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Chapter 3 Jian Meihua

Father Shen pushed his eyes on the bridge of his nose. At first glance, he looked like an intellectual. Shen Yue knew in his heart that none of his father could hang on to intellectuals.

“Shen Yue, how do you say it? Hurry up and apologize to your mother.” With these words, Father Shen also fondly stroked Wang Fang’s hand on his arm.

Shen Yue felt that the actions of the two opposing people were particularly disgusting, the disgusting to the extreme.

“I said, my mother is dead, Dad, if you still have feelings for my mother, don’t let me have anything to do with this woman!” After speaking, Shen Yue raised his hand and pointed to Wang Fang.

“Old Shen~” Wang Fang shrank like Father Shen’s arms, acting like a coquettish look that a little woman would have. Wang Fang was getting older, and doing such a gesture looked distorted.

Father Shen really liked this set.

Standing up suddenly, Father Shen rounded his arms and slapped Shen Yue fiercely.

“Tell you to be cheap, talk to you well, don’t you listen? Don’t mention that woman to me, I have only Wang Fang in my wife, and only Wang Fang in your Shen Yue’s mother!”

Haha, ridiculous, really ridiculous.

The last words of her mother before her death was to ask her to listen to her father. When she died, all she thought of was father.

And this man? He even said that his wife was only Wang Fang.

Mom, you love the wrong person.

Covering his face, Shen Yue saw blood at the corner of his mouth, and looked at Father Shen and Wang Fang angrily, as if Shen Yue was about to eat people in the next second.

Seeing Shen Yue’s appearance, Wang Fang couldn’t help but look away.

“Good and evil will be rewarded, and neither of you will die!”

With a roar, Shen Yue turned and ran out of the house.

“Get out! Get out and don’t come back, I will treat you as a daughter who is not filial!”

It’s ridiculous, since he was young, he has done a little of his father’s responsibilities? Even if she had a little real care for her, she wouldn’t be so cold in her heart.

She hates, she and this cold home, hate the strange man who took her for the first time!

Now she has nothing, nothing…

I don’t know if it is God’s mercy or God’s mercilessness. The sky that was originally clear was suddenly covered with dark clouds and it started to rain.

Shen Yue didn’t have an umbrella on him, so he had to get into the cafe closest to him.

Hiding in the coffee shop, Shen Yue patted her clothes, watched the pouring rain outside, frowning tightly together.

Could she be more unlucky?

“It’s a good stepping point.”

Some low-pitched male voice sounded behind him, and Shen Yue felt that the voice was familiar. Turning his head, he saw a familiar voice sitting by the window in the huge coffee shop. It was not someone else, but the man who made her lose her body.

It may be because of the rain, the cafe, there is only him, and the bodyguard standing behind him.

After looking at him a few times, Shen Yue turned around and continued to look outside the door.

“Why, step on a bit and do nothing? Climbed into my bed last night, what about today? What are you doing?”

No matter how stupid Shen Yue was, she could hear that the other party was talking to herself, and she looked at the man again, glanced at the corner of her mouth, and slowly said, “Being affectionate.”

Hearing Shen Yue’s words, A Qiang behind Jiang Tianheng’s forehead immediately saw Khan. Does this woman want to live? I dare to say that the master of my family is affectionate.

Secretly glanced at the master in front of him, and sure enough, the corners of Jiang Tianheng’s mouth twitched. Very well, this woman dares to speak.

With his eyes narrowed slightly, Jiang Tianheng looked at Shen Yue and looked at her.

Shen Yue was a little uncomfortable when he saw him, she shrank and frowned in discomfort.

“Are you injured?” Seeing a swelling of Shen Yue’s forehead, he asked casually.

Shen Yue subconsciously touched her forehead, and she took a breath in pain. Wang Fang’s attack was very ruthless, and she didn’t save any extra energy.

“Nothing to do with you.”

Still in an alienated tone, Jiang Tianheng was not annoyed, folded his legs together, and took a sip of coffee. His elegant appearance and Shen Yue’s embarrassment formed a sharp contrast.

“Do you want to climb someone else’s bed and failed?” Jiang Tianheng’s tone was full of mockery.

This kind of mockery reminded Shen Yue of Wang Fang. Wang Fang’s tone and language were several times more ironic than Jiang Tianheng. Every time she insulted her mother, Wang Fang would not repeat it.

After changing the usual time, Shen Yue might just stare at him, but today is different, she just got angry from home, and now facing the man who made her lose her body and taunted her, how could she calm down.

Walking quickly to Jiang Tianheng’s side, Shen Yue said nothing, grabbed the cup in Jiang Tianheng’s hand, and sprinkled it all on Jiang Tianheng’s face involuntarily!

The anger was out, but Shen Yue regretted seeing Jiang Tianheng’s scarlet eyes as he was about to kill.

“Aqiang, take it away.”

A Qiang behind him had been frightened by Shen Yue’s actions and his calves were a little weak. This was the first time I met a woman who had just poured his master’s coffee, and he didn’t expect that this woman would do it when he said it. If he didn’t stop it in time, it was also a certain responsibility.

“Yes! President Jiang.”

Having said this, A Qiang had already twisted Shen Yue’s arm to his back.

“Let go of me! What are you going to do, be careful when I call the police, let me go!!”

Shen Yue struggled, but her strength was not as good as mosquitoes in front of A Qiang.

Jiang Tianheng took out a handkerchief and wiped his face clean. Even though the white collar was stained with coffee stains, it did not affect his overall temperament at all. His face was still so handsome and handsome.

When he arrived in the car, Shen Yue wanted to open the door and run, Jiang Tianheng grabbed Shen Yue’s wrist: “If you want to run, you have to pay a higher price.”

Jiang Tianheng’s eyes were too sharp, so sharp that Shen Yue was a little guilty. She retracted her hand that wanted to open the door, and frankly shrank aside.

Through the rearview mirror, Aqiang saw Jiang Tianheng pulling his tie a little uncomfortably, his eyes were full of irritability.

It’s not strange to be irritable. Jiang Tianheng is a well-known habit of cleanliness. The utensils at the entrance must be washed separately, and the clothes have a special independent laundry. Now that a cup of coffee is poured, it is estimated that the woman will not survive today.

The car parked in front of a villa and looked at the magnificent and glorious villa. Shen Yue regretted it a little. She seemed to have offended a very powerful character.

Jiang Tianheng was forced to pull closer to the villa. Before Shen Yue could see the decoration of the villa, he was taken to a room by Jiang Tianheng. As soon as he entered the door, Jiang Tianheng threw Shen Yue into the house, and then began to take off his clothes. ??????????????????????????

After a while, Jiang Tianheng’s sexy and strong chest was openly exposed in front of Shen Yue.

Shen Yue quickly covered his eyes and said loudly: “What are you going to do! I tell you, you are breaking the law, let me go quickly, or I will sue you for kidnapping!”

“Humph! Whatever you want.”

In Jiang Tianheng’s cold eyes, he was overwhelmed with irritation, walked a few steps forward, and grabbed Shen Yue’s arm.

Shen Yue wanted to retract his arm, but Jiang Tianheng’s strength was too great, how could she break free.

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