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03 You owe fuck

In the night, neon lights flashed on the number plate of W Western Restaurant.

Stepping on high heels, Yu Lan walked towards the place where Sheng Youting and Yu Yi were eating western food without squinting.

Sheng Youting was calm, and didn’t feel uncomfortable because of Yu Lan’s arrival. The coldness and estrangement between his eyebrows and eyes was for Yu Lan.

Yu Lan saw the provocative smile on Yu Yi’s face. For two years, Sheng Youting had not invited her to a meal.

She would endure it before, but not anymore!

She stretched out her hand to hold Sheng Youting’s red wine glass, touched Yu Yi’s glass, and took a sip, “Happy birthday!”

Yu Yi beautifully raised the glass gently, “Thank you sister.”

Yu Lan raised her eyebrows. “My man uses our husband and wife’s common property to invite you to dinner. I have a share. You should thank me.”

Yu Yi’s face turned pale, and he looked at Sheng Youting for help, but the man seemed to have not seen him, and he took care of himself. I cut the steak elegantly.

“Sister, that’s not what I said. When you married You Ting, there was no dowry. The pre-marital property does not belong to the joint property of the married couple.”

“Of course I don’t have any dowry. After all, I have to leave it to you, right?”

Yu Yi has a guilty heart. “Sister!”

“This red wine is expensive, but I just want to waste it!” After speaking, the unfinished wine in his hand was poured on Yu Yi’s face forcefully, and Yu Yi returned with a provocative smile, “You call me over Don’t you just want to stimulate me? Your birthday wish has been reached. Are you happy?”

Yu Yi yelled, stood up and pulled the paper towel to wipe the wine on his face, “Ah! Yu Lan! You are crazy!”

Yu Lan put down the cup, The hand was caught by Sheng Youting who stood up, he said coldly, “Apologize to Yiyi.”

Yiyi? It’s so affectionate! “No!”


Yu Yichuchu pitifully pulled Sheng Youting’s hand away, “Youting, forget it! It’s okay, maybe my sister is in a bad mood today.”

Sheng Youting’s aura is cold and hard, and Yu Lan uses him in every sentence Stimulating Yu Yi, how could he let Yu Lan use him as a tool of revenge? “Apologize to Yiyi!” The

more Sheng Youting cares about Yuyi, and the more Yu Lan stubbornly refuses to lower his head. “This wine is either in her body or on the surface, it belongs to her, I didn’t Wrong, no need to apologize!”

Sheng Youting dragged Yu Lan to the restaurant, and no matter how others talked about him, she forced her into the car!

Close the door and the car rushed out!

“Sheng Youting! Let me go down!”

“Yu Lan! You fucking fuck!” After two years of marriage, Sheng Youting had never quarreled with Yu Lan, disdainful.

But now when he thinks of his position in Lan’s heart, the flames in his heart can’t be suppressed!

Yu Lan was wrapped in negative energy all day, and she also needed to vent, “Yes! I fucking owe it! It’s not because of your husband’s dereliction of duty!”

Sheng Youting’s mouth slanted up, and a breath of danger enveloped her!

When the car drove to the suburbs, it plunged into a tree-lined path and stopped, Yu Lan began to be afraid, “Sheng Youting, what are you going to do!”

Yu Lan tightly grasped the seat belt, and Sheng Youting pressed towards her. What are you doing? In order not to let yourself dereliction of duty, and even more so to prevent you from being so bad in the future!” The

car shook wildly on the tree-lined road in the suburbs, and the woman’s screams came out of the car, and no one heard…

“Sheng Youting , I love you so much, you can’t see, but you love a femme-hearted woman! Are your eyes blind!”

How could Sheng Youting believe in Yu Lan, the love she said was all for revenge on Yuyi!

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