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Chapter 44 something happened to her

Early the next morning, the morning light was just right.

Mei Nongchen woke up, facing a pair of eyes that were as gentle as water, the curly eyelashes trembled like butterfly wings, the golden pupils were rubbed into the sunlight, and the coldness and coldness retreated. It turned out to be such an intoxicating warmth.

Leng Yi lay on his side, supporting his chin with one hand and holding Mei Nongchen’s waist with the other. His robe was half open, and a large piece of smooth jade muscle was exposed at the neckline. The delicate collarbone was like a sharp knife, and long black hair poured down. It made his skin like white jade, perfect and alluring.

Mei Nongchen swallowed unconsciously, her voice a little dry.

“Why are you still here?”

Leng Yi’s eyebrows are soft, and her cherry-colored lips are smiling, very happy. Sure enough, male sex is a great tool for making girls.

Wu Di said.

“From now on, every morning, I want you to wake up in my arms.” As

he said, he leaned over and kissed Mei Nong Chen’s smooth forehead, with a cool and smooth touch, like a small fish, swimming into Mei Nong from intimacy. In Chen’s heart, a circle of light lines appeared in the lake of her heart, spreading layer by layer for a long time.

Her heartbeat speeded up quietly, she forgot to push him away, she forgot to be angry, and she didn’t know when he left.


former mistress of the Mei family was derailed for twenty years, and the head of the Mei family’s paternal family had raised a child for others for twenty years. This kind of thing is angry on whoever puts it on her head.

Therefore, the servants of the Mei family have been very careful recently, for fear that one may accidentally anger Mei Yiru.

Even the mighty and ruthless bodyguards with facial paralysis have a hint of caution on their faces.

Some of the servants’ bodyguards who were close to Mei Xinchen were replaced and some new recruits were hired.

Mei’s hall.

Mei Nongchen smiled strangely and stared at the four bodyguards who were familiar.

The acquaintances of the previous life, Mei Xinchen’s four minions.

During the period of imprisonment, Mei Xinchen wanted to torture her, it was all the hands of the four people in front of her.

She has suffered a lot in their hands.

Although it is not their intention to hurt her, she is very grudge, what should be done?

Looking at the cold sun outside, in late autumn, the branches are like a late old man, bald.

“It’s very cold, Mommy Qian, give them…” Qianqianyu pointed at the four people one by one, and said: “Find a thicker coat, remember, be thicker, so as not to freeze them, outsiders will know. It should be said that our Mei family treats people harshly.”

Mei Nongchen Tianlai’s voice is gentle and soft, but somehow everyone heard a chill.

Mei Yiru looked up at her from the newspaper, took a sip of the teacup gracefully, lowered her head, flipped the newspaper, and continued.

Qian’s mother lived up to what Mei Nongchen expected, and she didn’t know from which corner she found four military coats that were comparable to large quilts. Although the four people were murmured, they still put on them without changing their faces.

Mei Nongchen smiled with satisfaction, “Okay, one-handed push-ups, first fall down and dismiss, start.” Another new maid, Xiaocheng, said: “You can time it and see how much they can support. Long time.” The

hall was quiet, only Mei Yiru’s rustling of newspapers from time to time.

After half an hour.

There were four heavy and rapid breathing sounds.

The four bodyguards were sweating, the blue veins and drums on the forehead were tolerable, their complexion flushed, and the arm supporting the ground trembled slightly.

Two hours later.

All four of them were soaked in their military coats, and their bodies shook violently. There was a tendency for them to get down in the next second, but they all held on.

They wanted to cry without tears, and brought out all the memories in their minds, and they didn’t find that they had offended this ancestor!

Although the Mei family’s requirements for bodyguards are extremely high, the treatment is surprisingly good. They all made great efforts to be selected. Now they have finally entered the Mei family’s door and can’t just leave without saying anything. .

Therefore, all of them were holding on to their deaths and refused to fall first.

Another three hours.

The other people’s faces began to appear unbearable, and the four of them turned red and began to turn blue. Every time they lie down and prop up, the blue veins on their foreheads burst. Their cheeks trembled at a high frequency, and the arm that supported the ground was swinging. It’s very violent.

Mei Yiru calmly sipped tea with an elegant and calm posture. He knew that Mei Nongchen would not embarrass these four people for no reason.

Another half an hour.

Finally someone couldn’t hold it anymore, and got down and didn’t get up again.

Mei Nongchen kept watching, without moving her eyes, she spied the changes in their hearts through the Qi Lingzhu.

The doubts at the beginning, to anxiety, and then to firmness.

Doubt, when I offended her; worried, whether I can beat the other three; firm, we must win.

