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Chapter 4 Struggle

Afterwards, Jiang Tianheng pulled Shen Yue to the bathroom, and threw Shen Yue into the bathroom mercilessly. Then, Shen Yue screamed and was soaked by Jiang Tianheng.

“Are you crazy? Let me out!”

Shen Yue stretched out his hand, trying to block the water, but this was all in vain after all. As the clothes got wet, Shen Yue’s graceful figure appeared in front of Jiang Tianheng without reservation.

The throat moved, and the lust in Jiang Tianheng’s eyes became more vigorous.

With a tear, a large area of skin on Shen Yue’s collarbone was exposed.

“Ah! Rogue, what are you going to do, I tell you I will sue you!”

Holding his chest, Shen Yue looked at Jiang Tianheng in disbelief, but he didn’t expect that he was a beast in clothing.

Jiang Tianheng ignored her at all, and after tearing away Shen Yue’s clothes, he grabbed her into his arms and sealed her lips with a kiss.

The bathroom is full of mist, and the spring night is worth a lot of money.

When Jiang Tianheng woke up early the next morning, Shen Yue was gone.

After tossing all night yesterday, he only slept for a few hours, and the woman disappeared.

It seems that if you see her again next time, you can’t just let her go so easily.

When he got up, Jiang Tianheng took a shower. When he wanted to get his clothes to wear, he realized that his clothes were gone, his shirts, suits and trousers were all gone.

His eyes narrowed slightly, and the corners of Jiang Tianheng’s mouth were upturned.

What a little girl, dare to wear his clothes.

At this moment, Shen Yue wore inappropriate clothes and walked awkwardly on the street.

The waist of the trousers was folded several times by Shen Yue, but it was still very long. The suit was worn on the body with the sleeves hanging down, like a big show. As for the white shirt inside, it looked like a small skirt.

All the passers-by who passed by Shen Yue all pointed and laughed at her, and some even took out their mobile phones to take pictures.

Shen Yue lowered his head, frowned, and murmured Jiang Tianheng whisperingly: “You bastard! My clothes are still so big and tall, so you can bully anyone!”

Swearing and cursing, Shen Yue habitually put his hand in the pocket of his clothes. Unintentionally, he found a long-shaped object in his pocket. After taking it out, it was a wallet.

Shen Yue opened it to see, wow, a lot of cash!

Humph! The smelly man insulted me. It was not too much to spend some money on him. Besides, her clothes were torn to pieces by the smelly man and deserve compensation.

Thinking about this, Shen Yue took his wallet and walked into the nearby shopping mall.

After buying a piece of clothing, Shen Yue spent all the cash in his wallet. When he was about to leave, Shen Yue saw his favorite bag and flipped through the wallet. The cash was definitely not enough, but…

Jiang Family Villa.

Jiang Tianheng was looking at the file intently, and the mobile phone on the side vibrated at a high frequency.

Brows raised slightly, Jiang Tianheng reached out and took the phone.

There were 6 unread messages in total, and Jiang Tianheng was stunned when he clicked on it.

Your card spends 5541 thousand yuan in a certain place.

Your certain card spends 8674 thousand yuan in a certain place.

Your certain card spends 6399 thousand yuan in a certain place.


Looking through them one by one, another new message came in.

Withdraw RMB 2W from a certain bank of your card.

The corners of her mouth twitched, the damn woman, let’s not talk about her clothes, she even dared to use her card privately!


Outside the door, Aqiang heard Jiang Tianheng’s voice like a forbearing leopard, shivered, and gently pushed the door of the study room and asked, “Mr. Jiang, you call me?”

“I asked you to check the woman yesterday, did you find it?”

A Qiang shrank his neck and replied: “It has been handed over to the people below.”

“I will ask you to check it yourself! Go right away, and I will know the result soon!!”

His legs softened and A Qiang almost sat on the ground. When did President Jiang make such a big fire, what did that woman do?

He hurriedly responded, and Aqiang did not dare to delay for a moment, and went to investigate quickly.

Woman, wait for me. If you catch her this time, you will not let her go easily!

Shen Yue, who mentioned cash, put the card and wallet back into the pocket of his suit, and then went to the trash can outside the bank and unceremoniously stuffed Jiang Tianheng’s things into the trash can.

After doing all this, Shen Yue clapped his hands and looked at the suit in the trash can triumphantly. The anger that had accumulated in his heart also dissipated a lot with the shopping.

Carrying the bag she had long wanted, Shen Yue went to a restaurant across the street for dinner.

After eating, Shen Yue touched his chubby belly. As soon as he went out, he saw several people rumbling around the trash can where he had thrown his suits.

Out of curiosity, Shen Yue craned his neck and looked around for a few moments. This is incredible. Isn’t it the same bodyguard who tied him back to the villa yesterday? If I remember correctly, it should be called A Qiang.

It’s over, if he gets caught, it will be miserable.

Shrinking his neck, Shen Yue was about to stray away. Before taking a few steps, he heard a loud shout from behind: “Stop!”

Looking back, Aqiang led the person, pointed at himself, and ran over quickly.

Regardless of the image, Shen Yue quickly ran on the receiver. Before the end of the street, he was held by Aqiang like a chicken.

It hasn’t been three hours before and after leaving. At this moment, I went back to the villa again.

Jiang Tianheng sat in the study, with one hand on the armrest of the chair and rhythmically tapping on the desk with the other.

Shen Yue felt the knocking sound like a reminder, approaching one by one, she panicked when she heard it.

Jiang Tianheng looked at the documents about Shen Yue in his hand. He was surprised that Shen Yue’s life experience was a little bit beyond his expectation. As for her relationship with her family, she was somewhat similar to himself.

Putting down the information, Jiang Tianheng raised his eyes and looked at Shen Yue, who was sitting not far away, as if suffering from ADHD.

“Are you the daughter of the Shen family?”

The voice was deep and sexy, but Shen Yue felt that it was a little scary.

With eyes drifting around, Shen Yue didn’t speak.

“Don’t speak?” Jiang Tianheng sneered at the corner of his mouth: “Old man Shen put you on my bed, do you want to cooperate with the Jiang family? You obediently cooperate with me, maybe I will think about it.”

“No!” Shen Yue raised her eyes and met Jiang Tianheng’s gaze. Then, she pursed her lips and said, “I have nothing to do with him.”

After finishing speaking, there was a trace of sadness in Shen Yue’s stubborn eyes.

Somewhere in Jiang Tianheng’s heart moved, Shen Yue’s stubborn and sad look was so similar to him back then.

“You got the money in the card, didn’t you?”

When I heard that the card was mentioned, Shen Yue began to feel uncomfortable again, writhing in the chair, unable to stay anyhow.

“Since you don’t speak, then I will make the decision for you. I can give you things, but you have to work for me in my villa.”

“Huh?” Shen Yue looked at Jiang Tianheng incredulously: “Working?”

Jiang Tianheng’s eyes flashed with a playful look, and he nodded and said, “Yes, part-time job.”

“But I…”

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