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Chapter 48 Do your best

Damn old blood!

So insidious, actually planted fire in Mei Nongchen’s Ling Ying!

Damn it! Damn it!

Leng Yi’s eyes were bloodshot, and his hands quickly covered Mei Nongchen’s wound without hesitation. The divine power in his body, like a surging river bursting a bank, poured out from his palms and flowed to Mei Nongchen’s broken body.

The golden light, from the place where Lengyi and Mei Nongchen touched, radiated outwards, illuminating the entire villa.

Just like, there was a blazing sun in the villa!

Wu Di’s face changed suddenly, “No! No! Master! You can’t!”

He quickly stepped forward to stop him, but was knocked into the air by the golden light, and fell to the ground unable to move.

He couldn’t use words to describe the horror and disbelief in his heart at this moment.

What is the master doing? The master is spreading his power! In order to save a mortal fiancee!

He heard what Xue Lao said, even if Mei Nongchen was chosen by Feng Ge by luck, is it worth it to do her best for her?

Wu Di wanted to ask, Master, why?

To repay the kindness of saving lives? To repay her for her perseverance in front of the bloodthirsty platform?

But master, you have saved her life again and again, and no matter how great you are, you have also reported it.

Or is it because she is your fiancee?

However, Yun Fanyin was also your fiancée, but you didn’t see you showing off to her.

Don’t understand! He doesn’t understand!


Nine Heavens Miluo Palace, the emperor looked in shock at a golden sun tree that withered rapidly in front of him. This tree is closely related to Lengyi, and withering at this moment, it shows that Lengyi’s divine power is quickly dissipating, and it is voluntary. .

What is he doing?

“Chimu! Zhu Feng! Go, go to the mortal world to bring the prince back to the widow, and the people around him, no matter who or how many people there are, kill them all! Go!” The emperor’s hands in his sleeves were tight. Hold it, dare to instigate his son to disperse his supernatural power and look for death!

“Subordinates obey!” I

only heard the sound but didn’t see him, but there was a breeze in the air, and his calm was restored for a moment.

After properly completing the task that Leng Yi explained, the fairy general who rushed to the fairy world suddenly felt two gusts of blade-like wind blowing in front of his eyes, and blew him around in a circle. After returning to his mind, he looked back and forth. Look, there is nothing unusual.

He whispered: “Strange, it seemed like someone flew past

my eyes just now…” He shook his head again, maybe he was wrong, humming the most popular fairy tune, and continued on his way.

The extremely yin fire on Mei Nongchen’s body slowly extinguished, and one-fifth of the burned body healed at a speed visible to the naked eye.

In fact, at the moment the extremely yin fire ignited, Mei Nongchen had already woke up from severe pain.

She saw her body on fire and felt the breath of death conveyed to her by the Ling Ying.

She saw Leng Yi’s angry and distressed look, and saw him sending massive amounts of divine power into her body.

She saw Wu Di’s face suddenly changed, and saw him look desperate after being knocked into the air.

“Leng Yi, what are you doing?” Mei Nongchen asked. She felt a very warm and comfortable force pouring into her body.

Leng Yi heard the words, raised his head and smiled at her, his eyes were soaked in gentleness, and decisiveness!

Mei Nongchen suddenly made waves in her heart, what did she see? The cold pupils are fading!

The sun-like golden color in his eyes is gradually fading!

Mei Nongchen’s eyes widened, and she felt that his divine power and vitality were rapidly losing.

“Leng Yi, stop, please, stop!”

She was distraught, she did not dare to imagine what it would mean to Leng Yi that the divine power dissipated, no wonder Wu Di was so desperate!

Leng Yi listened and smiled softly at her again, the golden light in his eyes faded faster.

After a breath, all the golden light in his eyes faded, leaving only the grayish white color, dull and dull, and even the long hair that was once oily black and shiny had lost its former luster.

Mei Nongchen’s tears fell like broken pearls.

Leng Yi leaned over and gently wiped her tears. Although he tried his best to control, his fingers still trembled slightly.

Seeing Mei Nongchen’s body as intact as before, before he could breathe a sigh of relief, his pale face suddenly changed, and his face that had always been calm and comfortable was suddenly flustered at this moment.

“They’re here!”

“How are you? Who’s here? The enemy?” Mei Nongchen asked choked up, trying to grab his hand, but couldn’t help it.

“I’m okay, don’t worry.” Leng Yi took out the Divine Seal from his sleeve, and said anxiously as he quickly sealed the seal with both hands: “The breath-concealing barrier formed by the Divine Seal can hide your breath. Don’t break the barrier inside, and I will come back to find you, and I must wait for me to come back to find you personally!”

