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Chapter 52 Reincarnation of the God King

I do not know how long it has been.

Maybe it’s a long time, maybe it’s just a flash.

Mei Nongchen woke up leisurely with a sigh of gasp.

I could still hear the voice of someone swallowing saliva.


She moved slightly, falling apart and hurting all over.

“Ah! Woke up! The beautiful master is awake!” A pleasant male voice.

“Hush! Keep it quiet, you’re the second!” Another nice, angry male voice.

“God! It’s so beautiful. I’ve never seen such a beautiful person. Do you think she is really our master?”

“Yeah, yeah, it’s so beautiful. Look at this breast, it looks soft and elastic. I really want to Touch.”

“Get out!”

“Didn’t the god king say that when he successfully reincarnated as a woman, he would fall from the sky one day in the future?”

“Yes, count the days, it happened that this beauty fell That day.”

“But… isn’t there another man who fell together?”

“Well…maybe it is the new male favorite of the owner.”

“Ah? Wouldn’t it mean that we have to fight with us again?”

A group of male voices with different timbres were chattering endlessly. Mei Nongchen’s consciousness was not clear yet, and he didn’t hear what they were talking about at all. He only felt that Brain Ren’er was about to be bombarded.

She curled her eyebrows and opened her eyes laboriously.

As soon as the peach blossom eyes are opened, the eyelashes are like butterflies, romantic and charming.


a stunning voice in unison.

Mei Nongchen blinked his eyes, and the canopy dome, gold wall carved, inlaid with beads and treasures, luxurious and radiant.

This is where?

Turning his eyes slowly, the amorous feelings in his eyes were like water, and there was another breathtaking sound.

After seeing the source of the gasp, Rao had seen Jiuyou and Lengyi’s outstanding men with such outstanding looks, she was still surprised by the sight in front of her!

Is she dazzled? Hallucinations? Conjecture?

What’s the situation with this bunch of beautiful men in front of me?

Either it is fresh and tender like small meat, or eyebrows are greedy, or dust seems to be inhumane fireworks, or handsome and fortitude, or soft as a willow, or embarrassed… Mei Nongchen is roughly counted, at least twenty.

All of them are no worse than Jiuyou Lengyi, and some are even more brilliant than them.

They were looking at themselves with awe-inspiring but respectful faces, as if the obedient dog who had not seen the owner for a long time suddenly saw the owner’s return, all of them were bright, and she even saw three bold and oversized black characters on their faces: please touch ! (>^w^<)

Mei Nongchen involuntarily thought of the ancient male style museum…

but… she suddenly became vigilant. The cultivation of these people is unfathomable, even though they have reduced their pressure, But Mei Nongchen still felt a terrible sense of oppression from them.

“Where is this? Who are you?” she asked, holding her breath.

Hearing that, wearing a dark blue robe, the man who looked steady and constrained stepped forward, his eyebrows respectfully said: “Return to the master, this is Boundless Palace, we are all your servants.”

Mei Nongchen: “…?!”

Mei Nongchen: “My servant? But I have never seen you.” The

blue-robed man: “We know you.”

Mei Nongchen hesitated: “Oh? I look like your master?” The

blue-robed man: ” It’s not like, you are, we have been waiting for you for thousands of years…”

The blue-robed man succinctly explained the whole story. The heavens and the earth were first opened, and a young man born with a god-like body was born in the chaos. The young man eventually grew up to be the only god king from ancient times to the present, calming chaos, setting the rules of heaven and earth, The same life as the sun and the moon, is one that no strong man dares to look directly at.

Later, he suddenly got tired of living like a day for thousands of years, and wanted to have a taste of being a woman, so he collected 30 beautiful men with different postures and advanced cultivation skills from all over the Three Realms to raise them in his lair, Immeasurable Palace. Then Huali Li reborn.

And leave a precept: When I return, the sky is thundering, the sky is suddenly born, there is a woman, beautiful and graceful, and all beings are not as good as all living beings, and she is born with a divine body.

Mei Nongchen vomited blood while listening. It was a terrible plot.

Hearing what he meant, he was originally a man? He was still a man who was too bad to be a man. He suddenly didn’t want to be a man, so he went to be a woman. Before leaving, I didn’t know from which horns and dragged 30 handsome men back, and kept waiting for me who became a woman. ?

He raised his eyes and glanced at a bunch of men begging to touch. This Nima is a month’s worth! Change one night, exactly one month!

Mei Nongchen: “(+﹏+)~!”

“I think you made a mistake.” Mei Nongchen swallowed hard, and said: “I am not a natural divine body, and there is no face that all living things can’t match, ha ha, I’m just passing by, passing by…”

Looking at a group of men who are stunning, drooling and green-eyed, Mei Nongchen’s neck is cold and her heart is hairy.

Fortunately, I am not. If this Nima is really their master, will the bones be eaten for her? !

She grinned and got up from the bed, rested for a while, and the pain in her body eased a lot.

Thinking of the terrifying power contained in Yun Baizhi’s last hit, Mei Nongchen’s eyes were instantly stained with frost, if it hadn’t been for Feng Yijian to pop up a light curtain to protect her body, she would have been in a different place at this moment!

She admits that she has never offended Yun Baizhi, but Yun Baizhi has poisoned her several times, no matter what the reason, this hatred must be reported!

