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Chapter 3 Weird man

Because she was running too hot, An Yan drew the hair on her shoulders at random, revealing the patchy hickeys that hadn’t faded.

Ye Shaotang is best at recruiting bees and butterflies. He doesn’t understand what’s going on. His eyes are wide and round: “An Yan, you, you and a man are asleep?”

An Yan twitched at the corner of his mouth, which is too simple to ask. It’s rude.

She is more than asleep, and the marriage certificate is all pulled!

“Oh my god, it turned out to be true!” Ye Shaotang pulled a chair and sat across from An Yan, with a look of concern, “Who is that man? How did he hook up?”

An Yan kept his face dark and did not speak, she also wanted to know. Who is that man.

“We are but buddies, I have an obligation to help you check.” Ye Shaotang patted his chest, and put a

peachy face in the past, “Say it! Say it!” An Yan stroked her forehead with a voice like a mosquito: “No I know.”

“Cut it, the sheets are rolling, don’t you know?” Ye Shaotang firmly didn’t believe it.

An Yan’s face flushed, “I really don’t know.”

“Is it an affair?” Ye Shaotang was taken aback. He stared at An Yan with his eyes rounded, “I didn’t expect you to let it go like this. Go! It

‘s okay !” “It’s not what you think.” An Yan was upset, sat back in her chair irritably, and said frustratedly, “When I woke up, I was alone in the hotel room.”

It was really sad to think about it, the sheets rolled, the marriage certificate was pulled, she didn’t understand the man at all.

“Are you kidding?” Ye Shaotang was taken aback, but seeing An Hua’s expression serious, he immediately became serious, “Are you being calculated?”

An Hua thought for a while and nodded: “Yes.”

Didn’t Jiao Hongyan and An Yuan count her behind? Thinking that she was almost taken advantage of by that wretched man Li Sheng, she felt nauseous.

“Don’t worry, I will definitely…”

“Iloveyou, Bo!” The

unique ringing of the mobile phone rang, interrupting Ye Shaotang.

He glanced at the caller, his eyebrows bounced, and he

bit his scalp to connect: “What’s wrong?” “Young master, husband and wife are quarreling again, they smashed a lot of things.” As

if to testify to the servant’s words, There was a cracking sound from the other end, and the shaking Ye Shaotang quickly withdrew his head to save his ears.

Regarding this, An Yan has taken no surprises.

“I’ll go right away.” Ye Shaotang hung up the phone with a dark face, and glanced at An Yan who was opposite, “Let’s go.”

An Yan looked up in astonishment: “Me?”

He went home to pull the rack , what is she going to do?

“After dealing with the matter over there, I will see the customer at half past ten.” Ye Shaotang muttered with a dark face, “It

‘s embarrassing to be too old for his wife.” An Yan twitched and quietly packed up the files. Followed.

Twenty minutes later, the car “creaked” and stopped at the door of Ye’s villa. Ye Shaotang glanced at An Yan, and said hardly: “You are stupid, you can’t save it.”

On the way here, An Yan made things simple. He told Ye Shaotang, but automatically ignored the fact that he was already a “married woman.”

“I’m waiting for you outside.” An Lao smiled wryly, with an embarrassment on her face.

She was inexplicably slept and married, she was really stupid and helpless.

“How can you be so stupid?!” Ye Shaotang taught An Jia with a dark face, and reached out his hand and knocked on An Jia’s forehead unceremoniously, “Stupid! Stupid!”

An Yan covered his forehead in pain, and muttered: “If you don’t go, your uncle and aunt’s houses will be demolished!”

“Dare to talk back!” Ye Shaotang glared at An Yan, but heard that they were in the villa. With the sound of “ping-pong-pong”, his face turned pale, and he quickly pushed the door and hurried over.

An Yan rubbed her forehead and let out a sigh of relief. She opened the door of the car and came out to breathe, feeling really suffocated in her heart.


She turned her head in fright. A man was getting out of the car, his tall and tall figure shrouded in chill.

After taking a indifferent look, An Yan felt that the blood in her whole body instantly condensed into ice, as if she moved slightly, it would break into slag with a “click”.

She felt that this man was a bit familiar, as if he had seen him somewhere… Ah, yes, it was Huo Tingshen.

Huo Tingshen, the second son of Huo Zhenting, the helm of the Huo family, went abroad at the age of 16, and founded the H&C Group at the age of 23. However, in just a few years, H&C has been among the top 500 in the world and is a god-like figure in the business world.

In the latest issue of the Financial Magazine, there is a full picture of Huo Tingshen. No wonder she thinks he is so familiar.

An Yan nodded politely, turned her head, and continued to look at the rose flower on the opposite wall.

Huo Ting squinted her eyes and looked at the woman who was a few steps away. She wore a beige professional dress, leaning against the car window, with a bumpy figure that was better than the best car model.

The morning wind blew, the hair on her forehead, a light strand, added countless amorous feelings.

His eyes tightened, he lifted his slender legs and walked over, and said lightly: “An Yan.” Meeting

her here was completely beyond his expectation.

She and Ye Shaotang were so close, which surprised him even more.

The person whose name was named turned his head in astonishment. To Huo Ting’s deep eyes, he said in amazement: “Huo always knows me?”

How could the business magnate know her?

Huo Tingshen’s gaze fell on An Yan’s red forehead, and his eyes were cold as he remembered the intimate actions between her and Ye Shaotang just now in the car.

“Mr. Huo?” An Yan was staring uncomfortably, and frowned slightly, “What’s the matter with you?”

“Keep your distance from Ye Shaotang.” He said hard, with an unquestionable aura.

An Yan was startled when she heard the words, and looked at Huo Tingshen with crooked eyebrows: “This, it seems that it has nothing to do with Huo.”

This person is really strange, his eyes are strange, and his words are strange.

Huo Ting’s eyes tightened, staring at An Yan coldly, and a dangerous aura appeared all over her body. She had become his wife. She behaved closely with other men, and of course had something to do with him.

“Remember who you are and the consequences you should bear.” Huo Tingshen put his palm on the open car door and raised his brows to look at An Yan, “Are you married?”

An Yan made a “thump” in her heart, and her eyelids jumped uncontrollably, because her frightened and slightly opened lips were soft and round, like very tender jelly, which made people feel the urge to take a bite.

Huo Ting looked at her

firmly , and continued: “If you get married, you must pay attention to your words and deeds.” After speaking, in An Yan’s startled gaze, he raised his foot into the villa where Ye Shaotang had just entered.

An Yan didn’t know that Huo Tingshen’s aunt Huo Wanrou was Ye Shaotang’s eldest mother.

Because Huo Wanrou caught Ye Zewei stealing food, she went away to the United States in a rage and had just returned home recently.

She stubbornly refused to forgive him, but Ye Zewei stubbornly didn’t give up and stalked all day long. The two of them had been entangled all the time, often making trouble.

Ye Shaotang and Huo Ting Shenze were often moved to put out the fire, and they often met, but because of their different positions, the relationship between the two was rather unfriendly.

“Is there the word marriage written on my face?” An Yan murmured, looking at Huo Tingshen’s direction with complicated eyes, feeling weird.

It seems…the whole world knows that she is married.

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