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Chapter 47 The last trick

“Do you think I will believe your words?” A

cold and unfeeling voice sounded in Xue Lao’s ear.

“Return the child to you and swear an oath to heaven. You must immediately activate your divine mind and let the flames of the extremely gloomy fire burn the plum and make dust. When that happens, you will use the Divine Seal’s ability to hide the breath and hide. Who will I ask to settle the account? ? ” “

Do you think, without you, I would not take fire? “Yi cold cold blood the old saw sharp eye, at the moment filled with tenderness, that cherry-colored lips, slowly shook gentle and absolutely ruthless words” She, I will save myself; and you, you must die!”

After speaking, Leng Yi slapped the cover of Xue Lao Tian Ling, dispelling his consciousness and turning him into a zombie.

At the last moment when the old blood consciousness drifted away, the corners of the dry skin layered lips evoked a touch of sarcasm.

Fortunately, he has a back move, even if he is dead, he will have to drag him back.

Before Leng Yi felt it, another finger of golden light shot into the body of the seven-headed demon.

The twelve blood evil spirits have not yet been trained, this monster is not enough to suffer.

The golden light shines in its body, penetrating the Orchid skin and shooting out in a radial pattern. The seven-headed monster screams on its back. The eyes of the pair of large and small ghosts are not suffering, but before liberation. The comfort.

Being trained as a monster is not what they want.

In an instant, the seven-headed monster turned into golden shards and dispersed with the wind.

At the same time, there were seven different voices thanking you, and the baby cried.

After the seven-headed demon disappeared, a bright green spirit infant fell, and Leng Yi reached out to catch it.

Ling Ying’s eyes were red from crying, and he mumbled to himself: “Lord Yin, help me! Ooo!”

Wu Di searched Xue Lao’s whole body, almost stripped off his underwear, but found nothing.

“Master.” Wu Di’s eyes were anxious, and his voice trembled slightly: “I didn’t find that thing.”

He didn’t dare to say the word “shenxi”. He has always used the word’that thing’ instead. As the saying goes, the wall has ears. Although the master is the son of the emperor and the future king of the fairy world, no one dares to be bold enough to watch the master. But it’s always right to be careful.

Leng Yi gently put Mei Nongchen’s Ling Ying into her brocade sleeves, with golden pupils shining brightly, staring at Xue Lao for three breaths.

Then, sneered.

The blood is old, he is suspicious by nature. The Shenxi is equivalent to his amulet. It is not a last resort and will never be used. At the beginning, he quietly abducted himself from the Mei family as an ordinary baby, instead of using the Shenxi to hide the breath. The ability, but the concealment charm condensed with the power of Jiuyou Demon Pill.

Similarly, the Divine Seal is so important to him, he will never hide the Divine Seal in other places, because no matter where it is hidden, he will not rest assured!

Therefore, the seal of the gods, the old blood, will definitely take it with you!

This is also the reason why Leng Yi didn’t ask anything and went directly to the killer.

His eyes paused for a moment, and the corners of Leng Yi’s eyebrows appeared to be mocked, and he saw a flash of his left hand, Wu Di only noticed a flower in front of him, and when he fixed his eyes, he saw that there was something more in the master’s hand.

Divine Seal?

Turning his head and looking at Xue Lao, a blood hole suddenly appeared in his abdomen!

Wu Di slapped his forehead, yes, how did I forget that the pubic area of the immortal family can be used to create a different space for storing extremely valuable things, but using a different space to store things requires a lot of divine power, and now the fairy world It is popular to use storage bags to store things, so few people have cultivated different spaces in their dantians.

Unexpectedly, this bloody old man would do all such laborious and unlucky things in order to hide the seal of the gods.

Maybe it should be said that he is smart, hiding the Divine Seal in his pubic pub, which is easy to carry, and can not be easily found by the enemy.

But, after all, the master is smarter.

Wu Di looked at Leng Yi’s gaze shining brightly, admiring, admiring, and honoring.

Leng Yi also put the Divine Seal in the sleeves, then took out a small luminous ball like a night pearl and threw it into the night sky.

