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Chapter 43 Feeling lost

After half a month, several explosive news came out, and the whole country was boiling again.

One: Song Furong, the former wife of the chairman of the Mei Group, has derailed, and the adulterer is the popular actor Mu Hanxi.

Two: Mei Xinchen, the second lady of the Mei family, is actually the daughter of Song Furong and Mu Hanxi.

Three: Mu Hanxi, Song Furong, and Mei Xinchen conspired to trick Mei Yiru into smoking with cigarettes mixed with drugs, intending to make him addicted to drugs.

Four: Mu Hanxi was the murderer of the corpse fragmentation case at the Meis Group construction site.

Five: Mei Yiru has long discovered that there is a problem with cigarettes and is not addicted to drugs.

As soon as the news came out, Mu Hanxi’s brainless fans shouted that the male god was wronged, and even jointly appealed to avenge their male god.

The helpless person has all the evidence and can’t deny it.

Can only wait for the verdict in three months.


When Mei Nongchen detoxified Mei Yiru at the beginning, he scanned the entire room with his spiritual sense, and he found a miniature camera in the corner of the mural.

So, will count.

On the one hand, Mei Yiru pretended to be deeply addicted to drugs and could not extricate herself from it, paralyzing the enemy’s nerves. On the other hand, Mei Nongchen discovered through Mei Xinchen that Mu Hanxi and Song Furong were behind the scenes, and let Feng Er secretly monitor and investigate.

Moreover, they immediately informed the police of the facts after the second murder occurred.

The police cooperated with the scene of taking Mei Yiru away, so that Mu Hanxi relaxed his guard, only to blurt out the truth when he was doing evil with Song Furong, which was monitored and recorded by the bearded man. Come down.

But I didn’t expect that there would be unexpected gains. Mei Xinchen was actually the illegitimate child of Song Furong and Mu Hanxi.

It can be seen that Song Furong appeared with a big belly at the beginning. It was a premeditated fraudulent marriage and intended to eat away at Mei Yiru’s assets. It was just unexpected that before they implemented the plan, Mei Yiru’s beloved woman would leave a daughter behind. , Completely occupied the attention and favor of Mei Yiru, so they had to take risks and commit a felony.

Mei Nongchen did not feel sad for Mei Xinchen. She only felt fortunate. Fortunately, Mei Xinchen was not his father’s biological daughter. In this way, his father would not feel so sad. The familiar white-eyed wolf is nothing more.

Mei Yiru couldn’t tell how she felt. She breathed a sigh of relief and felt a little bit disappointed.

Mei’s Group has also carried out a huge rectification. All employees who supported Mei Xinchen at the beginning will be dismissed, and all employees who support Mei Nongchen and believe that Mei Yiru will return will be promoted.

For the partners who had terminated their contract with Mei’s at that time, Mei’s Group issued a message that they would never cooperate with them again.

Chuangshi Group stepped up to support the Meis Group, and the Meis Group’s limelight suddenly reached its peak.

Leng Yi wanted to help a long time ago, but Mei Nongchen stopped him. She felt that good steel should be used on the blade. After the truth became clear, Mei’s credibility would rise. At this time, the Genesis Group would be able to bring it to Mei’s. To bring greater benefits.

The aftermath of the incident slowly receded, and after people talked about it, they no longer belonged to the Mei Group, but turned into a murder case of Mu Hanxi.

Fans who once Mu Hanxi cried and sighed.

…In the

evening, Meizhai.

Qian Ma led the servants to make a table full of dishes, which were delicious in color, fragrance and flavor.

Mei Yiru, Mei Nongchen, Mei Yiran’s family, Lu Xiaoxiao, Feng Er, Leng Yi, sitting around the table.

In order to thank everyone for their help during the difficult times of the Mei Group, Mei Yiru specially entertained you all.

It should have been a relaxed and happy family dinner, because the atmosphere during the meal was a little restrained when a cold noodle god was mixed in.

Around eight o’clock in the evening, the hall was empty.

Mei Nongchen took a bath comfortably, got into the bed and got ready to sleep.

It’s just that Leng Yi walked too sharply tonight, and Mei Nongchen concealed that he must have something to hide from herself.

In the past, he couldn’t drive away.

An ordinary residential area, without street lights, but fortunately the full moon is bright, like a huge night pearl, illuminating the dark night slightly.

