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Chapter 46 Fengge Power

In an instant, golden light suddenly appeared, covering Mei with dust, and her wounds healed quickly.

Mei Nongchen only felt a shock all over her body, and her power emerged like a flood of gate opening. She jumped up, and the flashlight flew towards the stove, and after robbing the child, she walked out through the wall and rushed straight into the sky.

The wall she passed through did not collapse, but rippled like a lake, and then returned to calm.

On her back, a pair of phoenix wings flapped up and down.

Xiaoxue, who had been waiting outside the villa, brightened his eyes, and his pink pupils were like plum blossoms. It jumped on Mei Nongchen’s back one by one, tweeting happily.

Old Xue Lao was shocked at first: “What is Feng Ge’s power! How can she have Feng Ge’s power?”

Then he became furious and almost succeeded. Unexpectedly, this cheap girl would have such a trick.

However, she couldn’t escape his palm!

Jumping on the shoulders of the seven-headed monster, the old bloody face is grim, and he shouted: “Catch me!”


Leng Yi, who was about to gather the power of the immortals to open the Eight Diagrams Mirror of the King of Wen, suddenly raised his head and looked in the direction of Ni Zhai with awe-inspiring eyes.

He clearly felt Mei Nongchen’s breath rushing towards this place, as if suddenly, he and her had a close connection.

Before he could react, a dazzling light fell outside the villa, shocking everyone.

It was not that Mei Nongchen was coming, but Phoenix Wings brought her to Lengyi.

As soon as Mei Nongchen fell to the ground, she felt the strength in her body dissipate, and she was as soft as before, and her eyelids could not be lifted.

When Leng Yi came out, she saw Mei Nong dusty, blood-stained and weak, with a bloody baby in her arms.

Xiaoxue licked Mei Nongchen’s face and tweeted, as if calling her to wake up.

In an instant, Leng Yi understood what had happened, and felt a pain in his heart. He immediately took Mei Nongchen and the baby back to the villa, placed them on the bed, and ordered the immortals who followed behind him: “You should protect her well, and there should be no mistakes. , Understand?”

Mei Nongchen snatched the baby who used the blood elder to practice sorcery, and the blood elder would definitely go after him.

He would never allow anyone to hurt her!

The immortals were puzzled. Originally, His Highness called them to gather their divine power to open the King Wen’s Eight Diagrams Mirror, how can they protect a mortal now? Is the Eight Diagrams Mirror of the King of Wen still turned on?

But none of them dared to ask, they just said in unison: “Subordinates understand!”

“Remember…” Leng Yi emphasized again, “No matter what happens, your duty is to protect her, and you must not lose a single hair. , Do you understand?” After

getting a louder’understand’, Leng Yi led Wu Mi out of the villa, and placed another layer of barriers, separating the inside and outside of the villa into two worlds.

Keeping the immortals in the villa, on the one hand, is to let them protect Mei Nongchen, on the other hand, it is better not to let too many people know about the theft of the seal of the gods.

Moreover, the blood old sorcery has not yet been practiced, and he alone is enough to deal with it.

After a breath, a group of extremely gloomy fire flew from the sky, with a bang, and the seven-headed demon fell to the ground with blood.

Seeing Leng Yi, Xue Lao was visibly taken aback, and then he smiled as if he understood something.

It turned out that the cheap girl from the Mei family was actually selected by Feng Ge to be Prince Lengyi’s fiancée, but wasn’t she the girl from the Yun family that she had originally chosen?

Obviously, Xue Lao didn’t intend to entangle this issue, and the more unusual Mei Nongchen’s identity was, the more advantageous it was for him.

The reason why he left Mei Nongchen’s life is because he knew that Lengyi’s relationship with her was extraordinary, and thinking that in case of a relationship with Lengyi, he used her life to restrain him.

Before, the old man Xue had hidden the flames of the extremely yin fire in Mei Nongchen’s body. As long as he moved his mind, Mei Nongchen would turn into ashes from the inside to the outside.

Moreover, the soul is gone!

