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Chapter 53 Faceless Cloud Green

A few more days passed.

Mei Nongchen is breathing out for cultivation, the spiritual energy here is very rich, and it is more suitable for cultivation than Leng Yi’s profound spirit space.

Xiaoyi once also said that to break into the Linggu Tower, at least one must be promoted to the late emperor fairy stage.

Koukou –

door sounded twice rhythmic knock on the door.

The door opened.

An immortal man who is immaculate and wins snow in white walks in. This person is the Xiaoshi who is waiting for Mei Nongchen today.

Mei Nongchen looked at his crowned jade face and the appearance of dust, and couldn’t help but slander in his heart. That god king would enjoy it too much. Such beautiful men can be savvy just by looking at them.


“Master, the man you brought back is awake, do you want to go and see?” Xiao Shi stood with his hands down, docile and docile, just like a maidservant with his hands folded on his waist and saluted.

Mei Nongchen couldn’t help but slander in his heart again, what did the god king do to them? How could these extraordinary men bow down to her and serve her faithfully!


Seeing her silent for a while, Xiao Shi called out softly.

“Ah? Oh, let’s take a look…wait, I brought someone?” Mei Nongchen realized that when she was ascended into an immortal, Yun Baizhi was tricked by Yun Baizhi, and there was no one around her.

“Yes, that man fell with you. Isn’t it the male pet you brought back?” Xiaoxi’s expression said, “I understand, you don’t need to be embarrassed.”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

As Xiao Shi came to a small courtyard, the gate plaque danced with the three characters Jingyi Pavilion.

Mei Nongchen always felt that the name of this hospital was very strange, but couldn’t tell the strangeness.

As she was thinking about it, several handsome figures appeared in her field of vision.

“Master, he is awake, I saved it!” A young boy who was so tender that he was dripping with water, his eyes lit up, and he reached for Lamei’s dusty hand, but was pierced back with eye knives by a few others, and he curled his mouth. , And then enthusiastically followed Mei Nongchen to ask for credit, and Mei Nongchen had to compliment him perfunctorily.

Mei Nongchen frowned all the time. She was sure that there was no one else around at the time. Who on earth fell here with her?

Stepping into the room, there was a circle of people around the bed, and someone murmured vaguely.

“This life is quite hard. The spirit infant burst, his meridians were broken, and his internal organs were shattered.

He didn’t die.” “It was also his luck that he met a young man with excellent medical skills and saved his life.”

“You guys. Nonsense!” The young man who followed Mei Nongchen as a puppy wagging his tail immediately exploded when he heard the words. He rolled up his sleeves and rushed forward, waving his fists and fighting for reasons. “He was obviously saved by me!” He was taken

aback for a moment. , And asked: “Who is Xiao Erqi?”

Xiao Shi couldn’t stand it anymore, pulled the boy aside, and sighed: “Xiao Erjiu, don’t quarrel with the patient to rest.”

Young Xiao Erjiu was unwilling to move towards Mei. Chen repeatedly emphasized that he really saved people, for fear that she would not believe it.

Then he turned his head and asked in a low voice: “Brother Ten, who is Xiao Erqi? Dare to take credit with me!”

Xiao Shi: “…”

Mei Nongchen looked at the pile of’yingyingyanyan’, feeling herself His face blindness is about to be advanced.

Turning his gaze to the person lying on the bed, the person’s face was blurred, as if a cloud of water mist blocked his true face, his long hair was scattered on his side, and his body was lying on the bed softly and droopingly, as if boneless.

Although he couldn’t see his expression clearly, Mei Nongchen felt the desperate life in his eyes, as if he was unlovable.

She was sure, didn’t know him.

Just as he was about to talk, Xiao Shi came to the wooden stool to beckon her to sit down and said, he also cushioned her thoughtfully.

Mei Nongchen asked as she sat down, “Who are you?”

The slender and clean fingers of the person on the bed moved slightly, and after a while, a weak and hoarse voice came out.

“You shouldn’t save me…”

Xiao Er 91 was unhappy when he heard it, and rushed to the bed in two steps, and said with his arms akimbo: “What are the meanings of what you said, Xiaoye is kind to save you, is it wrong? “The

others were also unhappy, even Xiao Yi, who had always been calm and introverted, raised his handsome eyebrows.

Seeing that his words were recognized, Xiao Erjiu was more confident, raised the volume, and said: “If the master hadn’t brought you back, I wouldn’t bother to waste my energy to save you!” After thinking about it, he felt that he was not ruthless enough, so he was ruthless. He hummed.

Hearing the words, the person on the bed turned their eyes to Mei Nongchen, who was surrounded by the men, and a strange feeling flashed in his heart.

He treated Yun Baizhi wholeheartedly, but was thrown away like trash by her.

He was ordered to kill the woman in front of him with all his heart, but was saved by her.

On this point, he really misunderstood, because Mei Nongchen didn’t even know that there was someone like him, let alone save lives.

He felt so ironic, the bitter taste ransacked in his mouth, and his heart was as painful as being plucked out.

Even if you can save your life, you will only be useless in the future. What is the difference between life and death?

For a moment, he spoke, still in that hoarse voice.

“My name is Yun Qing, thank you girl for her life-saving grace.” The

voice was dull, and I couldn’t hear any gratitude.

The men raised their eyebrows in displeasure.

Xiao Erjiu jumped out first and pointed at the man’s invisible nose and said: “Xiu wants to take the opportunity to fight for favor. It’s the little master I saved you. You must be grateful and grateful to me!”

The men looked at him: “…” Is that the point?