The surroundings are very quiet, and the night of late autumn is as cold as water.

Feng Er walked in the half-dark and half-clear deep alley, his thin back was straight, and there was a touch of sadness between his eyebrows that he didn’t usually have.

Suddenly, his heart felt cold, and a huge sense of crisis enveloped himself.

He took a quick step forward and then turned around, looking intently, shocked.

I saw a man with black hair and a golden robe suspended in the air, like a god, standing high, standing like an ice sword, cold and icy.

The strong sense of oppression made his knees tremble, cold sweat drenched, he wanted to kneel down to beg for mercy, want to bow to court.

But Feng Er stubbornly straightened his spine.

Every second, he felt that he would not be able to hold it in the next second, but he insisted on holding it for one second after another.

He couldn’t kneel down, because he recognized that the man in front of him was the man named Lengyi who had always claimed to be his sister’s boyfriend.

If he knelt down, then he felt that he would have no face to meet his sister in the future.

Oh, sister.

He doesn’t want to be her brother.

But what can he do? In this life, it can only be her younger brother, one younger brother who loves her deeply.

Thinking of this, Feng Er’s eyebrows were tender and painful.

There is a feeling of pain and happiness.

And Leng Yi was even more annoyed when he saw his look. From the moment he saw him, Leng Yi felt that he was unusual for Mei Nong Chen. The look in his eyes, Leng Yi clearly knew what kind of feelings were contained in it, and he couldn’t wait for it. The eyes of this young man named Feng Er!

Feng Er felt the killing intent emanating from Leng Yi’s body, and he did not flinch to meet Leng Yi’s fierce gaze. Although he understood that this person was very human and knew that he was not his opponent, he did not want to flinch, and he did not flinch. Don’t flinch!

The two confronted each other like this. One was a pouring cold rain, trying to extinguish a cluster of flames underneath, and the other was a tenacious little flame that refused to extinguish.

quite a while.

“Nongchen regards you as a friend, I will not kill you, but if you dare to have a covetous heart, I will surely let your soul fly away!”

Leng Yi said, his voice was cold, but his tone was domineering.

Feng Ermo, then said: “You are sincere to your sister? Does your sister know that you are different?”

He bit ” sincere ” and “different” extremely seriously.

“What’s it with you?” The overbearing and slightly ironic voice.

“…” After

Leng Yi finished speaking, it turned into a golden light and rushed straight into the clouds, leaving only a dazzling back.

Feng Er stared blankly at the direction of Leng Yi’s disappearance, and the undercurrent in his eyes was surging. For a long time, he shouted at the empty night sky.

“If you dare to hurt my sister, I will definitely not let you go!”

It took a long time.

He muttered to himself, the sound was like a mosquito, the shape was like a force, like a wounded beast.

“Even if I can’t beat you, I will definitely try my best to kill you, without fear of losing my life.”

“If you dare to hurt her a point…”


When Mei Nongchen was about to fall asleep, she suddenly felt something strange in the room.

One more breath!

She jumped up abruptly and looked around alertly.

With a dull low laugh, she was caught off guard and fell into a cool embrace. The familiar touch inexplicably made her relax.

Leng Yi noticed her change, his heart softened, and a touch of joy came to his heart. She had accepted him deep in her heart, so she didn’t know if she realized it.

Unfortunately, someone didn’t realize it at all.

Mei Nongchen struggled away, squinted at him, and muttered: “What are you doing so late?”

These words were mixed with the anger that she hadn’t even realized. Between her brows and eyes, there were amorous, conservative pajamas. She couldn’t stop her graceful posture either, she moved slightly, the waves rolled, and someone looked dry.

Maybe you should drink some cool things to moisturize your throat and lips.

Before he deceived, he fished out the iron wall, bent over to hold the seductive lips, and drew the sweetness of the spring.

Mei Nongchen was startled by his sudden behavior, but the exclamation was swallowed before he could blurt out.

This kiss is different from the jerky the first time, and it is also different from the roughness of the second time.

Ling Yi, tender and tender, Leng Yi turned all the tenderness into this kiss, and each other’s breath was intertwined in one place. In addition to the breath of each other, there was another thing called affection between the lips and teeth.

Before she knew it, Mei Nongchen was already intoxicated.

It’s just that she didn’t want to admit it, or she didn’t dare to admit it.

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