The small ball was like lightning in the high air, suddenly the light was strong, and then quickly extinguished.

He is sending a signal.

In the Nine Heavens Realm, the magnificent Miluo Palace, the man lying half-sleeping on the brocade bed carved with dragons and phoenixes, his curly eyelashes suddenly trembled, and then slowly opened, Yurun’s slender fingers slowly moved from his arms. Clamped out a small ball like a night pearl, and at this moment, the ball was shining brightly.

After looking at the man, the corner of his mouth made a slight upward curve.

There was a muffled laugh in his throat, and he said to himself: “Sure enough, I didn’t disappoint the widow.”

The voice was extremely pleasant. The fairy maid standing outside listened to it. Qi Qi’s ears were red and his head dropped lower. .

Besides Leng Yi, Wu Di followed him into the villa with blood like a piece of wood.

Mei Nongchen lay on the bed, with little air intake and little air vent, Xiaoxue shed tears in a hurry.

The little baby was crying, and a group of fairy generals made faces and sang and danced. They did everything they could.

Not only is it useless, there is a tendency to cry more and more fiercely.

As soon as Leng Yi came in, he drove people away, “The matter has been resolved, let’s go.”

“Ah?” The fairy generals couldn’t respond, didn’t they have not played yet? It’s over?

Obviously, Leng Yi didn’t want to talk nonsense, and said straightforwardly: “Get out!” The

immortal generals were shivering by his cold aura, and they didn’t dare to delay. They all flashed and disappeared in place.

However, the one with the slowest movement just got off the ground and was slapped by Leng Yi.

He trembled carefully and looked at Lengyi bitterly. What does it mean to leave him alone?

Leng Yi’s eyes didn’t give alms, and he said coldly: “Send this child back and erase all the memories that shouldn’t exist. You know what to do.”

“Subordinates understand.” The immortal smiled immediately, so simple. Something, said it earlier, which made him tremble carefully for a while.

Le Dian picked up the child, and while pinching his fingers, he flew towards Ni Zhai with the wind.

Throwing away anyone who is in the way, Leng Yi’s eyes sank.

Sweeping Mei Nongchen carefully with her spiritual sense, she found a little fire shining with faint blue light at the tip of her heart.

Wu Di understood what the master was going to do, and couldn’t help taking a step forward and said, “Master, let me come.”

Leng Yi glanced at him lightly, without saying a word.

Wu Di flinched, took a step back, bowed his head and dared not speak any more.

Mei Nongchen’s breathing was weaker, and she had a tendency to break off in the next second.

Leng Yi input the divine power from Mei Nongchen’s chest, slowly approaching the fire of the extremely yin fire, and then let the divine power wrap the fire in the softest posture, and then slowly take it away from Mei Nongchen’s body.

Wu Di looked up and lowered his head again. No wonder the master didn’t let him do it. It turned out that the fire was hidden in his chest, coughing cough, and the master would protect the food, oh no, he was protecting his wife.

Taking the fire seed out of her body, Leng Yi sent Mei Nongchen’s Ling Ying back to her dantian, restoring her wounds with divine power, and allowing Ling Ying to re-establish contact with her.

After everything was done, Leng Yi quietly breathed a sigh of relief. Although it was easy for him to do these things, because it was her, he was very careful and nervous in doing it, and sweated out his head.

He looked back at the dead blood old man, and said: “The fire has been taken out, he can die.”

Wu Di heard the words and replied’understand’ . He raised the knife and fell, and the blood fell on the head, and the blood drifted. Dissipated into a remnant of smoke.

Wu Di’s mind was relieved. This time he went to the earth, the task was successfully completed, the damn is dead, and the one that deserves to be retaken has been retaken.

They can return to the fairy world.

It ‘s just–


Mei Nongchen, who had not yet awakened, suddenly exhaled in pain!

Leng Yi turned around, his mind was broken!

Mei Nongchen’s body, like a piece of paper ignited by fire, began to turn to ashes from the pubic area. The light blue extremely Yin fire was violent and spread quickly to the surroundings.

In the blink of an eye, she had lost a fifth of her body.

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