“As for me, don’t worry, they are here to take me back.”

A thin layer The light curtain covers Mei Nongchen like a fitted dress. Lengyi invites Xiaoxue and whispers to it. Xiaoxue’s roar before transforming is omitted. In the blink of an eye it becomes the size of a horse. Lengyi places Mei Nongchen. On Xiaoxue’s back, there was a deep reluctance in her eyes, and she kissed her face quickly like a dragonfly, and whispered: “Quickly go!”

Xiaoxue carried Mei Nongchen and shot out like a Lixuan arrow.

Leng Yi’s movements were swift and domineering, and Mei Nongchen didn’t even have a chance to refute.

The last thing she saw was the sight of Lengyi vomiting blood and falling to the ground.

She lay on Xiaoxue’s back, the wind whispered in her ears, raised her hand to grasp something, helplessly lifted it halfway, and dropped it weakly. All the scenery was quickly retreating back, and at the same time, there were others who were going away. the man ……


Mei get dust just left, accompanied by two figure burst of wind appears in jasper Valley.

After seeing the tragic situation of Leng Yi and Wu Di, the two looked at each other, their faces expressionless.

A long sleeve rolled up, leaving the two people who fell unconscious on the ground.

One pinched a finger at the void, and shook his head for a while, took out a conch from his sleeve, said a few words to the conch, and then pointed it a little longer. The conch became huge and flew into the sky to hide. After thick clouds.

A gust of breeze blew from the mouth of the conch, but it was wind blowing to ordinary people’s ears, but it was magical words blowing to the ears of immortal cultivators

Mei Nongchen lay on the bed for a month.

For a month, she didn’t do anything, just lay down like that, closed her eyes, and died.

This month, she was thinking about one thing.

She finally understood the difference between Leng Yi and Ni Heng.

For Ni Heng, she is a chess piece that can be discarded at any time.

For Yu Lengyi, she is a treasure worthy of life to love.

She didn’t want to believe it, she didn’t dare to believe it, she was afraid of being betrayed like in her previous life.

Now, Leng Yi’s decisiveness when saving her, the reluctance of parting, and those pale eyes, all the time appeared in her mind.

I remembered what Leng Yi had said before and would do it to her to prove that he was different from Ni Heng.

The corners of Mei Nongchen’s elegant lips evoked a small smile, and tears appeared in her slightly closed eyes.

“You did it, Leng Yi.”

“You and Ni Heng are really different.”

Outside the window, the urging call continued, “I am here, come here, come here, come here, save me, save me…” It

was Lengyi’s voice. This month, this The sound reverberates in the air all the time, like a giant horn playing in a loop.

Mei Nongchen knew that only she could hear it.

This voice has a fatal magical power, which provokes her and attracts her. There are many times, she wants to follow the voice.

But that impulse was completely suppressed by her, because of Leng Yi’s phrase “Don’t break the barrier within a month” and “You must wait for me to come back to find you in person.”

It turned out that he had anticipated that someone would look for her, so he used the barrier barrier to hide her breath, and he told her not to break the barrier.

Don’t think about it, the person who is looking for her must be unkind, otherwise Leng Yi could not be so flustered.

Mei Nongchen opened her bloodshot eyes and laughed idiotically.

Laughing, laughing, crying again, crying repressed, sad, and self-blaming.

Leng Yi has done so much for her, but he has never repaid anything. Whenever he shows her kindness, she not only doesn’t appreciate it, but also always cynics.

He must be very sad at the time, right?

She hates Ni Heng for ruining her feelings, so what is the difference between her attitude towards Lengyi and Ni Hengbi?

Early the next morning, the magic sound finally disappeared.

To be on the safe side, it took another week before Mei Nongchen broke the barrier.

At this time, the sleepy Xiaoxue also woke up.

Mei Nongchen had checked her body a long time ago, but she was shocked. She saw a big hole in her abdomen burned and the spirit infant was burned out. But now, not only is her body as good as before, but also her cultivation level is still intact. A big step forward has entered the late stage of infancy.

However, the current Ling Ying is not the one transformed by the Qi Ling Zhu, but the Ling Yi Qiang acted as her re-condensed Ling Ying.

This spirit infant was dizzy with a faint golden light, like a cold eye.

Thinking of Lengyi, Mei Nongchen felt a pain in her heart.

I don’t know how he is now. He said that the person came to take him back. He must have arrived home by now? His family will definitely save him!

Mei Nongchen rubbed the Feng Yijian given to her by Leng Yi, and had to admit that she missed him.

She didn’t really understand her heart until this moment. He had already been integrated into her mind and could not be abandoned.

Just like this sword.

“This time, let me take the initiative, Leng Yi, waiting for me to find you…”

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