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Chapter 04 Sounds in the Bathroom

Yang Bin was an only child. He was only eight years old when his mother died. His father, Yang Daming, was afraid of affecting his study and growth, so he never married another wife.

He threw himself wholeheartedly on people, and worked hard to raise Yang Bin to an adult for his son to study until he graduated from university and started working.

When Yang Bin and Su Qing got married, Yang Daming took out all his savings and mortgaged them to buy a two-bedroom and one-living house in Jianjian Garden.

Today, Daming Yang has retired and is living at home.

Yang Bin and his wife felt that the old man was alone and unattended, and asked him to move over to live with them many times. The old man did not want to impede his son and daughter-in-law, so he never agreed.

He has been living in the old house built in the 1980s in Tai’an district.

Yang Bin is an engineering technician of Southern Construction Group.

The unit has undertaken a two-year construction project abroad, and the unit leader is going to send him to serve as the project manager of the project.

Yesterday afternoon, the unit leader talked to Yang Bin and asked him to lead the construction team abroad to the construction site.

Although Yang Bin was unwilling to leave his father and wife, it was the unit leader who personally issued an appointment letter for him. Moreover, the high salary can alleviate the economic crisis in the family, so he bit the bullet and accepted it.

Yang Bin and Su Qing have been married for three years. They have to repay their mortgage due to poor financial conditions, and they have never had children.

Due to the greater pressure in work and life, Yang Bin’s feelings for Su Qing have become weaker and less frequent.

Su Qing works as a salesperson in a company. She is pretty and popular.

The leaders of the unit and some big house-buying bosses wanted to make her idea, but her feelings for her husband have not changed. Although she sometimes feels that life is less fun, in her heart, her husband is the best.

Although her husband is a little cold, she has always longed for the return of her previous passion.

Before her husband was about to go abroad, she finally had a passion with him, but was peeked at and masturbated by her father-in-law, which made Su Qing feel both excited and excited.

A rush of water came from the bathroom.

Yang Bin knew that Su Qing was taking a shower in the bathroom, so he walked to the bathroom door and gently opened the bathroom door.

She immediately saw Su Qing’s exquisite back- her shoulders were flat and straight, her waist was very thin, and her hips were plump. From the waist to the hips, it presents a beautiful young woman’s curve.

A long, jet-black hair runs along the slender and white neck, resting on the towering and firm breasts. The skin is smooth and delicate, without a trace of blemishes, shimmering like silk, revealing a seductive luster.

Emitting heat, the white flowers of water sprinkled on her beautiful carcass, like countless broken pearls after the thread was broken.

Glide across her smooth back, across her plump buttocks, through the deep throat, flowing through the dark forest-covered ditch between her legs, and then along the two snow-white thighs together Sliding to the floor.

Yang Bin hasn’t watched his wife take a bath for a long time, hoping to appreciate his wife’s beautiful carcass before he leaves.

what! Su Qing spotted her husband standing at the door of the room peeking, remembering the scene when her father-in-law was peeping at their affection, her eyes were surprised and shy, but also a little bit of joy and excitement, so she pursed her small mouth and said softly: I hate it. You peeked again, you are not… never seen…

hey, peeking is interesting! Yang Bin gave a smirk.

He had just finished eating early and had almost recovered his physical strength, so he walked into the bathroom while taking off his clothes, preparing to score twice with his wife.

Su Qing turned around.

Yang Bin’s eyes were straight, and he hugged her naked.

Su Qing let out a soft cry, stretched out her hands around her husband’s head and neck, and hugged him tightly.

Yang Bin stretched out his tongue to lick Su Qing’s lips, and sucked her mouth deeply, making a tut.

After Su Qing’s lips were pushed open by Yang Bin’s tongue, she couldn’t help sticking out her fragrant tongue, entangled with Yang Bin’s tongue, and stirred each other.

Su Qing was intoxicated.

She hugged her husband’s neck tightly, staring at her husband with those beautiful big eyes, her upper body weakly fell on Yang Bin’s chest, and a series of murmurs were gently uttered from her mouth.

A pair of breast enhancements pressed against Yang Bin’s arms and chest and squirmed, making Yang Bin feel itchy and unbearable.

Su Qing leaned her face on Yang Bin’s shoulders, her wet and fragrant hair brushed against Yang Bin’s ears, and Yang Bin couldn’t help but lower her head and bury her nose in the fragrant hair.

Gently place a hand on her snow-white thigh-

it feels so good, smooth and slippery, like a piece of white jade, without any flaws.

Yang Bin’s hand moved around her thigh at will, feeling that the place was moist, as if it had fallen into a swamp. He really couldn’t help it, and then he moved forward and smoothly plunged into the mud of hers. .

Su Qing was tickled by her husband, as if countless insects were crawling in her body, she felt excited and anxious, always wishing her husband to be rough.

So, she hugged her husband’s back tightly, and said softly:

Husband, try hard!

Yang Bin didn’t say anything, doing mechanical movements unhurriedly or slowly.

Su Qing felt mad for a while and hurriedly dropped her hands onto her husband’s ass.

Immediately, her round buttocks moved her curvaceous body, swaying constantly under the jet of hot water from the spray.

The long hair that is soft and shiny like a waterfall, the extremely elastic, full chest fluctuates rhythmically, and her shy gasps and beautiful groans form the most primitive melody.

Gradually, Su Qing’s swing became larger and louder, and

her moaning became louder and louder. She experienced and enjoyed it with a mesmerizing expression , and her body began to retract and retract rhythmically as if she was about to suck up her husband. stand up.

Yang Bin climbed higher and higher as if climbing a mountain.

Finally, a feeling of prostration erupted from Yang Bin’s body along with liberation.

Su Qing’s body also shuddered. After she enjoyed the afterglow of the Gao Dynasty, she lay softly in her husband’s arms, smiling lazily in her eyes.

Yang Bin’s legs trembled a little, and felt that he could no longer carry the weight of the two of them, so he hugged her and sat on the edge of the bathtub…

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