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Chapter 1 Calculated

“Don’t, don’t bite me…” An Yan buckled her fingers into the man’s back, her voice trembled, “It hurts…”

Her eyes were tightly closed, her eyelashes were wet, her hair scattered on the pillow, messy Her black is entangled with clean white, and her skin is snow-smooth, and her skin can be broken.

Under the light, the delicate little face was glowing with light peach pollen, charming and moving.

“Ah!” With tearing pain, she squeezed her vague consciousness and broke in. She exclaimed and opened her eyes suddenly.

“I will be responsible.” The man’s voice was somewhat depressed, and a drop of sweat rolled from his forehead and landed on her snow-white round shoulders, scorching the temperature of the room.

In the chaos, a pair of eyes are as deep as the sea and cold as a glacier.

On the road in the early morning, An Yan passed by in the sun, with a flustered nowhere to rest.

The sore legs always reminded her that last night was not a spring dream.

But she didn’t know who that person was. All she could remember was those cold and cold eyes.

Suddenly raising her head, she was already standing at the door of the house. After hesitating for a moment, she bit her lip and pushed the door in.

In the living room, An Yuan and Jiao Hongyan’s mother and daughter were sitting on the sofa, and they stopped very tacitly when they saw her coming in. At the same time, they quickly exchanged glances and smiled triumphantly.

“I’m back?” An Yuan pulled her red fringed shawl, twisted her waist and walked in front of An Yan, saying meaningfully, “Were you happy last night?”

She squinted her eyes and looked up An Yan, then suddenly lifted up. Pulling away the hair on her shoulders, the bruise marks on her white neck suddenly appeared.

An Yuan’s eyes sank, complacency and annoyance intertwined.

“Sure enough, a mother must have a daughter!” She

sneered , “It’s a good way to seduce her brother-in-law to bed.” An Zhen is An Zhen’s illegitimate daughter . She was hugged when she was two years old. Back to Anyuan, Jiao Hongyan and An Yuan always regarded her as a thorn in the eye, and their cynicism has never stopped.

Regarding this, An Yan has been dealing with it coldly, only as if she hadn’t heard it.

But this time it was different, she smelled something else from it.

“What are you talking about?” An Yan raised her head suddenly, looked at An Yuan in shock, and said in a trembled, “You did it?”

She only has An Yuan’s half-sister, so her brother-in-law is…

An Yuan’s face. Yibai, thinking of Li Sheng’s wretched look, felt nauseous and his body trembled with anger.

She stared straight at An Yuan, her eyes extremely angry, extremely cold, and extremely disappointed.

An Yuan shivered as she was stared, and took a step back subconsciously, but she was used to bullying her, her eyes flashed, and she contemptuously said: “If you didn’t borrow your belly, you thought I would make you cheaper?”

She and Li Sheng has been married for three years and has no children. She was diagnosed some time ago, and it is extremely difficult for her to conceive.

After discussing with her mother, she felt that instead of letting Li Sheng go outside to steal the fishy, it would be better to use the ready-made one at home.

“How can you treat me like this!” An Yan roared out in pain.

Even though her identity is embarrassing, she still regards An Yuan as her sister. How can she be like this!

An Yuan was taken aback, and raised her slender eyebrows, annoyed: “What are you fierce? Why, you sleep with my man, and you want to be a

good beloved man?” An Yuan shivered with anger, and said nothing. When I came out, my heart became colder than before.

“Are you going to rebel?” Jiao Hongyan slapped the table, her mean lips said more mean words, “If it weren’t for the sisterhood, do you think such a good thing can fall on you?”

An Yan chuckles, this is really disgusting.

Thinking of being caught by Li Sheng’s wretched man… She just wished to die immediately.

“I want to tell Dad!” Her eyes were scarlet, and her teeth were blue and white between her lips. “He won’t let you go, he definitely won’t…”

An Yuan sneered with her arms around her shoulders, “Aren’t you the most filial Dad’s heart disease can’t be stimulated.”

Before planning this matter, they were sure that An Yan would not be able to complain to An Zhen.

An Wan’s face turned pale, her heart twitched and hurt.

Yes, Dad is sick and can’t stand the stimulus… The

sun shines through the window, and every place is warm, but she feels the chill radiating from her bones, and her heart is cold.

Since she was a child, she knew that her identity was embarrassing, so she had been cautious in her words and deeds, but still couldn’t stand Jiao Hongyan’s mother and daughter making things difficult.

But my father really loved her a little bit more than An Yuan, how could she let him worry about her?

“If you want to understand, stay at home and raise a baby.” An Yuan glanced at An Yan’s stomach, and said with a cold face, “You’d better make sure you get the trick in one fell swoop, don’t want to pester Li Sheng all the time.”

An Cencen bites.

She clenched her teeth, unaware that her nails were pinched into the flesh. After a long time, she compromised and loosened her head little by little . She lowered her head: “I see…” She has nowhere to go.

“Wife, An Yan ran away!” Li Sheng opened the door with a “bang”, and suddenly found An Yan who was glaring at him, swallowing his saliva in fright, and looked at An Yuan who was stunned, “Wife… “

Bitch!” Jiao Hongyan rushed over with an iron face, raised her slap and hit An Zhen, “Where did you go to fool around yesterday? Who is that savage man?”

Yesterday, she managed to cheat An Zhen, no Thinking of having failed, thinking of having such an opportunity again, but it is not easy, so what will her daughter do?

An Yan grabbed Jiao Hongyan’s arm and stared at her negatively.

Knowing that the man was not Li Sheng, she breathed a sigh of relief, and even felt the pleasure of revenge in her heart. She sneered, “It’s a pity, I let you down!”

Instead of being the scumbag man in front of me , She would rather be someone she didn’t know, better than these three people wanted.

But that person is not Li Sheng, who is it?

“Mom, look outside!” An Yuan glanced out the window and hurriedly called Jiao Hongyan.

A lengthened Lincoln stopped at the door of Anjia, and a dozen men dressed in black and sunglasses jumped out of the car and entered the living room of Anjia mightily.

“Who are you?” Jiao Hongyan shuddered at the person who suddenly broke in.

A dozen men in black stood in two rows in the living room. The leading man walked up to An Yan, took off his sunglasses, and said politely: “Miss An Yan, please come with me!”

“I don’t know you.” An Yan looked suspicious, “What can I do?”

The man in front of him was gentle, but there was a fierce energy in his eyes, and he was standing respectfully in front of An Yan at the moment.

She quickly searched her brain, and once again made sure she didn’t recognize him.

“Miss An went, naturally you know.” The man ignored An Yan’s refusal, one glance passed, and a dozen of his subordinates all stepped forward, seeming to be ready to kidnap people at any time.

An Yuan screamed: “An Yan, you are a bad guy, don’t hurry up!” The man frowned displeased, still maintaining a “please” attitude to An Yan.

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