The most urgent thing is to leave this strange place, and more importantly, stay away from this strange group of people.

As soon as her feet landed, a gold-rimmed square mirror suddenly appeared in front of Mei Nongchen. She was startled by the sudden mirror, and then her eyes widened by the person in the mirror.

The charming look between the eyebrows and eyes of the person in the mirror has turned a house of beautiful men into discoloration!


Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but stroked her cheek, and the person in the mirror stroked her cheek too.

She squeezed hard.


Raising his surprised eyes to look at the blue-robed man, Mei Nongchen said authentically: “I was not like this before.” The

blue-robed man retracted the square mirror and bowed his head respectfully: “The master’s face has been changed. The technique concealed the true face, now that the technique has been solved, it will naturally return to its original appearance. “

Change face technique?

Cover up the truth?

Mei Nongchen suddenly thought of her own biological mother who had never met before, could it be her?

I thought about the appearance of my Ling Ying, and I quickly checked it, and sure enough, his current appearance was no different from that of the Ling Ying.

No wonder the Lingying looks very different from the original appearance, it turns out that it is not his true face.

What happened to her mother? Not only did she hide in the mortal world to give birth to a child, but also cast a spell to cover up the child’s face.

Three days later, Mei Nongchen was sitting in the pavilion. Outside the pavilion, the clear water was rimmed, the weeping willows were shaded, the mandarin ducks were playing in the water, and the hibiscus was spotted.


This was her one hundred and sixty-ninth sigh.

Looking at the blue sky, Mei Nongchen suddenly felt a sense of powerlessness.

In the past three days, she has figured out a lot of things. For example, if you want to leave here, you must obtain the power of the god king to reopen the moat and go back everywhere.

For example, the 30 beautiful men in Wuliang Palace have no names, only code names, ranging from Primary One, Primary Two, Primary Three… to Primary Two Eighth, Primary Two Nine, and Primary Three.

They take turns to wait for Mei Nongchen, changing once a day. No, now it’s Xiao San standing behind her, lowering her eyebrows like a little daughter-in-law. Mei Nongchen glanced at him and lamented again, that god king, Where did these wonderful flowers come from!

For another example, this Boundless Palace was built in a space opened up by a divine king with his own divine power. Except for the divine king himself, no outsider can enter and leave at will.


Mei Nongchen sneered, thinking that this was just nonsense, no one except the god king could come and go at will, then how did she get in?

“Because you are the King of God!” Xiao Yi, the man in the blue robe, hit the nail on the head.

Mei Nongchen vomited blood for a long time, she really didn’t want to admit that she used to be a man, or a man who wanted to be a woman!

However, remembering that Master once said that she is a natural god body, Xiao Yi said that from ancient times to the present, there is only a god king who has a natural god body, and it is impossible for people other than the god king to have a natural god body, so she must be a god. Wang reincarnated.

So Mei Nongchen sighed again.

In her previous life, she was a perverted man.

Mei Nongchen felt that she was almost unable to face Lengyi.

Xiaoyi said that if you want to fully inherit the power of the god king, you must pass the test of Linggu Tower.

The Linggu Pagoda has 18 floors, and each floor is a test of life and death, and the more it goes up, the more difficult it becomes.

“The test of life and death? What if I die?” Mei Nongchen asked.

“You will reincarnate, and then do it again.” Xiao Yi replied, hitting the nail on the head again.

Mei Nongchen’s heart exploded at that time, horror cruise ship! Infinite loop! How many times is she going to reincarnate now?


She changed her posture, sighed again, and looked at the distant and high blue sky, deeply feeling that the day of leaving was nowhere in sight.


night, Mei Nongchen was about to undress and go to sleep. Xiao Sanban opened her clothes, squeezed her body, and walked over in a smoky look, expecting Ai Ai, “Master, I, do you need me, um, um?”

Mei Nongchen looked at the two big men whose heads were taller than her, with a shy face, gritted his teeth and resisted the urge to slap him to death, and once again scolded the god king 18,000 times in his heart. Where are the weird things? !

Three days later, in the evening, a little daughter-in-law asked for joy was staged.

“No! Use it! Go down!” Mei Nongchen squeezed out a few words between her teeth.

Xiao Sanyi reluctantly left with a sad expression on his face.

Another fragrant “boudoir”.


There was a loud noise, and the door was kicked open.

The beautiful men in the room who had been doing their own things raised their heads, and laughed loudly after seeing the people who came.

The small three-step meteor stepped into the room, and there was a cold breath that was not close to anyone. His complexion was gloomy, and the storm was about to come.

How could there be a little bit of shyness and suppleness in front of Mei Nongchen?

“Brother San, didn’t you say that you are the best-looking, and you can definitely climb onto your master’s bed? Why? It’s over so soon?” Little Thirty, with an innocent and innocent look, jumped up to Xiao San and teased.

Xiao San directly slapped his hand to greet him, and wherever the wind passed by the palm, three feet of ice was frozen.

Xiao Thirty dodges neatly, pursing pink red lips and complaining: “Big brother, third brother bullying me~”

Hearing this, Xiao Yi, who was happy in the blue robe, glanced up and fluttered at the two of them, and then swept away again. ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? A group of people gloating over misfortune and watching the excitement, suddenly, time stood still, all silent.

Big brother’s eyes are so terrible!


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