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06 Time to put it down

“Pop!” Yu Bainian rushed over and slapped Yu Lan’s face with a slap in the face!

Yu Lan fell on the wall staggeringly, humming in his ears, only to hear Yu Bainian yelling: “Your sister is dying, you are still making trouble! What a snake-hearted you are! If you come to see the sick, just get out!”

Wen Ruyu also rushed over, pushing and kicking towards Yu Lan, “You have not waited to see her since you were young, and now are you eager for her to die! Isn’t it? Why are you so cruel? My heart! Fortunately, I have always treated you as my own!”

Yu Bainian reached out and grabbed Yu Lan’s wrist and dragged it out, “Get out of here! I never gave birth to a daughter like you!”

Yu Lan tried to pull away. With Banian’s hand, Wen Ruyu also came over and hugged her and dragged it out.

Yu Lan turned his head and looked at Sheng Youting who walked quickly, “Sheng Youting! I said! I have never designed you! The person who designed you! Is your favorite woman!”

Sheng Youting looked at the corner of Yu Lan’s mouth. Bloodshot, pulled her out of Yu Bainian’s hand, and he pinched her harder than Yu Bainian!

The bloodshot from the corner of her mouth reflected in his eyes, his eyes were scarlet! “What did you just say!”

Yu Lan shrank her neck with pain, and Yu Bainian said anxiously: “You Ting! Don’t listen to her nonsense! She hasn’t seen her sister since childhood!”

Sheng Youting’s empty hand stuck. Wen Ruyu’s shoulders, who was about to be pulled, stared at Yu Lan intently, and there was a sense of killing all over his body! Very scary! “You say it again!”

Yu Lan gasped, “In the beginning, my father and Yu Yi designed you, because my mother knows that I like you since I was a child. The content of her will is that as long as I and you are married for two years, her will All the shares can be given to Yuyi. Mom thinks how we had children in two years, and my marriage was also stable at that time. So, my dad can give Yuyi for everything, just two days before your engagement. You, let the media catch the bag, the Sheng family forced you to marry me…”

Yu Baiwan yelled out of breath, “You bullshit!”

“Is there any bullshit? You can check the shareholding change.” Yu Lan looked at Sheng Youting who was a lot higher than her, she raised her eyebrows, her expression in pain “Sheng Youting, you always feel that you are wronged, it’s me who caused you not to get the woman you love, but do you know? I am the most pitiful and aggrieved one. People! My father calculated my mother’s shares and calculated me for his other daughter. Although I like you, I am also the princess who was raised in the palm of my mother’s hand since I was a child. I am also a proud person, and I want to marry To those who like me, I want to be happy, and I want to be loved. You have imposed all your hatred on me. After two years, I have been innocently bearing the hatred you gave me!”

Sheng You Ting’s breathing was a little messy. She watched Yu Lan slide down against the snow-white wall. Her face was covered with fine beads of sweat. He pulled her up but couldn’t help it. She continued to slide down, her face getting worse. The more white.

“What’s wrong with you?” He never cared about her, never asked her what was wrong.

Yu Lan took a few deep breaths, and her voice became lighter and lighter because of the pain from her belly, “Tummy… hurts… there is a knife wringing… it hurts.”

Sheng Youting looked down and looked at Yu Lan’s palm. Holding her belly, there was more and more blood flowing from her legs, and her expression became more and more painful.

The man’s scalp numb for a while, he loosened her wrist, held her up, “Yu Lan! What the hell did you hide from me!”

“I want to tell you tonight, I’m… pregnant.” Yu Lan caught Staying at his shirt collar and staring at his jaw, it was the first time that he was running for her with such anxious expression. When she was sad, her heart followed pain.

“I think we can finally have a home. Even if you don’t love me, it doesn’t matter. You may like children. Even if you don’t like them at first, they may be like you. You will like them when you look at them. “

She was so painful that she hurriedly inhaled.

“Stop talking!” Sheng Youting hugged Yu Lan like a headless fly. He shouted, “Doctor! Doctor!”

Blood dripped from Yulan’s buttocks like a thread, dragging a gorgeous color across the icy walkway.

Sheng Youting turned his head in panic, and accidentally saw the long blood line, shocking!

The muscles of his whole body are tightening, and his atrium is tightening too!

How could he be so scared?

When Yu Yi committed suicide, he was not afraid, but Yu Lan was so scared that even the sound in his throat could not be heard.

Yu Lan was extremely weak, “The child is gone, maybe it is my retribution. God punished me for disregarding your happiness and occupying you. That’s why he gave me the child and took it cruelly… if I had peace of mind. , Agree to divorce, maybe… maybe my child will grow up in my stomach little by little… I… I really should let go…”

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