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Chapter 2 Shameless

Jiao Hongyan saw that the matter was caused by An Yan, she was relieved, and looked at the group of people in kindness: “She is not our family, and what she does has nothing to do with us.”

“Let’s go.” An Yan Suddenly said coldly.

This is no longer her home.

The living room calmed down again, and An Yuan sat down on the sofa: “An Yan offended someone?”

“It’s best to die outside!” Jiao Hongyan cursed viciously.

Li Sheng glanced outside, feeling a pity that he hadn’t tasted the little sister-in-law yet.

An Yan was sitting in the car, looking at the scenery that was going backwards outside the window, frowning and said: “Where are you taking me?”

“Civil Affairs Bureau.” The gentle-looking man replied. It was obvious that he was the youngest of this group of people. Head to head.

An Yan was taken aback: “Why?”

“Master said, I will be responsible to you.” The man interrupted An Yan’s guess, and said hard, “Now go to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register your marriage.”


An Yan’s eyes widened sharply, and suddenly a sentence came into her mind: “I will be responsible.”

Hoarse and sexy voice, eyes like a cold star in the dark night.

“It’s him?!” An Yan’s heart shook, and then she became angry. She clenched her fingers, staring at the man and gritted her teeth, “I want to see him, see you now!”

She wants to ask herself clearly what happened yesterday. !

“Young Master is very busy,” the man said neatly, the expression on his face not half moved.

An Yan almost vomited blood when she heard the words. She was a victim. How could that person take it for granted?

Shouldn’t he give her an explanation?

“I won’t marry him.” She bit her teeth, her chest rising and falling with anger.

The man glanced at An Yan in surprise, paused, and said with a certain tone: “Must get married.”

No one has ever violated the young master’s meaning.

An anger suddenly raged in her heart, and she stood up, and a dozen black-clothed bodyguards all looked over, staring at her eagerly.

She trembled in her heart, and the anger that had just risen died out very hopelessly.

Now, she still doesn’t want to burn all the stones.

Civil Affairs Bureau.

An Yan filled out the form with a black face, pushed forward angrily, turned to look at the man behind, and said hardly: “Where is he?”

Now that the marriage is registered, the so-called “young master” should always show up, right? ?

. “Master is very busy,” the man continued, directed at Ann Han made a “please” gesture, “things behind, I will deal with, you can now go back to rest.”

Ann Jin: “……”

in a dozen Under the “protection” of a bodyguard, she resigned herself to get into the car, leaned on her seat, and stared at the man who supervised her “marriage” throughout the process: “What is your name?”

“Madam, you can call me cosine.” The man is natural. Changed his name and respectfully said, “I am the young master’s assistant.”

An Yan took a deep breath and smiled slightly: “I am married to your young master now, should I always know what his name is?”

“The young master will tell him personally. You.” Cosine said.

“How old is he? What does he do?” An Yan asked unwillingly.

“Master will tell you personally.” It is still the answer just now, and the tone is not slow or slow.

An Yan felt that she was “cocked” above her head. She stared at Cosine and took a deep breath, her smile stiffly: “Do you have a picture of the young master?”

She is already married to him, so she can’t still know the man’s fat, thin and short.

“Yes.” Cosine nodded honestly.

An Yan’s eyes lit up: “Show me.”

“No.” Cosine shook his head seriously.

An Yan twitched the corners of her mouth, almost vomiting blood out of anger.

In the extremely advanced 21st century, she got married and didn’t even know what her husband looked like.

Half an hour later, the car stopped at a luxurious villa,

Yu Xian got off, stood at the door and said politely: “Young lady, please.” An Yan got off the car with a black face, and looked at the villa in front of him, the gray Europe and America. Style, low-key, restrained and unassuming, looks pretty good.

“From today onwards, Madam Young will live here.” Cosine led An Yan into the villa and looked at the man standing at the door, “This is Uncle Li, the housekeeper of the villa. You can find him if you have things.”

An Yan looked over. , The man was in his fifties, in a suit and bow tie, his hair was neatly combed behind his head, his face was serious, and his eyes were particularly piercing.

“Mrs. Young is good.” Li Shu respectfully said.

An Yan nodded uncomfortably: “Hello.”

Seeing Coxian’s confession to leave, An Yan quickly asked: “Young Master…when will he be back?” Coxian kept walking

, and Uncle Li stepped forward respectfully: ” The young master is not coming back today. The second bedroom on the right on the second floor is your bedroom.”

“Oh.” An Yan looked at Uncle Li, her heart was frustrating, thinking that he must be difficult to get along with.

Especially those eyes, as if to see a few holes in a person.

She couldn’t stay in the living room any longer, so she stood up and said, “I’m going to rest.”

Entering the bedroom, she locked the door and threw herself onto the bed, clutching the pillow on the bed and smashing it violently.

A few hours ago, she changed from “girl” to “woman”.

Two hours ago, she changed from an “unmarried woman” to a “married young woman”.

Her identity changed abruptly, and she was panicked and at a loss.

By the way, she still doesn’t know who that man is!

“Madam Young has gone upstairs to rest.” Uncle Li said respectfully while holding the phone, “Don’t worry, Young Master.” In the

office of the president on the top floor of the H&C Group building, the man stood by the window, his body exuding a faint cold light.

As soon as he returned to China, he obstructed the eyes of others, so he had the calculations of yesterday.

If it hadn’t been for the stupid woman to make a mistake, he would have become the leading actor in the headlines of scandals in major newspapers today.

Complicated emotions flashed in the man’s deep eyes, and the woman was crying fiercely… As

night fell, he was still sitting at the desk, with long eyes looking at the computer screen, and an impenetrable smile appeared at the corners of his mouth, a grim face. The lines instantly become vivid and soft.

“Who is the young master?” An Yan wrapped her hands around her shoulders and walked around the room barefoot, her delicate little face full of sadness.

She had just taken a shower, and because she didn’t bring her pajamas, she turned over a “young master” shirt, which just covered her buttocks, revealing a pair of jade-colored long legs.

“Hey, it’s so annoying!” An Yan grabbed her hair in frustration, sat cross-legged on the bed, sighed sadly, and lay straight back, her shirt tucked upwards with the movement…

Seeing the woman in the video, his mind exploded, suddenly remembering the beauty of rubbing her into his arms yesterday, and an unfamiliar desire began to wander in his body.

He closed the computer “pop”, because he almost lost control and made his face black.

The next morning, An Yan opened her eyes and glanced at the time. A Ji Ling quickly turned to get up, finished washing in the shortest time, and rushed to the company.

“You’re late.” Ye Shaotang raised his head, revealing a face comparable to that of Sister Killing. He held his chin with one hand and blinked a pair of romantic peachy eyes. “What’s the matter?”

An Yan let go. Bao sat down and wiped the sweat from the tip of his nose, “Forgot to set the alarm clock. It’s time

to go to bed .” “Oh?” Ye Shaotang left his position and walked in front of An Yan, with his hands resting on her desk. , Leaned forward and said with a smile, “Although we have been in friendship since childhood, you know that I have always divided public and private…Huh, what’s the matter with your neck?”

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