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05 I still hate you

She has survived the difficult things of loving him, so why should she die? “I won’t die. If I die, there will be other women sleeping in my bed, giving birth to you, and also beating the children I gave birth. Then I will die so wrongly that I will not be happy to be a ghost.”

Sheng You Ting shook off Yu Lan’s hand, “Get out!”

Sheng Youting had just arrived at the hospital for ten minutes, and Yu Lan also rushed to the hospital.

She was still at home, wearing an apron, and not even changing her slippers, which seemed out of place with the hospital.

She stood by Yu Yi’s bed and looked at Sheng Youting, “You go home with me, she is reluctant to really die.”

Sheng Youting pointed to the closed woman on the bed and said in a low voice, “Yu Lan! This is your sister!”

“You are my husband! She has her own parents to take care of! What are you here!”

Yu Lan couldn’t control her temper, she clenched her fists!

Sheng Youting sneered, “What’s that? Don’t you know?”

Yu Lan bit her lip. Of course she knew that the man who knew this man wanted to marry was only Yu Yi!

Marrying her is compelling.

She could have given up, but she is pregnant now, she wants to fight for a father for the child! From now on, Sheng Youting must assume the responsibility of a father!

“I don’t care if you love her or how much you love her, but you are my Yu Lan’s husband! You should stay by my side!”

“Yu Lan, is it so important to hold me in your hands? Don’t let Yu Yi Is it so important to be happy?”

“Important!” If you hold it in your hand, the child will have a father, and a family will be complete.

When Sheng Youting heard Yu Lan’s answer, his heart sank. Yu Lan used him as a tool to retaliate against Yu Yi. Why would he make her feel better? “I won’t let you do what you want, Yu Lan, the person I love is Yu Yi, which means that Yi is good. I will divorce you and marry Yu Yi! If you don’t agree, you have to agree! In Jincheng, you Yu Lan Too dependent on the fight, but I can’t fight Sheng Youting!” After

letting go of these cruel words, Sheng Youting finally felt a little more comfortable. He won’t let himself become a tool!

Yu Lan breathed, took a deep breath, every oxygen bubble was filled with glass slag, which made her lungs hurt, and her breathing really hurt…

Yu Bainian and Yu Yi’s biological mother Wen Ruyu were both present, and Wen Ruyu seemed to persuade Sheng with a pleasant face. and Ting, “and Ting, do not be angry, although not blue reluctant to take as a sister, but it does not matter, she will grow up to a sensible, after all, are often reluctant to say that she and blue flesh and blood.”

Introduction The meaning of Xia is that Yu Yi emphasizes love and meaning, and Yu Lan is not a thing.

Yu Lan’s rationality gradually collapsed. These people are really disgusting. They took away her mother’s shares, designed a scandal to force the marriage, and made the man she loves hate her. Now she has to let her child lose his father. She has a hard time, and everyone should not have a hard time!

Yu Lan rushed over and ripped off the needle on the back of Yu Yi’s hand, pretending to be unconscious, Yu Yi frowned tightly and loosened it.

Sheng Youting pushed away from Lan, “Yu Lan! Do you dare to hurt Yuyi!”

Yu Lan slammed into the bracket at the end of the bed. She looked at her husband in order to protect another woman. Her eyes looked like An enemy!

Yu Lan smiled bitterly, “Sheng Youting, do you know the true face of the woman you like?”

“Her true face is much better than you!”

“Don’t you care even if she hurt you? Do you love her too? “

Sheng Youting is pressed by Yu Lan step by step. He hates Yu Lan like this. What kind of hatred can make this woman fight his sister for 11 years at no cost?

Even let her lose herself?

“What if she hurt me? I still love her! I still hate you!”

Sheng Youting was very happy! He saw the light in Yu Lan’s eyes dimmed a little bit, it was the bleakness of the loser!

He won her!

Yu Lan let out a long sigh, her shoulders dropped, she lost, and she lost completely, like a cock that was defeated in a fight. The love between Sheng Youting and Yu Yi is love, right? She really was the third person in Yu Yi’s mouth.

The one who is not loved is the third…

Why is it that she loves someone with her head down, so her back is bent, and now she wants to straighten her back, but her atrophy heart and lungs are stretched so painfully.

“Really?” Yu Lan laughed, “Do you know who designed us to sleep together two years ago?” After

Yu Lan said this, the faces of Yu Bainian and Wen Ruyu changed drastically. Yi eyelids also trembled!

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