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04 Wish she died

Yu Lan tightly grasped the seat belt, and Sheng Youting pressed towards her, “What are you doing? In order to prevent yourself from neglecting your duty, and even more so to prevent you from being so bad in the future!” The

car shook wildly on the tree-lined road in the suburbs. The woman’s scream came out of the car, no one heard…

“Sheng Youting, I love you so much, you can’t see, but you love a femme-hearted woman! Are your eyes blind!”

Sheng Youting How could you believe in Yu Lan, the love she said was all for revenge on Yuyi!

The real femme-hearted woman is Yu Lan!

Thinking about it, he punished her harder and harder! “Who I love, it’s not your turn to say it!”

Yu Lan gritted his teeth and endured the man’s madness.

The phone rang, Sheng Youting’s, and Yu Bainian’s name was displayed on the screen.

Sheng Youting still pressed on Lan’s body, answered the phone, and the middle-aged man on the other end of the phone cried out, “Youting! Youting! Yiyi committed suicide, she just wants to see you for the last time!”

This is the first time. Sheng Youting stopped without physical satisfaction.

The car rushed all the way on the way back to the city. Yu Lan played with his fingers and said: “By then, Yu Yi was not dead, and the two of us died in a car accident. Maybe we can be a clean ghost duck.”

Sheng Youting saw the corner of Yu Lan’s mouth. With a smile, has this woman’s purpose finally achieved?

Her sister is dying, is her revenge over?

“Shut up!”

“Worried? Afraid? Are you afraid that you will never see her again in this life?”

“Yu Lan, you are so cold-blooded! That is your sister.”

“My mother only gave birth to me a daughter. Where am I from my sister?”

Yu Lan knows very well that Yu Yi will not really commit suicide. The woman’s scheming is so deep that the man she loves is willing to send it to another woman’s bed. There is nothing else she can do. She still wants Sheng Youting.

The act of suicide was just to force Sheng and Ting to divorce.

Yu Lan didn’t go to the hospital, but Sheng Youting went alone.

Sheng Youting didn’t go home for three days, but Yu Lan kept vomiting during these three days, vomiting into his mouth, and had a sore throat, so he could only go to the hospital for registration.

Finally confirmed twin pregnancy.


God really made a big joke for her.

She and Sheng Youting are so incompatible that being pregnant can really be regarded as a happy event?

Yu Lan was holding the laboratory test sheet, walking back and forth in the hospital aisle, not knowing the direction, her heart was floating up and down, and when

she fell to the ground, her mind was full of “what to do? What?” She went to look for it again. An obstetrician and gynecologist looks at the laboratory test sheet.

The doctor piled up a lot of cases with his head, and didn’t lift his head. “I’m pregnant, do you want to? Don’t do it as

soon as possible. It will save you more pain if you do it .” Yu Lan heard the word “do it” , A Ji Ling, ran away like a ghost, fled outside the hospital, and sat on the stone ladder, hiding his face and crying.

If the twins are compensation for her for the past two years, she wants to let go of everything and live it well.

She calmed down for a long time, then took out the phone and dialed Sheng Youting, “Youting, let’s go home for dinner today, I have something to talk to you.”

“She hasn’t recovered yet.”

“I have more important things.

” You can handle it yourself.”

“I’ll wait for you. If I can’t wait for you, I’ll go to the hospital and pull out Yu Yi’s oxygen tube!”

Yu Lan finished speaking in anger and hung up the phone.

In the evening, she cooked three dishes and one soup. She had been married for two years and had not had a good meal together. She will have children in the future, and she will look like a family.

The food was just being served, and the code lock on the door was clicked. Yu Lan ran to open the door, grinned at the man, and saw that Sheng Youting’s handsome face was exhausted and indifferent.

Sheng Youting’s tall body walked by Yu Lan, smelling of hospital disinfectant. He walked upstairs and said, “I’ll take a bath and go to the hospital later. I will pick you up tomorrow and get the divorce.” The certificate is taken.” The

delicious food served as a foil to the cold topic.

Yu Lan has been standing downstairs. She is wearing slippers and a lotus-colored lotus leaf apron. She has lost weight these days and looks more delicate. Her eyes are a little bigger. She looks in the direction of the stairs.


Sheng Youting took a shower and changed his clothes and went downstairs. When he walked past her, she held him and said, “I will be home tonight. I have something to talk to you. There is a nurse in the hospital.”

“She can’t live without me now.

” I can’t do without you either.”

Sheng Youting squeezed Yu Lan’s hand, slightly harder, “Yu Lan, you didn’t die for me.”

Yu Lan touched her toes with pain, her eyes were sore, but she smiled , He just wanted her to die?

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