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Chapter 6 The most embarrassing thing in life

“Okay.” Huo Ting was taken aback for a moment, his eyes were complicated and got up and went to the side to call.

But within a few minutes, An Yan was already painful and weak, and she could only weakly lean on the sofa.

I don’t know how long it took, but she noticed that there was a warm cup in her hand.

“Ginger sugar tea.” Huo

Tingshen said , and pointed to the box next to him. “The clothes are here.” An Yan quickly took a sip of ginger tea. A warm current spread quickly across the body, and the cramps in her lower abdomen slowly Ease down.

There are always a few days a month that makes her feel unhappy. She drank a whole cup of ginger tea, and it took a long time before she felt that she had come back to life again, and said with embarrassment: “I, I’m going to change clothes.”

She held the box in both hands . Behind the ass, he moved awkwardly to the next room.

“Huh.” An Yan was surprised to find that the size of the underwear shop was just right.

She couldn’t help muttering, “The look in her eyes is really poisonous.” After she changed her clothes, she looked at the shirt she changed, her cheeks hot, and the white shirt was bright red. , Like a blooming flower.

“I don’t know if I can wash it…” She frowned.

Ten minutes later, she wore a blue polka-dot dress and walked out to Huo Tingshen and said embarrassingly: “Thank you, I’m going back.”

“I’ll send you.” Huo Tingshen got up and took the car key and took the remaining ginger tea on the table.

Handed the granule to her, “take it away.” An Yan took it with a blushing face, and felt a warm feeling in her heart.

“It’s easy to take a taxi outside, I can do it alone.” An Yan nodded at Huo Ting deeply, and ran out hurriedly before he could speak.

Facing him, she was too embarrassed.

Seeing through An Yan’s thoughts, Huo Tingshen didn’t chase it out. He sat back on the sofa with complicated eyes, and there seemed to be the smell of her left in the air.

An Yan took a breath when she entered the elevator, squeezed the bag in her hand, and took the shirt away, hoping to buy the same one for him.

The next morning, when Ye Shaotang arrived at the company, An Hua was shrinking in her seat, sipping ginger tea in small sips.

“Morning.” An Yan was angry.

Every time her aunt visited, she felt like she had died once.

Ye Shaotang was taken aback by her pale face. He picked up the calendar on the table and looked at it. It was “suddenly realized”, “No wonder.”

An Hua cast a blank glance at Ye Shaotang, and honestly shrank back . In his seat, he was too weak to quarrel with him.

“Talking about serious things.” Ye Shaotang slanted on An Yan’s desk, propped one hand on it, looking at her, “Are you very familiar with Huo Ting?”

An Yan was startled when he heard this, and shook his head honestly: “Unfamiliar. “

Although Anjia has its own company, compared with H&C, it is really not enough to see. She and Huo Tingshen, a business giant like a god, can’t have an intersection at all.

“Not honest.” Ye Shaotang squinted his peachy eyes, showing the shrewdness of a fox, “Yesterday you all went into the elevator together.”

An Yan was taken aback and looked at Ye Shaotang sharply. Yesterday, she was actually caught He saw it.

If she said she just went upstairs to change clothes with him, could Ye Shaotang believe it?

She herself didn’t believe it, but that was the case.

In order to avoid unnecessary tongues, An Yan kept her mouth silent and drank her brown sugar ginger tea quietly.

“Ben Shao doesn’t like that guy.” Ye Shaotang jumped off her desk and warned with a black face, “I advise you, cherish life and stay away from Huo Tingshen.”

An Yan’s lower abdomen was cramping for a while, and she didn’t have the energy to deal with Ye Shaotang. No matter what he said, she just nodded indiscriminately, “I see.”

Ye Shaotang sat behind his desk, looking in his eyes. A complicated glance at An Yan, they were the best buddies who grew up together, and she and Huo Tingshen had a secret.

He is very upset!

For the whole day, An Yan was like a lifeless rag doll, lying on the table most of the time, waiting to leave when it was time for get off work.

“Boom.” Ye Shaotang knocked on An Yan’s desk, handed her the information in his hand, raised his chin, “Come with me to see a client.”

“I’m not well.” An Yan leaned back. With a pale face, he said weakly, “Can you change the day?”

“No.” Ye

Shaotang was firm, “I have made an appointment with the client today.” An Yan scolded Ye Shaotang a hundred times in her heart, and the capitalists really did. Cruel and ruthless, knowing that she is dying in pain, even asking her to go out to talk about work?

“You take Linda or Ellie.” An Yan put her right hand on her lower abdomen to warm her, and at the same time provided Ye Shaotang with alternatives, “They are both beautiful and drink well.”

Ye Shaotang held her hands on her hands . On the desk, staring at An Yan, she said “sincerely”: “That customer has a very good impression of you, so you can get twice the result with half

the effort .” “You must go?” An Yan asked unwillingly.


Shaotang nodded very earnestly: “You must go!” Thinking of An Hua’s concealment from him, Ye Shaotang felt uncomfortable for a while, he was deliberately trying to toss An Hua.

An Hua was very reluctant to put the hot water cup on the desk, picked up the materials on the desk, and glanced at Ye Shaotang gritted his teeth, “Mr. Ye, you can go.”

The place for this negotiation was still Shenghua Hotel. To prevent being splashed with juice again, An Yan resolutely chose to wait for customers in the box.

“I’m going to say hello to the beautiful woman.” Ye Shaotang’s eyes were aimed at the hall, and a girl in cool clothes was coming in from the door. He said to An Yan, finishing her clothes, and floating out gracefully.

An Yan twitched at the corner of her mouth, but it was so painful that she didn’t even have the strength to scold Ye Shaotang.

She propped her forehead with one hand, and put one hand on her lower abdomen. She curled up on the chair like a prawn, with cold sweat on her forehead.

In the next life, she would rather be a male cat than a woman, which would be so torturous.

She squinted her eyes, because of the cramps in her lower abdomen and her eyelashes trembling from time to time, she looked forward to the sudden appearance of the warm baby to save her from the heat.

An Yan was so painful that she was going to die, her mind was dizzy, and finally she simply lay on the table, her reason being plunged into endless darkness intermittently.

“Stupid!” A

deep and pleasant voice came from above, An Yan bit her lip, and murmured unconsciously: “It hurts.”

Huo Tingshen stood in the box, looking distressedly at the almost unconscious woman, and hurried over to hug the person. Into his arms, he had a dark face and taught: “It hurts to come out and run around.”

He met a customer here. When passing by this box, he inadvertently glanced, and saw An Jia curled up, her pale face looked like A sharp sword hit the deepest part of his heart, and suddenly he felt angry and annoyed.

Huo Tingshen took An Yan into his arms, took the elevator directly into the parking lot, and drove away.

“Sure enough… there is adultery.” In the inconspicuous corner, Ye Shaotang stared at the car that was getting farther and farther away with complicated eyes.

An Yan was in chaos, feeling that she was still in the bed, warm and very comfortable.

She rubbed her cheek and found a comfortable position. The pain in her lower abdomen seemed to be relieved a lot.

Huo Tingshen looked at the woman who was daunting like a kitten in his arms, and an indifferent tenderness appeared in his indifferent eyes.

“Boss.” Cosine knocked on the door, “Doctor Chen is here.”

Huo Tingshen put An Yan on the bed, pulled the quilt to cover it, and said lightly, “Go in.”

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