No resentment, no aggrieved.

Mei Nongchen thought, if they feel resentful or even unruly because of this, then she must punish these four people severely, and then drive them out.

But now, she has changed her mind. With such a rare character, properly trained, she is definitely a first-class loyal servant.

She looked at the three people who were still insisting, and said: “Okay, stop all of them.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sound of three heavy objects hitting the ground was accompanied by three muffled hums.

All four people on the ground trembled with one hand, describing miserably.

The face of the person who fell to the ground first was ashen ashes. It seemed that he could not stay in the Mei family anymore. The seriously ill father in the family needed a large sum of money to treat the illness. The bodyguards of the Mei family were treated well. In order to be selected, It took ten times more effort than others, and finally earned this opportunity, but I didn’t expect it to be lost like this.

“The four of you are very good, all stay.” A voice resembling a sky sounded above their heads with a strange soothing power.

what? The person who fell to the ground first couldn’t believe his ears, he, can he stay?

“The four of you will follow Xiaobai and Xiaohei in the future, and you must learn how to be a qualified Mei family bodyguard with them, understand?”

Xiaobai and Xiaohei, who have been’cultivated’ by Mei to be like a dead man, face Mei. Yiru is absolute loyalty.

One month later, when she was old against the blood of war, she didn’t know if she could come back safely, so she wanted to arrange for her father to be protected by someone who was absolutely reliable before that.

Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei stepped forward when they heard the words, and said in unison: “Understand.”

The four of them still lying on the ground couldn’t believe their good fortune. Although they are all bodyguards, Brother Hei is different from Brother Bai, regardless of status or status. The treatment is higher than others, and being able to follow them will naturally have better status and treatment than others.

And the person who got down first couldn’t believe it. He thought that he would definitely not be able to stay. He didn’t expect that Liu Anhua would be able to stay in another village. Not only could he stay, but he was also promoted.

is this real? Has my father’s medical expenses been paid? Isn’t this a dream?

When he wondered if he was in a dream, Mei Nongchen’s next sentence made him burst into tears.

“You…” Mei Nongchen pointed at him and said: “You will go to the Finance Department to collect half a million cash. You will treat your father first, and you will be paid as an advance payment.” The

words came out, not just The parties were shocked, and the others were equally shocked.

This eldest lady of the Mei family is not a fool who is rare in a thousand years, or a good boss who is rare in a thousand years.

Obviously, the idiot couldn’t match her indifferent, alienated and noble temperament.

So, there is only the latter one.

Where can I find such a good boss? I will work hard in the future!

This is what most people think at the moment.

At the same time, they envied the four people who had just been suspected of being rectified. They had known that they could be promoted, and they were willing to do push-ups for a day!

As for the person involved, the first person to get down, apart from shock, is grateful.

He stood up and bowed deeply towards Mei Nongchen, bending his waist ninety degrees.

From an invisible angle, two lines of tears dripped with sweat.

He said: “Thank you! I will live up to your expectations!”

Mei Nongchen looked at him calmly, curled her lips and smiled, “Okay!”

Her eyes swept across the people with different looks, and said: “Your duty, The first thing is to protect my father thoroughly, and secondly, the safety of Mei’s house, understand? Again, the first thing is the safety of my father, nothing else is important! Understand?”

At this moment, Mei Nongchen is not angry and pretentious. The awe-inspiring voice, the clear and loud voice, made the

hearer ‘s mind shake, and he couldn’t help shouting: “Understand, protect the chairman Zhouquan.” Mei Yiru stiffened, and his fists could not help but clenched, but soon, he shook his head again. All emotions are hidden, still calm and contented.

He understood that she was leaving too, just like her mother.

At night, Mei Nongchen suddenly received a call from Ni Heng.

Asked her to meet in Nizhai. If it were a simple appointment, Mei Nongchen would never go, but she heard the sobbing of Lu Xiaoxiao on the phone.

He used Lu Xiaoxiao to lead her over, there must be no good.

Moreover, Ni Zhai had hidden the old man, she even suspected that this was a conspiracy of the old man.

Isn’t Xue Lao looking for a good prey, will he do it next month? What kind of moth did this come up with now?

I wanted to ask Leng Yi, but only realized that when something happened, she didn’t seem to have a way to contact Leng Yi, and he came to her every time.

Moreover, it is strange to say that Leng Yi had been stalked and entangled at this time in the past, why hasn’t he come today.

It’s not that Mei Nongchen missed him, but if something went wrong, there must be a demon.

She didn’t have time to wait for him, so she went out for the appointment alone.

Lu Xiaoxiao is her only friend, she must be rescued no matter what, besides, with Feng Yijian in hand, she can fight hard.

