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07 agree to divorce

Sheng Youting couldn’t listen anymore. Every word Yu Lan said was like a needle. He pierced his chest thinly and densely to the left, bit by bit, deeper and deeper, the pain became clearer, and he couldn’t avoid it.

“Stop talking, don’t say…” Sheng Youting ran forward holding Yu Lan, and saw the nurse running over while pushing the bed!

“I agree to the divorce… I agree…” Yu Lan’s voice faded, and the hand holding Sheng Youting’s shirt slowly loosened, and he was unable to hang down.

Sheng Youting panicked, “Yu Lan!” When he was about to yell at the doctor, he saw the chief physician of this hospital-Meng Shaoqian, who was also his high school and university classmate.

Since when did he and Meng Shaoqian become strangers?

Probably it was Meng Shaoqian’s pursuit of Yu Lan. Meng Shaoqian blacked the campus network and publicly stated that when Yu Lan didn’t marry in his life, he felt that Meng Shaoqian was ill, how it was not pleasing to his eyes, and then slowly stopped contacting him.

Meng Shaoqian was also stunned when he saw Yu Lan that Sheng Youting was holding. With a calm face, he snatched away from Sheng Youting’s arms, put it on the push bed carefully and quickly, and then pushed the bed towards the rescue room.

Meng Shaoqian’s voice roared impatiently, “Hurry up and send to the rescue room! Hemorrhage! Blood test! Notify the blood bank! Hurry up! Slow heartbeat! Notify the specialists and directors of the obstetrics and gynecology department who have no surgery on their hands to the rescue room! Quick! Oxygen!”

Sheng You Ting heard a series of orders from Meng Shaoqian, and every order made him nervous.

His hands that were too blue began to tremble! It seems that I just hugged a particularly valuable thing, but suddenly it was gone, and it was empty.

His hands are full of her blood.


Yu Lan will not be dangerous!

Sheng Youting ran with Meng Shaoqian, “Yu Lan is in no danger, right?”

Meng Shaoqian turned back to Sheng Youting’s gaze, revealing endless annoyance, “She follows you, the greatest danger!”

“Meng Shaoqian!” Sheng He gritted his teeth again, “Now that you have this attitude, do you want to fight me?!”

“I should fight you when you and Yu Lan announce their marriage! She won’t be rescued either. End!” Meng Shaoqian waved his hand, and Jiang Lan pushed into the rescue room! “Rescue!”

Sheng Youting was blocked by the door of the rescue room from continuing to rush over.

Nurses kept running out, and the more anxious the nurses’ footsteps, the more suffering Sheng Youting became.

He thought that when he went back at night, Yu Lan said that she would not die, there would be other women beating her child.

He didn’t even hear the hint in her words.

He didn’t care what she was talking about at the time, but when did he care about her?

Sheng Youting had been waiting for the doctor to come out in the corridor, all he saw was the nurses running non-stop, going in and out to prepare plasma.

It was an endless suffering. He walked quickly toward the rescue room, and before his hand touched the doorknob, he was pulled away by the nurse wearing a mask.

“Are you a family member of the patient! Do you want the patient to live?”

Sheng Youting made a “boom” in his mind! Suddenly burst into flames!

“The woman lying in there is my woman! Why would I not want her to live!”

Sheng Youting was originally an extremely self-controller, and he has the ability to accept adaptation and even change for everything. To nurses Of course very disgusted.

The nurse said, “Her chromosomes have problems, pregnancy is difficult, and now she has a miscarriage, and the fetus is half shedding and staying in the uterus. The remaining part is forcibly stripped. At this time, the bleeding is heavy and the bleeding cannot be stopped. It’s bacteria. If you want her to die sooner, go in and let her infect!” The

door was opened, and the nurse went in and closed it.

Sheng Youting stood outside the door, his temples jumped suddenly, dizzy and painful, he wanted to go outside to smoke a cigarette, but he didn’t dare to leave for a moment when he thought that there was still a woman in doubt.

He has never been so worried about being too blue, never.

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