughter?”

“Ah, really curious, Feng Er, you can get Mu Hanxi’s hair. right? ” ” do

not worry, my sister. ” “

hard. “

recently two wind fared fast, and then all kinds of difficult chores, men and more wonderful Thorens, just a bearded man, is one of them, good monitoring.

Seeing Feng Er’s leaving back, Mei Nongchen suddenly realized that he had grown up.

His age has not changed, his mental and aura is incomparable to adults, and even more intimidating than some adults.

Because of Mei Yiru’s drug abuse incident, Mei’s Group’s credibility has dropped to the end. Many partners have demanded to terminate the contract. The internal conflicts in the group have intensified. There are three factions, one supporting Mei Nongchen as chairman, and the other supporting Mei. Xin Chen, only a few people firmly believe that Mei Yiru does not take drugs and will return soon.

Mei’s Group is faltering, and even many larger companies have come to bid for the acquisition of Mei’s.

Since the accident, Mei Nongchen’s aunt Mei Yiran and her family ran to the Mei Group every day with Lu Xiaoxiao, doing their best to help as much as possible.

Mei Nongchen is very grateful.

Two days later, when the outside world speculated that the Mei Group could last a few days at most, Mu Hanxi, Song Furong, and Mei Xinchen were arrested.

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