Xiao Erjiu was frowned upon by his elder brothers and only younger brother, and Nuodi retracted his fingers, dropped his head and retracted behind Xiao Shi.

Mei Nongchen kept looking at Yun Qing, and when she heard the word’cloud’, she couldn’t help but think of Yun Baizhi.

Could it be that he is related to Yun Baizhi?

“Do you know Yun Baizhi?” Mei Nongchen asked.

When the words were over, Yun Qing’s slender and beautiful fingers trembled suddenly, and the death radiated from his body became more intense.

Mei Nongchen’s eyes sank, really knowing him.

It’s just that—

Xiao Shi had already told her about Yun Qing’s situation on the way here. The cultivation base had been abandoned, and the inside was even more broken. If Xiao Erjiu had the superb medical skills to bring the dead back to life, he would only have a dead end, but even Save a life, the rest of my life is nothing but a waste.

From this point of view, he shouldn’t have been lurking beside her by Yun Baizhi’s instructions.

Mei Nongchen recalled Yun Qing’s reaction when she mentioned Yun Baizhi, and her heart instantly brightened.

It seems that he was also beaten down by Yun Baizhi, and he should have special feelings for that Yun Baizhi, otherwise, it would be right to mention the anger that the person who attacked him, not despair.

As for why he was shot down, Mei Nongchen could also guess.

It was nothing more than killing people, Yun Qing must have witnessed the process of Yun Baizhi’s attack on her, and Yun Baizhi did not want to publicize it at this time and did not trust Yun Qing, so he could only let the dead keep a secret.

Mei Nongchen smiled unkindly, and asked, “Why Yun Baizhi wanted to kill me? I think you should know.” After

a while, no one answered.

“She’s going to kill you, are you still keeping a secret for her?” Mei Nongchen suddenly approached Yun Qing, trying to see his expression clearly.

After a while, no one answered.

Mei Nongchen smiled indifferently, got up, turned around and said to the well-behaved beautiful men: “Do you have a way to get him to speak?” The

beautiful men nodded in a hurry: “Yes! Master, don’t worry, leave it to us, it will be half an hour later. Give you the answer.”

Mei Nongchen smiled with her brows bent and walked out.

For the enemy, you don’t need to be polite.

After she left, the rest of the people were gearing up…

a small path, with blooming flowers on both sides, and pleasant fragrance.

“Master.” Xiao Shi followed Mei Nongchen gracefully, reminding with a smile: “They didn’t do anything serious, what if they hurt Yun Qing?”

Mei Nongchen stopped and looked back at Xiao Shi, she His eyes were shining, brighter than the brightest star, and the elegant smile of Xiao Yiguan was slightly stiff.

“He is the enemy’s abandoned son, should I pick it up as a treasure?”

Xiao Shi was stunned, “He is not you…your person?”

“No.” Mei Nongchen shook his head, his eyebrows blooming and authentic: “Also. Yes, can you not call me master? Look, you don’t know how many times your cultivation base is than mine, your age…I can’t even reach your fraction. It stands to reason that you should be my seniors, always calling My master, my pressure is really great…”

she said suddenly pulling Xiaoshi, and asked mysteriously: “Can you tell me what the god king did to you? You all Extraordinary, why are you willing to stay in this immeasurable palace?”

Xiao Shi was caught off guard, and was stunned. A soft body almost slammed into his arms. A burst of young girl’s body fragrance rushed into the tip of his nose. He was so excited that he didn’t hear what Mei Nongchen said.

After waiting for a long time without waiting for a response, Mei Nongchen was a little discouraged when he saw him looking like he couldn’t hear anything. Why is everyone doing this? I pretend to be foolish when I ask this question!

How did she know that a strange emotion was pouring out of Xiao Shi’s heart at this moment.


half an hour.

The interrogation over there came to fruition.

But the result made Mei Nongchen slightly surprised.

Yun Baizhi killed her for Lengyi!

But Leng Yi said that he didn’t know her. In other words, that Yun Baizhi was unrequited love? !

Mei Nongchen wanted to laugh. When Yun Baizhi killed her for the first time, she didn’t even know who Lengyi was. If she didn’t make a sudden move, she might not have known Lengyi so quickly.

Anyway, if you know the reason, it will be easier to handle in the future. Otherwise, you will always get beaten in a confused and passive manner, which is really not a normal aggrieved one.

At night, it was another joy to remember.

Mei Nongchen looked messily at Xiao Shi, who was lying on her bed sultryly with her clothes half-fading.

How can such a noble and graceful person do such a thing? And there is no sense of violation!

Enduring the urge to scold her, Mei Nongchen showed a standard smile with eight white teeth, and said: “You go back!” It’s

just that, no matter how you hear it, it smells like gnashing your teeth.

When she leaves this Boundless Palace, these evils must not be brought along, otherwise the vinegar jar of Lengyi doesn’t know what it will be broken into.

Mei Nongchen thought to himself.

Xiao Shi still smiled lightly, got up and left gracefully, and closed the door thoughtfully when he went out.

After he left, Mei Nongchen instantly narrowed his smile.

She faintly felt that these men had something important to hide from her.


mortal world.

A long golden shadow moved quickly in mid-air.

“Where are you? Where are you?!”

Leng Yi described the madness, the ink danced wildly like a demon, and his eyes shot fiercely like an eagle.

These days, digging three feet in search of Mei Nongchen, but found nothing.

Suddenly, his inspiration flashed, and he patted his forehead in annoyance.

Why did he forget to go to Mei’s house and ask Mei Nongchen’s father?

After thinking about it, a golden lightning shot at Meizhai.

The truth is, care is chaos…

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