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Chapter 50 Before the ascension

At the beginning of the Hua Deng, Mei Zhai.

Mei Nongchen invited her aunt’s family, Lu Xiaoxiao, Feng Er.

Bell has been out for many days, and it is rare to come back.

Except for Mei Yiru and Feng Er, the others only consider Mei Nongchen to go abroad.

The whole night was quite lively.

Since Mei Yiran’s family returned to their hometown, all of them were obviously full of spirits and their mental outlook was very different. When talking and laughing, the smile on their faces was more of a heartfelt joy.

Bel has always been very familiar with him, and he has a close relationship with good friends and sisters, flying around like flowers and butterflies.

He hadn’t seen him for a few months, he was round again, and he was a lot taller, a head taller than Mei Nongchen.

I don’t know what his identity is, how he was taken captive by the old man in the first place.

Mei Nongchen once cross-examined that Belle did not know how to ask three questions. From his memory, he was alone in’begging for life’. Then one day, he was lured into a big hole by an old man, and then he was threatened by Jiuyou’s lewdness. Become a small attendant.

Mei Nongchen didn’t care much about his identity, but it was a little strange. There was a life and death bondage between her and Bei Er. At the beginning, Yun Baizhi killed her, and Bei Er flew to block her without feeling. The silver needle was placed, but afterwards, every time she was in danger, he never appeared again. Could it be that the bond of life and death has expired?

Facing Mei Nongchen’s aggressive questioning, Bell froze for a long time before hesitating to tell the truth. How did Lengyi force him to sell his body and sell the chrysanthemum, how to force him to conceal Tiantian’s true identity, and finally how to force him to untie him. The bondage between Mei Nongchen and Mei Nongchen was said with tears and jealousy.

Mei Nongchen was stunned when she heard it, and the bitter taste spread across the internal organs, forcing Bell to establish a bond of life and death with her. He wanted Bell to protect her and conceal Tiantian’s identity. After so many days, She can also understand Leng Yi’s good intentions at the time. As for why she forcibly untied Bel and her life and death bondage, Mei Nongchen recalled the way that Bel woke up and undressed and twisted her ass, and Leng Yi suddenly With a gloomy face, what else does she don’t understand?

He was jealous, because he didn’t want Bell to have another chance to take off his pants in front of her.

Mei Nongchen laughed slightly, with a hint of sweetness in the bitterness. A person like him who was deserted and arrogant would actually be jealous.

“Master sister, when are you coming back?”

After sending the guests, Bell suddenly rushed over, shaking Mei Nongchen’s arm like a puppy, Mei Nongchen returned to his senses, and saw his father looking at her eagerly, waiting Follow her answer.

Mei Nongchen smiled and looked at Bell, but she said to Mei Yiru, “Don’t worry, I will be back when I finish.” She raised her face to Belle and invited

Xiao Bai and Xiao Hei to instruct him. After that, Mei Nongchen bowed deeply at Mei Yiru’s door.

Then, drove to Jasper Valley.

Listening to the sound of the car engine, Mei Yiru felt uncomfortable as his heart was hollowed out, smoking one after another, accompanied by the cock of smoking, it was a low choking…


Nine Heavens Immortal Realm , Mira Palace.

A golden light radiates, fairy mist lingers, and a medicine-rich green pond. A body carved like white jade lies lazily on the edge of the pool. His eyes are slightly closed, the eyelashes like butterfly wings tremble, and the bridge of his nose is high. It is tall and straight, with cherry-colored lips glowing with seductive luster, the perfectly smooth chin rests on the sturdy long arms, the ink-colored hair is scattered randomly on the slippery back, and the hair tails are scattered into flowers in the pool, covering the pool. Beautiful scenery.

By the pool, there are flying yarns and mantles, luxuriant luxuriant lines and brilliant tassels.

What a picture of a beautiful male bathing.

Suddenly, with extremely soft footsteps from far to near, the man in the pool opened a gap in his eyes, and a faint golden light poured out. Soon, he closed his eyes again, as if he hadn’t noticed the figure appearing outside the curtain.

The visitor waved his hand gently, and the curtains and beaded tassels were silently opened to both sides.

He is dressed in a bright yellow dragon robe, and the dragon embroidered with gold thread on the robe is lifelike, and the dragon is born in action.

His appearance is surprisingly similar to that of the man in the pool, even the slightly tight lip line and chin, and the condescending temperament.

It’s just that one has a colder temperament, and one is more calm and restrained.

He fixedly looked at the people in the pool, his eyes full of worries and hatred.

Quite a while, he suddenly squatted down, his right hand covered in the spirit of man days in the pool, about a breath, and said:. “Your divine power has been restored five percent, it seems that God places efficacy pretty good stew.”

