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Chapter 5 The Desire of Beautiful Women

Shen Man had just been emotional, and seeing this kind of scene at this moment, it must be a high erotic desire, but besides the erotic desire, what is strange is that she also feels the helplessness of the woman in the scene at the same time.

Obviously it is a pornography, but she was fascinated by it, and she gradually developed a strong sense of substitution while her delicate body was numb. The coldness of the old man in these years once again came to her heart.

And son-in-law Jiang Feng is just an ordinary normal man, not so much worry about Shen Man, see this kind of picture, the lower part of the body can not help but lift up a small bag.

But sitting next to him was his mother-in-law, which made Jiang Feng both embarrassed and excited. He subconsciously picked up the remote control next to him. He originally wanted to turn it off, but when he pressed it, he hesitated and looked aside with anxiety. Shen Man.

I saw that the corner of Shen Man’s eyes had revealed a touch of crystal clear, charming expression with a trace of sadness, as the ** happily swayed, the pair in front of his chest was full and tender and bounced from time to time.

The tenderness on Shen Man’s chest was much larger than that of ordinary women. At this time, he was wearing a wrapped low-necked sweater, which seemed to have a sense of sight.

Jiang Feng couldn’t help but swallowed his saliva secretly. He saw the flickering coquettishness during the peeping, triggering a series of speculations, which seemed to be stronger than the desire that came from seeing the mother-in-law’s body directly earlier.

In his excitement, Jiang Feng’s lower body bulged a little bit, and at the same time, because of his father-in-law’s incompetence, his mother-in-law’s hungry appearance aroused his distress. He secretly sighed, reached out and picked up the paper towel on the table, and whispered.

Said: “Mom, are you okay?” “

Huh?” It was

n’t until Jiang Feng said that Shen Man recovered, thinking that in the morning when he was soothing, he almost triggered his son-in-law’s desire. At this time, he watched this kind of film again. Be fascinated, immediately flushed, and embarrassed to find a hole to go in.

“It’s okay.”

Before she finished speaking, Shen Man saw her son-in-law picked up the tissue on the table and stretched it out to the corner of his eyes, subconsciously trembling, followed by his son-in-law’s serious expression and gentle movements to help her wipe away the tears from the corners of her eyes.

Shen Man hadn’t felt the concern of the old man Wang for many years. He was slightly stunned by his son-in-law’s affectionate behavior. At the same time, his heart seemed to hit a small deer, and he drew a warm current, subconsciously bowing his head to follow the son-in-law’s movements.

It was with this lowered head that she discovered the huge mountain bag bulging from the lower part of her son-in-law, and she couldn’t help but feel in a daze, and sighed in her heart, if the old man Wang could have half the energy of the son-in-law, how good would it be.

Thinking about this, somehow, the scene of the sensitive area of her son-in-law in the morning suddenly came to mind, surprised and shocked, Shen Man panicked, and hurriedly got up and went to the bathroom with excuses.

When he came to the bathroom and stood in front of the mirror, Shen Man realized that he didn’t know whether his face was because of embarrassment or excitement. It was red like an apple.

She really couldn’t believe that she would show such a charming side in front of her son-in-law, who had always been reserved, and also triggered the son-in-law’s physiological reaction, especially the faint excitement in the shame, which made her feel complacent….

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