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Chapter 55 The name of the god king

Forget Yiting!

Mei Nongchen remembered that the yard she lived in was titled’Weiyiyuan’, and the yard Yunqing stayed in was called’Jingyi Pavilion’.

There is a word for Yi in every name.

The warm sunset cannot warm Mei Nongchen’s body and mind like falling into an ice cave at this moment.

She ran away along the bluestone road connecting Weiyiyuan and Wangyiting.

Thirty minutes later, Wang Yiting.

Mei Nongchen sat on a stool, leaning on the railing, looking at the sun setting on the other side of the lake.

The almost direct sunlight did not shine into the folds of her deep frown.

Xiao Nineteen came from Ting Ting Kuan in the distance. He looked at Mei Nongchen’s somewhat lonely back, and a trace of complicated emotions flashed through his deep black eyes.

Hearing the soft and slow footsteps behind her, Mei Nongchen knew who it was before she turned her head.

“Do you know Lengyi?” she asked.

She ran a lap along Qingshi Road, but wherever she was titled, she couldn’t do without the word’Yi’.

For example: Renyi Palace, Yiyitang, Tianyique, Shengyi Palace, Xunyi Palace… When

I went to see Yunqing before, I faintly felt that the name of ” Jingyi Pavilion” was strange. Now it seems that it is indeed has a problem.

The uneasy feeling erodes her, does Lengyi have anything to do with the god king?

If it really matters, look at that the god king named all the pavilions and courtyards after Leng Yi, then…

two bold and oversized crazy grass characters wandered freely in her mind: Jiqing!

She felt herself covered with green clouds, and even her peach-colored fairy skirt began to glow green… After a long time

did not hear the answer, Mei Nongchen turned her head and saw Xiao Jiu’s face as usual, her hands in her sleeves, calmly Stand there.

Mei Nongchen turned and sat upright, pursing her lower lip, and was about to ask again, Xiao Nineteen said: “Yes, no one in the fairy world knows that he is the son of the emperor…”

Mei Nongchen was taken aback after hearing this. She only knew that Leng Yi had an extraordinary status in the immortal world, but she did not expect to be the son of Emperor Zun.

“Then what is his relationship with your god king?” Mei Nongchen asked.

There was a pause for a minute.

“I don’t know, God King has never mentioned him to us…” Xiao Nineteen said quietly.

Rao is the calm temperament of Mei Nongchen, and at this moment, Xiao Nineteen’s temperament is as warm as an old snail.

He rushed to speak, with sternness and impatience, “Then you say, why are all the pavilions and courtyards here named after

Lengyi ?” Xiao Nineteen frowned, as if thinking.

After a while, he said: “Why do you use Lengyi’s name? He uses his own name.”

Mei Nongchen, who was restraining his urge to shoot Xiao Nineteen to death, was startled, God King’s own name?

“Your God King…what’s your name?”

“Youqinyi!” This time the answer was simple and neat.

Have Qinyi?

When Mei Nongchen heard the words, she was lightened, as if she was relieved of a heavy burden.

Then she laughed scornfully again, what’s wrong with her? Seeing the word “Yi”, I can think of Lengyi’s relationship with the king of God, and my brain is really big.

At this moment, she smiled, making the face that is so beautiful that it doesn’t look like a real person full of life, agile and clear, with her back facing the setting sun, her whole body is plated with a golden red halo, dreamy and blurred.

Small nineteen see slightly stunned, then touch a strange mood from his deep Mouzhong flash, faintly with a trace of pity, and regret ……


days later, Mei get dust bent on indulging in the practice of them.

The random thoughts that day made her more determined to leave the Boundless Palace as soon as possible.

She was worried, what if Lengyi went to the earth to find her and couldn’t find her?

Moreover, she also wanted to see him…

With the aid of Xiao Erjiu’s pill, the speed of her promotion can be described by traveling thousands of miles a day.

Fanyou Bingdi.

The igloo was filled with lewdness.

There was a mess on the ice bed, and the two naked bodies hugged tightly.

With his eyes closed, Jiu Ye’s coquettish face was full of satisfaction after enjoying the gluttonous feast.

Yun Fanyin buried his face in that strong and generous chest, and was too embarrassed to lift his head.

Over the past month, Jiuyou has been endlessly demanding for her, as if to make up for all the shortfalls of more than 20 years, making her ashamed, angry and annoyed, but extremely loving.

He stretched out his little hand and twisted it on Jiuyou’s waist, venting his dissatisfaction.