It took another After a while, he said again: “You still refuse to say who is the one who provokes you to disperse your supernatural power? Hehe, what kind of master there is, there are what kind of subordinates, that witch fly, is tied to the Zhu Xianzhu, from time to time Suffering from wind blade meat, more than a year, I didn’t say a word, just as stubborn as you.” The

man in the pool, Leng Yi, raised his eyes slightly when he heard the words, his eyes were full of golden light, dreamy and dazzling.

He raised his eyes and glanced at Emperor Zun, and then closed his eyes again.

Emperor Zun smiled, but that smile was cruel, and in the next moment, he returned to his fatherly appearance.

Raising his hand and making a gentle move, there was a breeze, the veil was light, and a long shadow stood behind him.

“Tell Shao Shang Yaojun to refine more Sushen Yaotang, and what medicinal materials are needed, just send someone to find it.”

a place where cranes and butterflies fly, green pine and clear water, and fairy mist.

A woman in a white gauze fairy skirt stood floating, her temperament was ethereal and mundane, her eyebrows were as picturesque as saixue, she was a stunner from the fairy world, but she was three points inferior to the stunning beauty painted by Mei Yiru.

Kneeling behind her was a man who couldn’t see his face, but just by looking at his figure, he was a handsome young man.

Even if he couldn’t see his face clearly, Yun Baizhi still felt his obsessive gaze, which made her extremely uncomfortable.

Yun Baizhi frowned and said, “Yun Qing, are you sure? Your Royal Highness is doing his best for the mortals?”

Her voice endured unwillingness and resentment.

The man named Yunqing who couldn’t see his face immediately answered: “Your subordinates are sure, since his return to the immortal world, His Royal Highness has been immersed in Sushen Yaotang every day. Sushen Tang Yao is the top-grade medicine for restoring supernatural power. And the Wu Di, who had been following him, was tortured by the emperor’s dignity to question the culprit who instigated His Royal Highness to disperse his supernatural powers, but…”

“It just didn’t get the answer.” Yun Baizhi said, Yun Qing lowered his head.

Be silent for a while.

Yun Baizhi took out a palm-sized Shuiyun flag with two colorful snakes wrapped around its neck. As soon as the flag came out, Yun Qing felt the murderous aura hidden in it. His expression changed and he looked at Yun Baizhi.

Yun Baizhi didn’t look at him, and only said: “You are guarding the ascending passage. Once you find a mortal woman coming up, you will turn on the snake formation of this flag, and it is bound to kill her in the passage!”

Yun Qing looked at. With the beautiful face that made him think about it, he was smearing viciously at this moment. He opened his mouth to say something, and finally took the Shui Yun Qi and withdrew silently.

Seeing the back of him leaving, Yun Baizhi snorted contemptuously. He was just a lowly slave of the Yun family. He actually had an ill-conceived view of her and couldn’t help it!

However, other people don’t know for whom the prince has devoted his power, but she knows exactly that it must be that woman!

She had a hunch that that woman would come to the fairy world soon.

“Never let her see His Royal Highness again!” Yun Baizhi’s gaze was obscure, stained with bitterness.

Mei Nongchen came to the Biyu Valley Villa. She didn’t know if there would be any movement during the ascension, so she chose the valley left by Lengyi as the location for the ascension.

It’s remote and quiet here, so even if something happens, it won’t be noticeable.

Looking at the dried-up bath, Mei Nongchen felt uncomfortable. She hadn’t seen Lengyi for more than a year. She thought that the passage of time would dilute her longing. Unexpectedly, longing was wine. The longer the time, the more fragrant and intoxicating.

“I’ll be here soon, wait for me.”

Mei Nongchen sat on the ground, lucked in her dantian, and removed the aura that had been pressing on the Ling Ying. In an instant, the Ling Ying changed crazily, and in one breath, she grew from a baby state to a young girl. The shape, the eyebrows and the posture, was actually incomparable to Mei Nongchen, two points more charming than Jiuyou, two points more glamorous than the stunning beauty in the paintings in the basement of Mei’s house.

Mei Nongchen was slightly surprised. It stands to reason that Ling Ying should have the same appearance as her body. Why is she in this situation?

Before he could think about it, a thunderstorm snaked from the sky, and then countless thunderbolts converged into a pillar of thunder, trapping Mei Nongchen firmly in the middle.

But these thunder and lightning did not hit Mei Nongchen, but rather like a servant welcoming the master’s return, surrounding and retreating, with a vaguely cowardly expression.

Mei Nongchen’s body began to drift up uncontrollably since the Ling Ying’s transformation, she saw an illusory passage leading to the far emptiness among the thunder pillars, holy light pouring out from the end of the passage , Xianqi faintly, something called her, led her, and ascended toward the place everyone dreamed of.

Facing the holy light, Mei Nongchen didn’t notice how amazing her appearance had changed.

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