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Chapter 45 Twelve Blood Fiends

Leng Yi followed the breath left by Mei Nongchen, but only halfway through, he lost her breath, as if it were deliberately erased.


He clenched his fists and creaked, chewing through the silver teeth, old blood! It must be blood old!

Only the sacred seal stolen by him can completely hide a person’s breath.

This is also the main reason why Leng Yi has been unable to find a hiding place for the old blood for so many years.

The seal of the gods, palms the three realms, tunes the gods and generals, is owned by the emperor of the nine layers of heaven and immortal world. It is as important as the jade seal of the ancient emperor and is a symbol of the status of the emperor.

In addition, it can hide its breath and is a must-have product for home travel and escape!

Back then, Xue Lao secretly practiced the Twelve Blood Fiends forbidden in the Immortal Realm, and was blocked and killed. He did not expect that he escaped Zhao Jinchan and hid in the mortal world.

Not to mention that before he ran away, he would have the courage to sneak into the Mi Luo Palace and steal the emperor’s seal.

The emperor was furious, and at the same time worried that once the news of the theft of the Divine Seal came out, it would definitely cause panic in the Three Realms and arouse ambitious people around.

Therefore, he sent the person he trusted the most, Prince Leng Yi to the mortal world, apparently in order to wipe out the roots and eliminate the old blood, but in fact, to regain the seal of the gods.

Leng Yi looked into the dark void, closing his eyes and calming down his anxious thoughts.

Don’t panic.

Panic means unclear and unclear.

In a moment, a beam of golden light shot at the Ni’s villa at extreme speed.

At this time, a white shadow shot violently from the opposite direction, like a rabbit.

Leng Yi stopped his figure and reached out his hand to grasp Bai Ying. After seeing what was clear, he narrowed his eyes dangerously.

This is the little fox beside Mei Nongchen.

Seeing that its snow-white fur was stained with blood in several places, Leng Yi’s heart shook.

She is injured!

When the little fox saw him, he burst into tears with excitement, and dragged forward desperately with his clothes in his mouth.

The action was eager, as if someone in front was waiting for them to rescue.

Leng Yi didn’t dare to hesitate, and swiftly followed behind it.

Looking at that direction, it was actually Ni Zhai’s direction.

It seems that he had guessed well before, and Mei Nongchen went to Ni Zhai.

What exactly does the old man want to do? !

When he arrived at Ni’s house, Leng Yi turned the villa upside down, but couldn’t even find the roots.

Xiaoxue has been spinning around in the hall, jumping her feet in a hurry, tweeting and barking, as if she was saying: “Obviously here, why is it missing!”

Leng Yi looked at the place where the little fox was turning with a sullen face. Although he had been dealt with, he still asked about the smell of blood.

This is where Mei Nongchen’s accident happened!

The nails were inserted into the palms, and the blood tickled down, Leng Yi didn’t notice.

He regrets and blames himself at the moment, he can probably guess what happened, and only hates himself for not telling the truth to Mei Nongchen.

If she directly told her the time of the old blood, she would definitely ask to participate in the layout of the matter tonight, then such an accident would not happen.

He wanted to protect her and prevent her from interfering in this dangerous thing. He didn’t expect it to be counterproductive!

“Old blood! If she has a long life and two shortcomings, I want you to die!”

At this time, the dark room somewhere in Ni’s house.

The old bloody hand held a top-grade white jade carved object, which is four inches in radius and five dragons from the top of New York. It is a seal of the gods.

The sacred seal was glowing with a soft jade light, shrouded in all directions, firmly covering the dark room.

“Hahaha!” His scarlet and muddy eyes braved greedy triumphant light, and his twisted and rickety figure swayed frantically with laughter, “Want to find me, don’t think about it!”

Next to him, stood a weird evil spirit, naked, burning a light blue extremely yin fire, with huge breasts, seven heads on the neck, shaped like a gourd, the big head is the head of a woman, and the head of an alien baby on top of his head is full of faces. The seven pairs of arms resemble Avalokitesvara with thousands of hands, seven pairs of long legs resemble octopuses, and the Qiqiao produces curls of black smoke. This is the seven-headed monster upgraded from the six-headed monster.

When it gathers the twelve heads, it will be the time when the old blood twelve blood evil spirits are trained.

Each of its heads roared bitterly, but made no sound.

Under its seven pairs of long legs, there lies the bloody Mei Nongchen, breathless.

In one of its hands, it held a spiritual baby whose palm was glowing with bright green light, and the spiritual baby cried loudly, snot and tears gushing out.

“You ugly monster! Bad old man! Let go of this baby, oh! Lord silver save me!” In the

deepest corner of the dark room, there is a fireplace that hugs one person. Two people are curled up by the fireplace, one is holding the child. A woman who couldn’t help shaking, a man with a dull-eyed look.

That man, surprisingly, was the one who was shocked and fainted at the Mei’s construction site!

Xue Laona swept across several people in the dark room with a stench in his eyes. He bared his big yellow teeth and laughed, and finally fell on Mei Nongchen. He wanted to kill him. Later, he changed his mind and kept it. It might be useful! Haha!

Leng Yi was standing in the hall. He knew that the old man was hiding nearby. Maybe he was looking at him with anxious appearance and laughed.

It seems that we can only wait for tomorrow night.

“Mei Nongchen! You must hold on to it, otherwise, I will not let you go to the Qiongbi and the Huangquan!”

