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Chapter 51 Fall into the darkness

Like a pair of invisible hands, he re-sculpted Mei Nongchen’s facial features slowly, and his elegant eyes became peach blossom eyes with fascinating waves, slender and distinct eyelashes, Qiong nose and lips. The color is like fire, a little lip is like the most transparent and dazzling ruby, the smooth-lined face of melon seeds, the crow’s hair is floating, the skin is almost transparent, and the light of holy is fainted under the holy light, the waist is slender, and the chest is full of waves.

After removing the mortal clothes, the fairy spirit condensed her into a peach-colored fairy dress, with the belts fluttering and the skirt fluttering.

It is exactly the same as the appearance and posture of her Ling Ying!

Look closely, that eyebrows, charm, and temperament are more charming than Jiuyou, and more stunning than her biological mother.

Comparing Yun Baizhi with her, the difference between cloud and mud is obvious, and Mei Nongchen at this moment is the cloud.

If Mei Nongchen sees her new face, she must be eye-catching.

She looked at the end of the passage that was getting closer and closer, with a hint of sorrow in her joy.

The curiosity of the unknown immortal realm, the longing for the coldness that she hadn’t seen in more than a year, made her wish to appear on the land of the immortal realm immediately.

She felt like a frog at the bottom of a well, and she was about to jump out of the dry well that trapped her and look at the wider and magnificent sky outside.

But…Can’t help but look back at the direction when she came, there is the father she cares about, after this farewell, goodbye He Xi?

The export is getting closer.

Suddenly, a long shadow flickered at the end of the passage, and then a flag with a palm of the hand appeared in her field of vision. The flag grew long in the wind and instantly covered the exit of the passage. Two cross-necked colorful snakes on the flag surface lived. In general, it rushed out of the flag body, two changed to four, four changed to eight, eight changed to sixteen… Soon, the colorful snakes that covered the sky were poured out like a rainstorm!

Horrible people!

Mei Nongchen’s pupils shrank and her face changed drastically.

This, this snake, is not the colorful little snake that attacked himself in the broken house and pretended to be dead?

I thought it was just a wild species, it was an accident, but now it seems that it’s not that simple!

At this time, the thunder pillar has disappeared, and Mei Nongchen is floating in the illusory ascending corridor. Beyond the corridor, there is a bizarre area, which is the separation zone between the mortal world and the immortal world. It is dense as a honeycomb from different sizes. It is composed of independent space, with weird shapes and weird colors, making it easy for people to see that the hairs are standing upright, and the back is cold.

It is a natural fear of danger.

But compared with that, Mei Nongchen felt that the rain of snakes on her face was even more terrifying.

She quickly sacrificed the Lingling Net, flipping her lips, and spit out a serial art. The Lingling Net stretched out in all directions in an instant, and turned into a giant net. The black mist lingering in the grid was faintly visible, and the terrifying breath of destruction was crazy. Gush.

The group of snakes are like fish in a net. They are blocked by the Mie Ling net. The colorful snakes that first touched the net body instantly turned into powder and dispersed, making the sound of’zizi’ rolling fried food.

It sounded terrifying in this deadly void, arousing Mei’s goose bumps.

All of this happened between the electric light and flint, and the Ling Ling net leaned forward and rolled away at an extremely fast speed. Mei Nongchen followed behind and soared upwards without a moment’s pause.


Outside the exit of the ascending passage, a long shadow stood upright, and a faint of surprise flashed in the eyes that no one could see clearly.

Unexpectedly, this mortal girl actually has such a powerful magic weapon, but… this snake formation is not that easy to crack.

His hands quickly formed a seal, and the complicated patterns rushed to the Shuiyun flag, and the flag body suddenly sprang out and screamed, and the strong snake-and-gorilla aura gushed out from the flag.

The colorful snakes in the spirit net that have not yet turned ashes bloomed together with the Shuiyun flag, and Mei Nongchen subconsciously closed her stinging eyes, and when the dazzling light dissipated, she opened her eyes and saw that she instantly made a big alarm. Only the spirit-killing net that is slowly shrinking in the void is left, where is the shadow of the colorful snake?

However, the snake’s aura in the air was more intense, and the suppressed snake power was as heavy as the top of Mount Tai, which actually made Mei Nongchen’s soaring figure stop and unable to move.

In a cold sweat, the back of the clothes was soaked instantly.

There is a giant snake here, and it can be invisible!

Mei Nongchen quickly summoned the Phoenix Legacy Sword while putting away the Ling Ling net. As soon as the sword was out of its sheath, the sword rang like thunder, and the snow flashed, and the pressure and crisis of the top pressure suddenly disappeared invisible.

She stood with her sword crossed, and looked around vigilantly, physically and mentally, only an illusory light wall was seen in the corridor, and the water cloud flag at the exit disappeared. If it weren’t for the strong snake odor, Mei Nongchen would definitely feel that there was no difference.

Quietness, endless space, only quietness.