Jiu You didn’t even frown, and smiled evilly with red lips, “Why, you are not satisfied with your service? Then continue…”

Before he finished speaking, a fragrant little hand quickly covered his mouth, Yun Fanyin Lifting the moist eyes that were filled with emotion, he gave him an angry look, twisting his sore body and about to get up.

With her twist, Jiu You’s eyes with a joking smile suddenly darkened, and a fire reignited in her abdomen.

Yun Fanyin got up halfway, glanced inadvertently from the corner of his eyes, and his flushed face immediately blushed.


They haven’t gotten out of bed for a month, why is this person…not full?

She endured the soreness, picked up her clothes and wanted to run, and in a hurry, she even forgot that she was a Saint-Xian-level powerhouse, and she could completely teleport and escape.

Jiuyou Xiemei smiled, and pinched Yun Fanyin’s waist with his hands like lightning, and pulled it down…

two hours later.

Jiu You Qing exhausted the last trace of heat, and stopped panting.

Yun Fanyin’s face is blushing, his eyes are blurred, and his mind is frozen and unable to think.

quite a while.

She repeated her clear eyes, pressed the restless wolf claws with her hands, and opened her red lips lightly, answering his question a month ago.

“I didn’t look for you after I escaped. There is a reason…”

Jiuyou didn’t care much. He gnawed on her and asked casually, “What’s the reason?”

Yun Fanyin pushed him, his face filled with radiance. A kind of holy brilliance called maternal love, “I was pregnant…”

Jiuyou was startled, and then raised his head, “What did you say?”

Yun Fanyin ignored him and said to himself: “After my father put me under house arrest back then , I suddenly found out that I was pregnant, so I begged my mother to help me escape. My mother loved me, so I agreed.” Thinking of her mother, her eyes overflowed with tears.

Jiuyou felt distressed and moved slightly. The two of them turned ninety degrees and turned to lying on their sides. Jiuyou put Yun Fanyin in his arms, wiped her tears, gently stroked her back, and silently comforted her.

He knew that she and her mother had always been close to each other, and he must have missed it very much after having not seen each other for so long.

Yun Fanyin buried his head in Jiuyou’s arms, and said: “I was about to find you, but my father was chasing you up. I had to hide in the mortal world. This hideout was until the birth of the child. What happened later? You know, my father brought someone to find me, so I had to entrust the child to an acquaintance in the world, otherwise, my father would not be able to tolerate her.”

Jiuyou listened quietly, not knowing what was thinking in his heart.

Yun Fanyin suddenly remembered something, and raised his head excitedly, “My daughter is very beautiful, like you and me, but better than us, and the most beautiful in the world.”

Her eyes suddenly darkened again, and the small pond reappeared in her eyes, “After so many years, I don’t know what she looks like…”

Jiu You couldn’t tell how she felt, and suddenly she felt The feeling of coming out of a daughter is…very strange.

He couldn’t help but think of his little disciple…

Seeing Yun Fanyin Pear Flower with rain again, he softly coaxed: “Don’t cry, it’s only twenty-three years. Our daughter must be doing well.”

“Let’s go find it. Is she okay?”



Mei Zhai.

Mei Yiru sat alone in the back garden, looking at the blue sky and tasting tea, her brows were filled with sorrow.

The tall camphor tree casts a thick shadow, and the sun leaps from the top of the tree.

Thinking of two months ago, Leng Yi suddenly came to the door and asked him where Mei Nongchen was.

He was stunned for a while, and Mei Nongchen told him everything before she left. He knew she was looking for Lengyi in the immortal world, but why did Lengyi ask him about Mei Nongchen’s trace instead?

Na Leng Yi learned that Mei Nongchen had gone to the immortal world, his face became extremely ugly, Mei Yiru’s heart suddenly sank to the bottom, could it be that what happened to her?

Anxiously, he took out the metal-clad lighter and lit a cigarette. Mei Yiru took a fiercely inhaled and spit out a thick mist, making his heart more anxious.

At this moment, two figures appeared behind him silently.

One looks like a fresh and transparent peach blossom, and the other looks like a cluster of strong coquettish fire.

Yun Fanyin couldn’t hide his excitement about seeing his daughter, his voice

trembled slightly, and he said, “Yiru.” Mei Yiru paused with his hand passing the cigarette into his mouth. For a moment, he turned his head stiffly, and the next second, can smoke. She slipped from her fingers…

and Jiuyou narrowed her eyes, her eyes suddenly deep and terrifying, an incredible guess, rising from the bottom of her heart…


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