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Chapter 4 Being splashed with juice

Splashed An Yan’s brain “buzzed”, he stretched out his fingers and knocked on his temples, ready to open the car door and squint for a while. Ye Shaotang and Huo Tingshen’s faces came out with ugly faces, and the air tightened fiercely.

“I would rather demolish ten temples than ruin a marriage.” Ye Shaotang said angrily, “You don’t get involved in matters of elders.”

Huo Ting smiled coldly, “Ye Shao , who changes women faster than clothes, wants to talk to me. Marriage?”

He was talking to Ye Shaotang, but his eyes crossed him and fell on An Yan’s body, with warning in his eyes, especially biting the word “marriage”.

“My woman proves that I am attractive!” Ye Shaotang snorted coldly, and narrowed his peachy eyes. “Can you compare it?”

This is true. Although both of them are the prince charming in women’s hearts, Huo Tingshen It’s too cold to be as grounded as Ye Shaotang, and it’s not as easy to fall down as Ye Shaotang.

An Yan pressed her eyebrows speechlessly. Is this also something to be proud of?

According to her, those women are all in the head, what good is a peacock who never forgets to open the screen?

It’s Huo Tingshen, low-key, restrained, and capable…Yeah, what is she thinking!

An Yan twitched her mouth, seriously suspecting that she had not become a married woman, and her thoughts became yellowish.

Huo Tingshen has been looking at An Yan, frowning when she sees her for a while and then twitching the corners of her mouth. Her facial features are vivid and vivid, and the corners of her mouth are raised.

He glanced sideways at Ye Shaotang: “I’m not interested in paying attention to your business, but I will take care of my aunt’s business to the end.”

“Uncle’s business, I won’t let go!” Ye Shaotang squinted his eyes, thoroughly and thoroughly. Huo Ting stepped on the deep bar, and the two of them faced each other, and the air quickly filled with the smell of gunpowder smoke, and there was a faint danger of explosion at any time.

Upon seeing this, An Yan hurriedly pulled Ye Shaotang: “We have an appointment with a client, and it will be too late.” As

soon as she finished speaking, she felt a chill rushing toward her face, and every cell in her body trembled.

Huo Ting looked over coldly, her fingers were resting on Ye Shaotang’s arm, as if holding them.

An Yan felt that the temperature of the surrounding air had dropped more than ten degrees, and she shrank her head subconsciously.

“Don’t be afraid of him!” Ye Shaotang pulled An Yan behind him, staring at Huo Tingshen provocatively, “Your aunt must still be my eldest aunt!”

Huo Tingshen glanced at An Yan and left with a sneer.

The black Porsche 911 quickly disappeared from sight. Ye Shaotang still maintained his arrogant and arrogant posture. An Yan tugged at him speechlessly: “If you don’t go anymore, I really want to miss the customer.”

They made an appointment with the customer. At 10 o’clock in the morning in Shenghua Group, it was just too late in the past.

When he arrived at the hotel, Ye Shaotang insisted on asking An Yan to have a cup of coffee in the elegant seat of the lobby.

“The dessert here is good. Would you like a piece?” Ye Shaotang leaned on the sofa gracefully, “The girls I brought with me said it was delicious.”

An Yan twitched her mouth and rolled her eyes at Ye Shaotang . : ” Thank you Bumin .”

“Iloveyou, Bo!”

“Can you change the ringtone of your phone?” An Yan said in a bad mood, drinking coffee with Ye Shaotang was a mistake at all.

“No.” He smiled enchantingly, slid off the phone and answered the call, “Baby want to eat western food? But I’m working…Baby, I’ll take you next time.” After

hanging up the phone, Ye Shaotang looked complacent: “Did you see it? This is the charm!”

Huo Tingshen, can you compare him?

“Is it Lily or Salsa this time? Or Cici?” An Yan sneered, “I won’t…”

“Wow!” There was a

sudden cold on her face. She jumped to her feet in shock, and the coffee cup in her hand fell to the ground with a “bang”. The crisp and harsh sound immediately attracted the few people.

“Your brain is sick!” An Yan wiped a handful of juice from her face, her angry face was green, the viscous liquid dripped down her hair and cheeks, and clusters of fruit rolled on her white shirt. grain.

“Smelly shameless vixen!” The girl in a scarlet chiffon skirt, with an empty goblet in her hand, lit An Yan and cursed, “You must be the one who seduce Ye Shao and not let him eat with me. Western food!”

An Yan stared at the man opposite, gritted her teeth: “Ye Shaotang!”

Since becoming Ye Shaotang’s assistant, she has been troubled by women he provoked more than once, but she has never been so embarrassed.

Receiving An Yan’s murderous eyes, Ye Shaotang shrugged innocently, took a sip of coffee elegantly, and didn’t mean to speak.

He has a clear attitude and wants An Yan to solve it by himself.

“Vixie, you seduce Ye Shao!” The girl threw the cup in her hand and rushed towards An Yan, her long nails facing An Yan’s face.

The movement here has long attracted many people. Many people pointed at An Yan, whispering discussions, and words such as “vix” and “third party” came into her ears endlessly. .

An angry one Buddha ascended to heaven and two Buddhas were born. Seeing danger approaching, she grabbed the girl’s wrist in annoyance and said fiercely: “If you are wronged, you are indebted, whoever is sorry for you, you should spill the juice on someone’s face. No, you should pour sulfuric acid!”

Ye Shaotang twitched the corner of his mouth, and it was indeed the most poisonous woman’s heart.

However, he was still sitting on the sofa motionless, expecting An Yan to get rid of this crooked woman as soon as before.

“Bang!” An Yan grabbed something casually and smashed it against Ye Shaotang.

“Don’t be angry.” Ye Shaotang dodges his head, quickly catches the drawer, walks to An Yan gracefully, and touches An Yan’s forehead with the tissue You, gently speaking. “Fortunately, baby without makeup, otherwise it would be ugly with makeup.” The

girl cried out with a “wow” and pointed at Ye Shaotang and complained: “You, you clearly said you only call me a baby! You, you say you love me “…”

“What a silly girl.” Ye Shaotang pressed his temple with a headache, “Why do you believe anything?”

An Yan rubbed the tissue in her hand, as if rubbing Ye Shaotang’s. Zhang incomparably lashed face.

“He loves every girl he associates with, and they are all favorites.” She unceremoniously revealed Ye Shaotang’s bottom, “He is a scumbag.”

“I don’t believe it!” The girl was angry. He stamped his feet, covered his face and ran away crying.

“Baby, you can’t slander me like this in the future!” Ye Shaotang smiled and said, “It will affect the image of my male god.”

“Go away.” An Yan threw the crumpled tissue paper on the table fiercely. It hurts every time.

She really committed crimes in her previous life and became an assistant to Ye Shaotang.

“Today you have a great credit, go back and rest.” Ye Shaotang waved his hand very generously and let her go for a day off.

An Yan picked up her bag without saying a word, and walked away in the eyes of everyone’s surprise, cursing Ye Shaotang to be planted in the hands of a woman in her life.

Best, he stubbornly fell in love with a woman who stubbornly did not love him!

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