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Chapter 5 Meet Huo Tingshen again

At ten o’clock in the morning, there are already a lot of people coming and going in the lobby of the hotel. While wiping the sticky things on her face, she lowered her head and walked quickly, trying not to attract the attention of others.

Seeing that she was about to reach the door, she walked two steps quickly, unexpectedly slammed into a person’s arms firmly, and immediately covered her forehead in pain.

Before going out today, she should look at the almanac, which must have written “not suitable for traveling” in large characters.

“I’m sorry.” An Yan apologized, but the person grabbed her wrist. She raised her head in surprise and said in surprise, “Huo, President Huo?”

Huo Ting frowned, staring at the embarrassed An Pan , with a voice With a chill: “Who made it?”

“Accidentally…” An Yan bit her lip. Would she say that she accidentally poured juice on her face?

Huo Tingshen’s eyes were deep, pulling An Yan’s arm into the safe passage next to him, avoiding the people coming and going at the door.

“Let’s talk.” He said coldly.

The strings in An Wan’s heart tightened suddenly, and he seemed to be very angry, but why?

She took a breath, raised her face and said politely: “Thank you for your concern, Huo, I’m leaving.”

An Yan lowered her head and flicked the fruit on her clothes, but the little cluster seemed to be against her and died. Scratched dead and refused to come down.

“Follow me!” Huo Tingshen suddenly grabbed An Yan’s wrist and pulled hard.

Unconsciously, she lost her center of gravity, and fell into Huo Ting’s deep arms again. The male hormone breath burrowed into her nose, her heart was beating violently, and her mind was blank.

Freshly squeezed orange juice.” An abusive voice came over her head, and An Yan’s cheeks flushed red and hot.

Huo Tingshen watched An Yan’s expression all over his eyes, and the corners of his mouth evoked a shallow arc.

“Mr. Huo, goodbye!” An Yan was flustered, turned and left, her chest like a deer bumping.

“Follow me!”

Before An Yan refused, Huo Tingshen grabbed An Yan’s wrist again and dragged people toward the elevator with a strong attitude.

“You let me go!” An Yan said angrily, but the strength of men and women was different. No matter how hard she struggled, she couldn’t get her arms out, and clusters of small flames appeared in her heart.

“The more you struggle, the more people will notice you.” Huo Tingshen imprisoned An Yan by his side with a “kindly” reminder on his face.

An Yan looked around subconsciously. Sure enough, many people were looking at them. She immediately calmed down and didn’t dare to make any more noises. She was about to talk to Huo Ting in a low voice to reason. People had been pulled into the elevator by him.

“An Yan!” Ye Shaotang yelled after taking a few steps, but the elevator door closed too fast, she didn’t hear it at all.

Looking at the constantly changing numbers, he squinted his eyes in doubt: “How do they know each other?”

“Ye Shao, you bought the clothes you wanted.” The waiter walked over and said respectfully, holding a beautiful piece in his hand. Gift box.

“Throw it away.” Ye Shaotang dropped a word, turned his head and left.

In vain his kindness, this woman has gone with his enemy.

The elevator “dingdong” stopped on the 29th floor. Huo Ting pulled An Yan’s arm out and pushed open the first door on the right. An Yan had already accepted his fate and stopped resisting.

“The bathroom is over there.” Huo Ting let go of An Za, and pointed to An Za while taking off his jacket.

He sat on the sofa and loosened his neckline. He picked up a magazine and flipped it up. The lazy sensuality revealed a cold nobility.

“Thank you.” An Yan said in a low voice, turned to the bathroom, and carefully locked the door, only to feel that her cheeks were hot and her heart was beating.

The sound of “crushing” water came from the bathroom, Huo Ting squeezed the magazine’s finger deeply, and her graceful blooming beauty flashed through her mind, and a wanton desire suddenly sprang up in her lower abdomen.

In the bathroom, An Yan’s cheeks were hot red with steam, and her fingers touched her neck with a lot of shallow hickeys, she thought of “Young Master” inexplicably.

Her legal husband.

What kind of person is he? Why did you pull the marriage certificate with her and refused to see her?

An Yan was wiping the water on her body while thinking about something, and suddenly remembered a very important thing.

Just now, she just threw the clothes she took off on the sink, and all of them got wet at the moment.

“Oops!” She squeezed Shui Da Da’s clothes, and after she was sure that she couldn’t wear it again, her slapped face wrinkled and became a ball.

An Yan looked around in the bathroom, besides the large bath towel… there was also a men’s shirt.

It’s an inexhaustible road.

Her eyes lit up, took her shirt and

pulled it down, and muttered: “It’s okay.” An Yan bit her lip, hesitated again and again, unscrewing the door to reveal a head, and said in embarrassment: “Can you take the phone? Bring it to me?”

“The clothes will be delivered right away.” Huo Tingshen saw through An Yan’s thoughts, his eyes fell on her, his eyes tightened quickly, and he couldn’t move it anymore.

She was wearing a large white shirt, holding the door frame with both hands, showing half of her body diagonally, her wet hair hanging down in locks, water drops dripping into her neck, spinning around her collarbone, revealing an indescribable sexy .

Huo Tingshen felt that her lower abdomen was tight, and her Adam’s apple quivered. Today she is more tempting than what she saw on the video yesterday.

“Thank you.” An Yan blushed, uncomfortable.

Huo Tingshen closed the magazine and placed it on the coffee table. He got up and walked slowly towards An Yan. Seeing the woman panicked and wanted to hide back, he stretched out his hand and grabbed her by the arm, and directly picked up the person: “It’s cold on the ground.”

This woman seems to like to step on the floor barefoot, as did last night.

An Yan’s eyes rounded in shock, her fingers tugging at the clothes on Huo Tingshen’s arm, all the blood in her body rushed to her head, her cheeks were hot.

“You, you put me down.” Her heart beat faster, and she shook her legs uncomfortably.

Holding the warm and soft person, Huo Ting’s eyes flashed deep, and he was reluctant to put An Yan on the sofa.

He turned around and grabbed the towel and handed it to her: “Dry your hair.” He turned around and took a deep breath, and secretly pressed his lower abdomen. Turbulent desire.

An Yan shrank on the sofa awkwardly, wiping her hair carefully, wondering what Huo Tingshen wanted to do?

His attitude towards her is really strange.

“Hmm…” Her brows clenched, her hands pressed on her lower abdomen subconsciously, and she felt a burst of cramps, her face paled suddenly, and big beads of sweat rolled down from her forehead.

Damn, why did her good friend come early, so she didn’t have a little preparation.

“What’s wrong with you?” Huo Tingshen turned to see her pale, her eyebrows jumped, and he subconsciously reached out to pull her over.

“I, I…” An Yan’s face turned white and red, and she struggled for a long time before bit her scalp, “Can you please let the waiter send a pack of sanitary napkins.”

After she said this, she said. She dared not look at Huo Tingshen with her head down.

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