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Chapter 05 Reluctant

Su Qing nestled in her husband’s arms.

The blush on her cheeks hasn’t receded, and her mouth repeated: Husband, you are so amazing, for a long time, I haven’t felt this way.

Others can’t do it, right? Yang Bin said jokingly.

Su Qing said shyly: I hate it, I only have you in my heart, where is there someone else?

Hey, I was joking with you. Yang Bin smirked and said seriously: Wife, I know, you love me, and I only love you in this life. I also know that you like children very much, mainly from our family. The economy is not good, so there is no child, but you can rest assured to wait for me at home for two years. When I return to earn money from abroad this time, we will have a child. You will suffer with me, I am…

Su Qing is in a hurry Interrupting her husband and said: Husband, don’t say anything, I understand!

Afterwards, the two took a mandarin duck bath together.

Yang Bin walked out of the bathroom holding Su Qing, put her in front of the dressing table in the bedroom, leaned against their double bed, and lit a Hongtashan cigarette to smoke.

Su Qing twisted her waist in front of the mirror and asked: Husband, am I getting fat?


Yang Bin had something in his heart, and he slapped a cigarette while agreeing casually.

I am asking you? Su Qing glanced at her husband, walked over and stood by the bed, and said dissatisfiedly: You answer me, don’t perfuse me!

Good for getting fat! This makes it sexy. Yang Bin said casually.

Am I really fat? It seems to be working out! After Su Qing ran to the mirror and squinted, she walked over to lie beside Yang Bin and asked softly: Husband, am I looking better than before?

Yang Bin looked at his beautiful and sexy wife, feeling a little bit upset, thinking that he was going to go abroad soon and living a separated life with her, making him a little irritable.

He hesitated, and said: Wife, I want to tell you one thing.

whats the matter?

After I left, I was worried that my dad had no one to take care of… Yang Bin hesitated.

Su Qing seemed to be a little dissatisfied with Yang Bin’s words, and hurriedly interrupted him, pouting her small mouth and saying:

It seems that you only have your father in your heart, not me at all.

No, Yang Bin shook his head and explained: Your position in my heart is the most important. It’s just that his old man has dragged me into adulthood. For me, he didn’t find a stepmother for me. He is alone until now. Haven’t done his filial piety to him yet.

Don’t worry, after you leave, I will visit your dad often for you… I

remembered that the old man was peeping at the bedroom door just now that they were making each other and going to the plane, and felt a little blushing, so I didn’t continue to talk about it.

Yang Bin didn’t find anything tricky, smiled gratefully to his wife, and said:

Thank you so much.

I’m your wife, why are you thanking me? Su Qing groaned and said: I am your wife. Taking care of the elderly is my obligation, and there is nothing to thank.

Yang Bin was a little moved. After putting the cigarette butt in the ashtray on the bedside table and pinching it out, he took Su Qing into his arms and gently embraced her.

Su Qing curled up in his arms like a kitten, her eyes were bright and mischievous, her cheeks were white and tender with a pure breath, and her long curly hair covered her soft-lined shoulders.

Her eyes revealed endless temptation, showing a slutty posture, she began to twist her waistline, her lips were slightly pursed, and her plump buttocks were even more seductive.

Yang Bin unknowingly pressed her right leg between her legs, rubbing her hot body back and forth, and his hands began to rise and fall with her beautiful body curve.

From the smooth back to the plump hips, to her smooth thighs.

Before parting, he wanted to fully appreciate the gentle fragrance of his wife’s nephrite jade.

As Yang Bin’s hand wandered on her smooth skin, Su Qing’s body began to get hot again, and she twisted with his hand.

Yang Bin stroked Su Qing’s hot cheeks, her eyes met his scorching gaze, and she shyly dodged a few times. Seeing that she could not hide her husband’s gaze, she simply closed her eyes.

Su Qing’s shyness evoked the memories of Yang Bin’s passionate love. The expression of refusing to welcome her, her eyes closed, and her blushing pretty face were just a sign of asking him for a kiss.

Two hungry mouths are close to each other, four lips are tightly glued together, two violent tongues are entwined with each other, two confused bodies are tangled and inextricably inseparable.

After a while, the two people woke up from the passionate lingering.

Yang Bin reluctantly said: My wife, I still have some information that I haven’t prepared. If you want to go to the work unit, you can stay at home and cook lunch with my dad.

No, Su Qing was afraid that she would be embarrassed when facing her father-in-law alone. She shook her head and said: I also have to report to the unit and ask the leader for a leave…

Okay, Yang Bin nodded, and then got out of bed to wear it. Good clothes, said: It’s late, let’s go, go and get back!


Su Qing quickly put on a black professional dress, took her handbag, and went out with her husband.

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