With Xiaoxue, Mei Nongchen drove towards Ni’s house.

At this moment, Leng Yi is distributing tasks to a group of immortal generals. Tomorrow night will be the day when Xue Lao creates grievances and practices sorcery. He must hit the target with a single blow, completely eliminate Xue Lao and regain the thing.

Then, help his little fiancée to become immortal and go to the Nine Heavens Immortal Realm together…

Thinking of this, his cold face softened, and the corners of his tight lips slightly rose.

The immortals rolled their eyes all over the place.

Is this really their indifferent and alienated His Royal Highness Yi?

Only Wu Di is used to it, humming disdainfully, a group of people who have never seen the world, it is really shameful!

Besides, Mei Nongchen, when he arrived at Ni’s house, he found that the whole villa was dark and lacquered, with no trace of light, and a window, like the mouth of an animal, waiting to be swallowed in the future.

Sure enough, there is a problem!

The chill came from the soles of her feet and spread quickly throughout her body. Mei Nongchen was a little hesitant, and she was slow to move forward.

Suddenly, a whimper came, extremely soft, but in this quiet villa, it still passed clearly into Mei Nongchen’s ears.


No more hesitation, Mei Nongchen walked forward quickly, the door of the villa was unlocked, and she went in easily.

When I arrived in the lobby, I fumbled for the light switch following my memory.


light is on.

An old man curled up in the middle of the hall. Mei Nongchen remembered that it was Ni Heng’s grandfather, Ni Hongyun.

Mei Nongchen became vigilant. At this moment, everyone in the room was the object of suspicion. After all, the old man Xue had pretended to be Bel.

After a while, she relaxed slightly, Qi Lingzhu checked it out, this was indeed Ni Hongyun’s fault.

She walked over and helped him up, “Grandpa Ni, are you okay?” In his previous

life, Ni Hongyun kept himself in the house all year round and rarely had contact with the outside world. Mei Nongchen didn’t say a few words to him, so, yes Ni Hongyun, she has no special feelings, just like an ordinary grandfather.

Ni Hongyun opened his eyes slowly, very weak, and his old eyes were hazy, as if he didn’t know where he was.

“Grandpa Ni, what happened?” Mei Nongchen asked.

“Ah…ah…” Ni Hongyun opened his mouth, but he could only make a single tone, his voice extremely hoarse.

Mei Nongchen twisted his eyebrows. It seemed that he couldn’t say anything. Yunji’s spirit helped him to sit down on the sofa and turned around to go upstairs. She had to find Lu Xiaoxiao as soon as possible.

Suddenly, a

huge sense of crisis came from behind her, and she immediately gathered her aura and flashed forward, but it was still a step too late.

Severe pain came from the waist, and the spirit infant who was about to ripen in the dantian was pulled out, and in a short time, the blood was drifting!

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Lord silver save me, Lord silver save me!”

“Hahaha! Unexpectedly, you, a mortal cultivator, actually condensed a spiritual baby with intelligence. Last time I noticed that your self-healing ability is extremely strong, and suspected that you are carrying a strange treasure, but I did not expect it to be such extreme Rare spirit infant, hahaha! God helps me too. With it, I don’t have to create mother and child grievances one by one. Tomorrow, I will refine into twelve blood evil spirits in one breath, when no one can help me. With the Divine Seal in hand, I am the emperor, hahahaha!”

Xue Lao held the bloody spirit infant and laughed wildly.

He didn’t notice, a white shadow ran away from Mei Nongchen’s shoulders and disappeared in the darkness.

Mei Nongchen spouted a mouthful of blood, his eyes turned black, and fell soft to the ground, not knowing whether it was alive or dead.

Before falling to the ground, a question circulated in his mind: Leng Yi concealed that Ni Hongyun was the old blood, and also lied to her the time to fight the old blood, why?

Leng Yi, who was discussing matters far away in Jasper Valley, suddenly suffered a severe heartache, and a strong anxiety swept over him instantly. His complexion changed suddenly, and the next moment, it turned into a golden light and disappeared in place, leaving all the fairy generals looking at each other.

Seeing that his face was wrong, Wu Di said that his secret way was not good, it must be the future little prince.

He coughed twice, brought back the attention of the immortal generals, and proceeded to make arrangements.

In Meizhai, Mei Yiru was sitting next to the bed smoking cigarettes one by one. For some reason, his mind was restless, and his heart ached, like something bad was about to happen.

Lu Zhai, Lu Xiaoxiao, who was sleeping, suddenly felt sad, and tears fell on her pillow…

Leng Yi looked at Mei Nong’s dusty and empty bedroom, and confessed to her heart and blood, she, something happened!

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