… The

next day, everyone in the Ni family was so dizzy and wondering why they slept so much last night. dead.

However, no one doubted anything.

The plum house.

Mei Yiru learned that Mei Nongchen was not in the bedroom early in the morning, and her heart suddenly became cold.

Although he was absent early in the morning, he might have gone out early to do errands, but he just gave birth to a touch of anxiety from the bottom of his heart.

At the beginning, the sound disappeared suddenly like this, and never appeared again.

Suppressing the panic in his heart, Mei Yiru smiled faintly, and said, “My daughter, come back earlier.”

The time of a day is fast and slow. For people who live easily, a day is just a flick of a finger. For people who are full of anxiety, a day is a year, a hundred years, or even a thousand years.

In the evening, black clouds began to press down on the city, and the sky over the imperial capital seemed to be covered with a huge black umbrella, like a rainstorm approaching.

The wind is raging, wanting to sweep everything.

This weird weather is not like it should be in late autumn.

Jasper Valley.

Leng Yi and Wu Di and a group of immortals formed a circle. In the circle was a Mirror of Wenwang Bagua, and the body of the mirror was fainted with a wood-colored halo.

This face of the King Wen’s Eight Diagrams mirror can compete with the hidden enchantment of the Divine Seal, but it requires a huge amount of divine power and can only be used once in a thousand years.

Therefore, Lengyi has not been used, just waiting for the time to use it.

At twelve o’clock at midnight, once Xue Lao started practicing sorcery, it was the best time for them to start.

This time, he must get rid of the old blood and destroy the evil things he cultivated.

The most important thing is to rescue Mei Nongchen!

Time passed slowly by one minute and one second.

Mei Nongchen had a dream. In the dream, a child whose face was hidden by the mist desperately cried to her: “Help me! Help me!”

Before she could reach out her hand to help, a man who couldn’t see his face suddenly Appeared, pinched the child’s neck and left with a big laugh.

The child looked at Mei Nongchen beggingly while struggling.

Although the child’s face was hidden by the mist, she knew that the child was begging.

Mei Nongchen wanted to chase him, but there was no strength on his body, so he could only watch the child being taken away.


After some time, Mei Nongchen was awakened by the cry of a baby. She slowly opened her eyes, and the scene before her made her think she was back in the iron cage again.

Stove, child, man, shining sharp blade.

Everything is her nightmare!

The man pinched the baby’s neck, his teeth bit the handle of the knife, and slashed his wrist fiercely. Bright red blood suddenly poured out and sprinkled on the child’s body. Soon, the child was covered with blood.

A strong smell of blood filled this space.

Xue Lao danced with excitement, Jie Jie laughed and said: “More flow, more flow, the father’s blood is stained, the fire is roasted, the mother wailes and dies, and a grieving infant spirit will be born from the grieving mother spirit. Ding, eating the soul of the father, gnawing the flesh and blood of the father, Fang Chengyi evil.”

Mei Nongchen immediately empowered, it is no wonder that Ni Heng used blood to coat the whole body of the child in the previous life. It turns out that there is this reason for this.

Eat the soul of the father, gnaw the flesh of the father, it seems that even if he is not reborn, Ni Heng in the previous life will not end well! Haha! This is retribution!

At this time, Xue Lao said again: “There are three minutes left, that is, midnight, when the Yin Qi is the heaviest, the more the resentful spirit created, the stronger the power of the twelve blood evil spirits trained, haha , But, with this superb spirit infant, tonight, I will train into the twelve blood evil spirits in one breath, hahaha!”

He smiled as he pinched the magical spirit infant with the enlightened spirit orb with his thin, withered fingers. Ghastly.

Mei Nongchen looked at the man who was still smearing blood on the child. It stands to reason that he was afraid and timid when he heard the words of soul-eaters just said by the old man, but the person in front of him had no reaction, as if he didn’t listen. To average.

At this moment, the woman who had just been in a coma jumped up from the ground and rushed towards the man while screaming to return my child, trying to get the child back, but she seemed to be restrained by something, she couldn’t rush to the man at all, and stretched forward. With both hands, he couldn’t touch the corner of a man’s clothes.

The man pinching the child suddenly raised his focused eyes and smiled at the woman.

Mei Nongchen’s heart and soul was shocked. The man was the man who was frightened at the construction site. At this moment, he has no pupils, only white eyes!

He is controlled!

The woman was crying and screaming, her hair scattered, and a trace of redness oozes from her mouth.

The heart-piercing appearance is very much like the original Mei Nongchen.


The baby’s powerful cry stimulated Mei Nongchen’s heart. The powerlessness and despair that could not save her child in the previous life struck her again, like a fire burning on her body, her limbs and limbs. All in pain.

“I want to save him, I want to save him!”

Every inch of her skin, every cell was roaring these words.

However, she lost her spirit infant, lost her aura, and was seriously injured. How to save him?

No, no matter what, she will save the child!

“God, please, give me strength!”

Mei Nongchen looked at the man carrying the child to the top of the stove with angrily, trying to get up, she didn’t have the strength, even the strength to make a fist.

“No! Child! Child!”

Wouldn’t she do it again, can’t she still save the child?

Do not! She doesn’t want it!

The anger and desire in my heart reached the extreme at this moment, the anger was wide open, a trace of red thread came out from the white of the eye, and it gathered into tears in the corner of the eye.


On the center of her eyebrows, the mark of a golden phoenix spreading its wings slowly appeared.

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