The decision that hadn’t urged the extremely yin fire to burn Mei Nongchen was really right!

He wants to use her life forceps to refrigerate Yi, so that Lengyi can only bow down to him, haha!

Xue Lao showed his big yellow teeth, Jie Jie smiled gloomily, the scarlet old eyes were greedy and green, and the seven monsters swayed seven weird heads with his smile, exuding bursts of stench.

Lengyi’s face was cold as frost, and a golden light condensed from the tip of the index finger of his right hand, and he wanted to move forward.

Don’t underestimate this ray of golden light, it is a cold lore technique, the power contained in it can easily kill the strong below the holy immortal rank.

The old man Xue had swallowed part of Lengyi’s divine power at the beginning, but now he is no more than an imperial imperial peak powerhouse, still far away from the holy immortal rank.

If this is hit by golden light, Xiaoming will definitely be over!

Old Xue Lao obviously also knew the power of this golden light. He instantly suppressed his smile, took a step back vigilantly, and said, “If you kill me, your fiancee will be dead!”

Leng Yi didn’t change his face and moved. Without pause, the overwhelming air overflowed from his fingertips.

Seeing that he was unmoved by Xue Lao, was it possible that he had guessed wrong?

The seven-headed demon suddenly spread out a sharp claw, lying in the palm of a bright green spirit baby, the old bloody two fingers picked up the spirit baby, shook it, and said: “I just pulled it out of your fiancee yesterday, and it’s still hot. Now, Jie Jie, without the soul baby, the flames of the extremely gloomy fire I buried in her body can instantly turn her into ashes…”

Leng Yi moved , and the fiancee he said was referring to…

blood I always thought that he was loose, and kept on saying: “As long as you hand over the child who was snatched by your fiancee and vowed not to chase me for a month, I will return her spirit baby to her and take out the fire. , How?” The

Xianjia swore an oath and must strictly abide by it, otherwise, if it is violated, it will be robbed by the sky.

Heavenly Thunder Tribulation is the most terrible of all catastrophes, with a mortality rate of 99%, so the last thing the Xian Family doesn’t want is to swear an oath.

From then on Leng Yi understood that the fiancee in Xue Lao’s mouth was talking about Mei Nongchen. At first, he thought it was Yun Fanyin. After all, Yun Fanyin is well-known in the immortal world, but Mei Nongchen is only known to him and Wu Di. , How did Xue Lao know?

Slowly raising his index finger to point at Xue Lao, coldly said: “Your lies are too much, Yun Fanyin has long been missing.”

Xue Lao was frightened by his finger, and his soul could not move as if he was frozen.

“What Yun Fanyin, I’m talking about Mei Nongchen, don’t you deny it, I saw Feng Ge’s power bursting out of her body with my own eyes, otherwise, how can she take that away when she loses the spirit baby and is seriously injured? Child! And ran faster than me!”

Xue Lao was really painstaking in order to speak Lengyi.

His words smashed into Lengyi’s heart like a boulder, stirring up waves.

Mei Nongchen was selected by Feng Ge? ! She was flying here with Feng Ge’s power just now. No wonder, she just suddenly felt a close connection with Mei Nongchen.

That’s it!

At this moment, Leng Yi’s heart is not only surprise, but also excitement.

No wonder Feng Yijian refuses to recognize Yun Fanyin as the master, but instead recognizes Mei Nongchen as the master.

That’s it.

She is his real fiancee!

A righteous fiancee!

Leng Yi suppressed the turbulent emotions in his heart, his eyes sharp, and coldly said: “Do you think I would believe you?”

“Besides, a mortal woman, do you think I would care?”

Hearing this, the old man was grieved and angry. He dared to chase it out so unscrupulously because he was determined that Leng Yi cared about Mei Nongchen, and he was forced by Mei Nongchen’s life, so Leng Yi must not dare to do anything to him.

Did he really read it wrong?

Do not! impossible!

Leng Yi Mingming…

When the old blood was distracted, a golden light suddenly penetrated his eyebrows!

He opened his eyes in amazement and fell backward.

“you you you……”

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