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Chapter 54 Wangyi Pavilion! !

Since the men interrogated Yun Qing that day, Mei Nongchen had never seen him again.

After the initial anxiety, Mei Nongchen gradually calmed down. Since she couldn’t change, she could only accept the reality, step up her cultivation, pass the test of Linggu Tower soon, and then leave here earlier.

At first, she was still worried, but was blocked when she ascended. Is she still a fairy?

Unexpectedly, Xiao Yiba lifted it, and Te Yu Yourong said authentically: “You are the reincarnation of the king, you don’t have to be like those ordinary people.”

Mei Nongchen: “…”

If possible, she would rather be an ordinary person.

At the same time.

Barren space, Brahma quietly on the ice.

Jiuyou exhausted the last trace of magic power, looked expectantly at the huge icicles melted in midair, and endless tenderness and lingering in the eyes of a pair of peach blossoms.

The icicle melts, and the person enclosed in the icicle slowly falls, like a snowflake, like a peach blossom.

Jiu You stretched out his arms to catch it, cautiously, as if holding a fragile rare treasure.

“Sanskrit…” He whispered, bloody eyes flashing with crystal clear liquid.

In the silent and empty world of ice sculptures, there was no sound of wind, only this sound of joy and weeping floated.

With the loneliness of passing through thousands of years of vicissitudes of history.

And the joy of being lost and regained.

One month later.

In the igloo, an extremely beautiful woman is lying on the ice bed. The water-red fairy dress on her body is like a lotus flower woven, fresh and fresh. The white and almost transparent snow muscles are almost integrated with the ice bed. The ink spreads on both sides. , The slender curling eyelashes quivered gently.

This girl is Yun Fanyin, Leng Yi’s former fiancee, but she fell in love with Jiuyou, which is Jiuyou’s heart.

Sitting on the ice stool next to the bed, Jiuyou stared at the person on the bed without blinking. He had been guarding her like this for a month without blinking his eyes.

I was afraid that the person on the bed would disappear again in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, the person on the ice bed frowned slightly, and was about to wake up with a chuckle.

Jiuyou’s slightly exhausted peach blossom eyes shone in an instant, and excitedly grabbed Yun Fanyin’s hand.

Urgently called: “Sanskrit…”

Yun Fanyin felt that he had a dream, a long and unpleasant dream.

In the dream, she lost her love, her children, and all the good things. Her world collapsed and lost its color.

She wandered in the endless darkness. I don’t know how long it took, when a light suddenly appeared in the distance, attracting her to follow the light.

Yun Fanyin opened his eyes, they were as pure and elegant as Tianshan Snow Lotus.

The holy brilliance in those eyes compared this ice and snow world to life.


Seeing her startled, Jiuyou called out affectionately again.

When Yun Fanyin heard the words, his slender body trembled, he suddenly closed his eyes and pinched his hands together.

Jiuyou gave a chuckle, took a soft little hand to her lips and kissed it. His eyes were full of pets, and said: “Yinyin won’t open your eyes and look at me?”

Yun Fanyin heard even more this time. Really, but afraid that all this is an illusion.

I opened my eyes nervously and saw that face that was thinking about it, and tears fell in an instant.

Jiuyou’s face changed slightly, and he hurriedly stood up and bent over to take Yun Fanyin into his arms, patted her back lightly, and whispered: “Don’t cry, I’m here.”

Yun Fanyin cried more fiercely as soon as he said this. , Swish dropped the golden beans.

Jiuyou was slightly stiff, patted the woman in his arms on the back softly and awkwardly, he really wouldn’t coax a woman…After

crying for a long time, Yun Fanyin’s dull voice came from his arms.

“I thought I would never see you again… they… said you were dead… ooh… they said you were dead…”

half a day later, on the shore of the ice lake.

Jiuyou finally figured out the whole story.

After Yun Fanyin was taken back by her father Yunhe, she fled again. Naturally, her father thought that Jiuyou had abducted his daughter, so he brought someone to the door to ask someone.

People didn’t want to arrive, they erupted all the anger on Jiuyou, led the clansmen to chase and kill Jiuyou, and beat him to death.

However, Yun He didn’t even think about it, Jiuyou was not dead.

However, Yun Fanyin escaped from the house back then and kept hiding in the mortal world. When he was captured and returned to Yun’s house, he was told that Jiuyou had been killed by her father.

For a time, all thoughts were lost, and he could neither avenge his beloved nor face his father calmly, so he ran to the place where he fell in love with Jiuyou to seal his divine power and ice himself into an icicle.

