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02 Planning a divorce

Ten o’clock in the morning the next day.

Sheng Youting just returned to the chairman’s office after the morning meeting. The secretary sent a kraft paper portfolio, “Boss, this is from the wife.”

Sheng Youting opened the kraft paper bag and saw a few “divorce agreements”. word.

The paper bag fell heavily on the desk!

There was a fire in his lungs, he wanted to spit out, and he unbuttoned a shirt. From last night until now, Yu Lan has angered him several times!

divorce? Why is she the person who raised the divorce!

in blue want to go home with his father and that she has been with Ting Sheng put the divorce thing.

The servant downstairs of Yu’s family didn’t know where she went, so she went upstairs to the study to find Yu Bainian.

Outside the study, she heard conversations that she shouldn’t have heard in her entire life.

“Dad, will all inheritance rights from the Yu family belong to me?” It was her sister Yu Yi’s voice.

“Of course, Yu Lan and You Ting have been married for two years, and her mother’s will will come into effect, and all the shares that belonged to her mother during her lifetime can be owned by you! Dad’s future things are also for you. “

That’s great, Aunt Lan is really true. If she hadn’t had such a will, I wouldn’t have given You Ting’s design to Yu Lan!”

“Hey, she loves Lan the most, of course she wants Yu Lan. You can marry someone you like, anyway, Yu Lan doesn’t want anything except You Ting.”

“Dad, since Aunt Lan’s shares are now mine, I want You Ting now! I want them to divorce!”

“Yiyi, Wait, wait until everything calms down, and Ting doesn’t like Yu Lan, you know, you should rest assured.”

“No! I don’t worry. After You Ting got married, he drew a clear line with me and played the role of a good husband. I won’t snatch him back, I’m afraid I won’t have a chance!”

Yu Lan stood outside the door, his head heavy. , The body shook, almost making her fall outside the door.

Her father, in order to seize her mother’s shares to Yuyi, even planned her scandal and marriage.

When the shares are in hand, now we are planning her divorce again!

Her father also left all the property to his sister!

What is she in this family?

It turns out that not only did she have no family after two years of marriage, but also her family.

Yu Lan turned around, she felt dull pain in her chest and couldn’t breathe. She was struggling to walk as if she was about to lack of oxygen. She could only hold the handrails and walk downstairs.

She will not let Yu Yi and them succeed!

She would never let them calculate so easily!

no way!

Just got in the taxi, Sheng Youting called, “I’m in the Civil Affairs Bureau, come here.”

“This marriage, I will not leave.”

“Yu Lan! You fool me!”

Yu Lan’s brain is still in hypoxia. State, she speaks loudly, but her ears are buzzing, and she can’t hear her own voice clearly.

So she shouted hoarsely, “Sheng Youting! You dream! I won’t let you be together in this life! I’m dead! I want to take the place of Mrs. Sheng, rotten and smelly! You don’t love me. Love me! Ghosts are rare for you to love me! I don’t love you for a long time! I’m going to look at Yu Yi, who I hate, can’t get the man I like for a lifetime! I’m going to see her in pain! I want her to kneel on the ground Please, beg me, beg me to give you to her, I won’t let it! I let her not get you for the rest of her life, so painful to death!”

Yu Lan hung up the phone!

She is crazy! Go crazy!

The whole person is shaking! Atrial fibrillation is about to collapse!

Sheng Youting was shocked by Yu Lan’s roar. When Yu Lan emphasized that he no longer loves him again and again, his emotions were ripped apart layer by layer, revealing his hideous face!

He has always known that Yu Lan and Yu Yi are at odds with each other, and they are not uncommon among wealthy families.

But when he knew that he was being used as a tool for Yu Lan to retaliate against Yuyi, the mania in his heart rushed out for the first time in two years of unknown marriage!

So in the past 11 years, Yu Lan has been in the streets and even advertised all kinds of love behaviors just to grab him and avenge her sister?

Sheng Youting’s heart was overwhelmed, his fists slowly tightened, and he clenched the white joints!

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