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01 Want her from behind


The woman’s body was turned over, and the long and slender man pressed up from behind as usual, and his big, well-knotted hands ignited all the way, reached into her silk nightdress, fingers hung on the edge of her underwear, and pulled down!

Yu Lan was awakened from the dream, and subconsciously grasped the man’s hand. The familiar weight and temperature made her tight.

It’s wine again!

Thinking of what Yu Yi said today, she twisted her body, resisting emotionally, and determined not to let him enter her body from behind her.

“Sheng Youting!” She twisted her body and looked at him annoyed. “Every time I press my face into the pillow, are you afraid to see that the person sleeping with you is me, not my sister!”

Yu Lan’s chest was fierce. Ups and downs, she thought that she had already trained herself with steel and iron bones, but today Yu Yi’s words still crushed all her armor and melted them into hot metal that burned her.

Sheng Youting had never asked her when he was awake, and he had never asked her from behind, nor had he seen her face in the process.

Sheng Youting wanted to get up and leave. Just as soon as he moved, Yu Lan stood up and hooked his neck, forcibly pulling him towards him, “You are not allowed to go! See who I am! I am your legal wife!

” Sheng Youting! The woman under you is Yu Lan! It’s Yu Yi’s sister! Two years ago, it was not I who forced you to marry me. Grandpa couldn’t stand the pressure of the outside world and forced you to marry me!”

What happened two years ago was revealed, and Sheng Youting’s drunkenness has gone for the most part! His handsome face was frosty, his fingers squeezed tightly against the blue mandible, and he tried to shatter it, “If it weren’t for your scheming, the man who married me is Yu Yi!”

“I haven’t played any tricks! Believe it or not!”

“Don’t you?” Sheng Youting smiled without anger, ridiculed and shady, “That night you were drunk with Yu Yi and gave me medicine, otherwise how could I possibly be? Sleeping with you? And so happened to be blocked by reporters in the hotel? If it weren’t for that time, Grandpa wouldn’t threaten me to marry you because of his family reputation!”

Yu Lan likes Sheng Youting for 11 years, a person from Jincheng Who doesn’t know?

But what Sheng Youting likes is Yu Yi, and the people in Jincheng also know it.

If Yu Lan played tricks, no one didn’t believe it.

Yu Lan felt bitter in her heart, but smiled proudly on her face, “So what! You still marry me in the end!”

“I don’t love you!”

“I don’t care that you love me! I love you too early! It’s been consumed in this dying marriage!” Yu Lan roared hysterically, she was afraid that if her voice was too small, she would expose her cowardice.

Cowardice will make her embarrassed in this unfavorable marriage.

It is not uncommon to say that it is not available, at least in this way can still retain that little ridiculous and poor self-esteem.

Sheng Youting was inexplicably angry! He was no longer drunk, and for the first time tore off her pajamas when he was sober!

“Don’t you want me to look at your face? As long as you can bear it!”

Yu Lan couldn’t bear it. Sheng Youting had never been such a beast tyrant. He regarded her as an enemy and slammed into her body!

“Sheng Youting! Are you trying to kill me?”

“Yes! Two years ago, I wished to kill you!”

Two years ago, the day before he and Yu Yi got engaged, she took his arm and said in front of the reporter who broke in, “Yes, we slept together last night, my first Give it to him once.”

At that time, he really wanted to kill her!

Yu Lan’s skeleton was torn apart by a beast-like man.

After Sheng Youting is satisfied in Yulan’s body, he gets out of bed as usual. He will take a shower and then go to sleep in another room.

Yu Lan sat up, thinking about what Yu Yi had said, thinking about their temperatureless marriage in the past two years, “You Ting, let’s get a divorce.”

She pulled the quilt to cover her naked body, and sighed, “All I have memorized all the mistakes. Even if you weren’t designed by me at the time, if you insist on thinking that way, I will admit it. Let’s get a divorce.”

Yu Lan never dared to say the word “divorce”, as if she said it , Her love that was pure as a crystal ball was broken, but now she knows that she will never get this man, he is just a stone, and she will not cover it all her life.

The tears didn’t flow out of the eye sockets, they all flowed into the heart, the tears were too salty, and it stabbed the heart full of wounds at once!

Sheng Youting suddenly turned around, looking at Yu Lan’s smiling eyes, he suddenly hated Yu Lan’s indifferent appearance.

The corners of her mouth pulled out a cool arc, “Divorce? Why are you?”

“I will give Mrs. Sheng’s position to the woman you love, okay?” She was still smiling brightly.

“As you wish.” When

he left the room, he closed the door heavily, his arrogant appearance was the attitude that the prince of his Sheng family should have.

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