I wanted to just sleep in this place full of memories, but I didn’t expect that Jiuyou was not dead at all, and Yun Fanyin was surprised and happy.

“Why didn’t you come to me after you escaped back then?” Jiuyou kissed her lips affectionately.

He put his hand pliers with clouds Fine chin, a manpower Jinlou in her shoulder armor, the tongue such as fish, high-handed and flexible pry her white teeth, and her lilac uvula wanton entangled ……

Jiaochuan again and again When the clothes were half-fading, Jiuyou hugged her up and came to the ice bed in a flash.

There was a fire in his body that made his blood swell, and he eagerly tore open the clothes that were in the way,…


Mei Nongchen finished a round of vomiting, obviously feeling that his cultivation base has taken another step forward.

Thinking about the good weather, I went out and wandered around. Halfway through my feet, the door slammed and was kicked open from the outside.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

Xiao Erjiu excitedly took a white porcelain gourd, rushed to her in three or two steps, his eyes sparkling.

“Sister, this is my newly refined pill, which can help you quickly improve your cultivation. Don’t thank me too much. If you have to thank me, just give me a kiss.” The words fell, a tender face that was dripping with water. Get under Mei Nongchen’s nose.

Mei Nongchen: “…”

After her many strong requests, the men finally stopped calling her master, and they all called her sister kindly.

But this Xiao Erji… is an accident. She was actually old enough to be her ancestor, but she was naive and indignant. He didn’t waste the word’Xiao Erqi’ at all, and used it to the fullest.

Therefore, Mei Nongchen really couldn’t bear such a person calling her sister, so she strongly urged him to change to her sister.

For this matter, Xiao Erjiu rolled coquettishly.

Mei Nongchen took the white porcelain gourd and pushed him away in disgust.

At this moment, Xiao Nineteen with a gentle personality slowly walked in, twisting his pretty eyebrows displeasedly, and said angrily: “Would you not knock on the door first? Why is it so rude? What if my sister is changing clothes? What kind of style?”

He spoke extremely slowly, and there was no smell of anger in his words. Mei Nongchen felt a snail crawling on top of his head…

Xiao Erjiu did not dare to refute, her mouth slumped, and a gust of wind Gone again.

Xiao Nineteen watched his turmoil and shook his head slowly.

Turning his head again to Mei Nongchen slowly said: “Although Xiao Erjiu is a little stupid, he cures diseases and refines alchemy really well. You want to leave early and take this pill to improve your cultivation as soon as possible. No.”

Although Mei Nongchen seemed to have a cat’s claw scratching in her heart, she still smiled peacefully and looked patient.

Putting away the white porcelain gourd, Mei Nongchen threw away Xiao Nineteen, and walked out alone.

It’s not long been here, and it’s less than two months, including the time he was unconscious.

Moreover, this Boundless Palace seems to occupy a very large area, with pavilions, pavilions, nine-curved corridors, streams and rockeries, famous flowers and plants, red walls and green tiles… It is a beautiful scene of the reappearance of Suzhou gardens.

Regardless of her past and present, Mei Nongchen likes such a courtyard full of ancient charm. Every time she stands in a similar scenery, she always feels that she is infected and washed by the history of thousands of years from heart to body, which will make her forget a lot of unpleasant things. thing.

After walking along the bluestone road for a while, I came to a lake with willows on both sides of the lake. The lake water was clear and sparkling.

An octagonal pavilion stood by the lake. It was the evening, and the setting sun was slanting, hanging on the opposite bank of the lake. The breeze blew, and the willow branches were like the long hair of a girl, very elegant.

With such a peaceful beauty, Mei Nongchen relaxed from the inside out.

I don’t know what kind of magic the god king used, the ecology and environment here are actually the same as the earth.

Mei Nongchen smiled and walked slowly to the pavilion.

Although changing to a Zoran man to serve her every day makes her feel uncomfortable, but fortunately they are very obedient and know that she does not like to be noisy, so every day except for those who take turns to serve her, other people rarely appear in her sight.

Except… that Xiao Erjiu.

As she was walking, Mei Nongchen glanced up inadvertently and saw the plaque above the pavilion, with the words “Wang Yi Ting” dancing with dragon, flying and phoenix.

Ben just glanced at random, but Mei Nongchen suddenly stopped.

She stared at the three powerful black characters of’Wang Yiting’ in a daze. Something was ready to come out in the depths of her mind!

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