Suddenly, Feng Yijian broke free from Mei Nongchen’s clenched hand, and Xueguang suddenly appeared, whizzing and flying behind her!


Without waiting for Mei to turn around, the cold liquid splashed her pink fairy skirt with the sound of a good thing entering her body. The liquid was brightly red, like red plums in full bloom, dazzling.

When Mei Nongchen turned her head, she saw the manifested Baizhang giant snake was cut into several pieces by the phoenix sword tofu, the snake blood splashed all over, the snake pieces twisted a few times and turned into a side covered with sword marks. Slap the big banner.

The cross-necked snake on the flag surface was divided, and blood stains appeared at the fracture.

Yun Qing outside the exit of the ascending passage covered his chest and sprayed blood mist, staggering under his feet, kneeling to the ground.

The horror on his face could not be concealed. If he was not mistaken, the sword in the woman’s hand was actually the Feng Yi sword!

The Phoenix Legacy Sword that only the Queen of the Future can hold!

An electric current flashed quickly in my mind, and this woman must be someone who has something to do with His Highness Yi in the mortal world!

No wonder, the eldest lady wanted him to intercept and kill the immortal cultivator who had ascended from the mortal world, and even caused him to suffer the danger of being backlashed to open the snake formation. It turned out that it was for His Highness Yi.

“Haha.” Bitterness spread between Yun Qing’s mouth and tongue. It turned out that he was nothing but a forsaken person to her.

He thought that he was somewhat different in Yun Baizhi’s heart. After all, he grew up with her and took good care of her…


A female voice with a good tone sounded above Yun Qing’s head, making his face look. Changed and changed.

Yun Baizhi glanced contemptuously at Yun Qing’s fuzzy face, and then stared at Mei Nongchen who was not far from the exit. After seeing her face clearly, her face changed drastically.

Her face…

was shocked, Yun Baizhi’s eyes were more murderous, and tens of thousands of silver needles instantly condensed, whizzing into the passage with the force of breaking the bamboo.

Mei Nongchen looked at the torn apart colorful snakes on the Shuiyun Banner, and somehow thought of Yun Baizhi. Only Yun Baizhi was the only person in the fairy world who had killed her early.



Countless broken air sounds like thunder and rage, ears pierced!

Mei Nongchen looked up quickly, and the silver needle came rushing like a dense drizzle!

Her guess was confirmed at this moment, and it really was Yun Baizhi!

Feng Yijian screamed for a masterpiece, Mei Nongchen immediately raised his sword and slashed it, and the tyrannical sword breathed through the air and slashed towards Miyu Silver Needle, wherever he passed, the silver needle was dusty.

Outside the exit, Yun Baizhi sneered and pushed forward with one hand.

A silver needle containing 70% of her supernatural power shot at Mei Nongchen, bringing sparks all the way.

Mei Nongchen kept swinging the sword, her body’s strength was consumed very quickly, and her swinging speed was also slowing down.

At this time, a group of sparks broke open the Miyu Silver Needle, and shot Mei Nongchen with a determined killing intent.

A huge sense of crisis was pressing on her face, and she subconsciously tried to block it with a horizontal sword.



After the loud noise, Mei Nongchen was ejected soaring into the corridor and falling into the distant dark void.

At the last moment of the coma, she saw a figure in white clothes with dust.

Yun Baizhi.

“Huh! Even if you have the Phoenix Relict Sword in your hand, you are still a cultivator who has not yet become a true immortal!”

Yun Baizhi looked at Mei Nongchen who had fallen into the darkness, with a pleasant smile.

Outside the ascension channel, there are countless unknown dangers hidden, even the emperor is here, and he dare not set foot at will.

Mei Nongchen can only die!

Yun Baizhi glanced back at Yun Qing, who was still kneeling on the ground, and said faintly: “Yun Qing, you must already know the identity of this woman, what kind of person can you keep secret forever?”

Ping Lan’s voiceless voice made Yun Yun. Qing shocked all over, he raised his head with difficulty, and looked at Yun Baizhi with pain, while the latter was looking at his white jade fingers.

Yun Qing lowered his eyes in despair, suddenly blew Ling Ying, abandoning his cultivation base, leaping for life, and falling towards the darkness where Mei Nongchen fell.

Yun Baizhiyun lightly glanced at the two who had fallen, recalled Shuiyun Qi, and left gracefully.

She did not see that a black hole suddenly appeared in the distant darkness, like a beast’s mouth, sucking Mei Nongchen and Yunqing in.

Miró Palace.

Leng Yi, who had been immersed in the Sushen Medicine Soup, suddenly opened his bright golden eyes, with severe pain in his heart, and intense anxiety swept over him, just like the time when Mei Nongchen was in danger.

“No! Who is it?! Who else would dare to hurt you?!”

Along with a roar of thunder, a long golden shadow flew out of Miró Palace.

“Yi’er, no!”

a soft female voice hurriedly called, but it was a pity that the person she was calling was long gone.

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